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Walking down an alley
deep in blue neon
A dead end for today
under skyways worn

Concrete from far below
rising up above
surrounded by shadows
Garden without gods

All are strangers alike
All riding the blind
The purple of their eyes
in reverie unwind

Circling sub-city
a rainbow appears
to calm down the fury
to calm all the fears

This random occurance
is only a sign
of the incoherence
in the clockwork mind

A symphony of our time
recalling the past
People in a decline
denying the vibrations we're made of

Somber drama
Rolling down hill
All is so still
Anyway, anyhow
Anyhow, anyway

End of all reason
Is what I go through
Yes, it is what I go through

Slip-sliding nation
Is what they must do
Yes, it is what they must do

Over the greying landscape
Under a deadened sky
Sitting on a mountain
I will stand aside

As I am a witness
I turn a blind eye
I am feeling helpless
but it passes by

Is this a modern legend?
Maybe a fairy tale
Just a future requiem
Cutting along the fiction that we're
made of

Zoning in a hall of glass
Plasma flowing from a cask
Piercing overtones
Mainline into my back pack

It's full of clouds in my house
A grey hive, humming white souls

Frenzy reviving the room
Energized by many flumes
Drip-drop on my head
Wakes me up from a thousand moons

Circle dance inside the cave
A movement brings a message
Larvae, in their holes
Waiting for a summer daze

There you are, you're with me
protecting all my crew
I carved you, from a tree
My vision is you
Lorelei, I have thee
in front of my ship
Cutting waves, at full speed
Savouring the trip

Down the mirror of the waterline
Leaning over underwater life
Hidden treasures of the seven seas

I'm starboard to nowhere
on the milky way
Howling wind, salty air
Tearing at the sails
Looking down the crow's nest
Gliding in the sky
without sound, going west
Boating on the fly

But some day
You'll go home
Far away
on your own

Dans la mer
you'll go down
Go down where
you belong

To whom it may concern
Your well-known address
Again with no answer
To my last request
Disregard ink spots
My presentation
Consider my clear thoughts
My speculations

What a warning
The way you're talking
I'm more than worried

The sky is burning
The clouds are falling
I'm more than sorry

You write me back
Blank empty words
You don't write back

Acknowledge my statement
A creased white receipt
What a disappointment
Was I indiscreet?
Perhaps I'm impolite
Am I out of place?
Have I the right to write
To express my case?

The time is coming
The world is dying
I'm more than worried

The clock is ticking
Real action's  missing
I'm more than sorry

I stay well-behaved
waiting for the mail
Best regards, good world

I stay well-behaved
well into my grave
Best regards, good world

Dummy says
I have dreams
Frightening screams
I have dreams

Dummy says
It's too late
Big mistake
It's too late

The circus left without me
And I'm alone with you now

Dummy says
Stay with me
Talk to me
Stay with me

Dummy says
Come and play

Big top
Cotton candy

Where am I?

Fun house
Fortune teller

All of me, all fades away

Dummy says
My dear friend
Here you stand
My right hand

Dummy says
'Til the end
My dear friend
My right hand

The idiot walks along a canvas
Sunday rendezvous; Mister phobia

"Maybe today, fear will go away, I'll

A gruesome rain, a seraph wailing
Flapping madly, shaking on the wing

"Listen my friend, never look down
from the cliff"
"Take care, beware! Do try to catch
the eclipse"

Obsession, the will to fly
It would be nice
Still, a nagging doubtful mind
It will be fine
Straight ahead half luna shines
Now is the time

Here comes darkness
Distanced from above
Bold emptyness
Omniscient fog

Up on the edge
Ready! One, two...go!
Rat or Angel
Does one really know ?

The idiot walks along a canvas...

I know, I know, from the assembly line
I know, I know, the three laws of my

I was not made to smile
I was not built to lie
I ask my positron self
Why am I born apart

We work alone inside the big dome
There's no reason for my eyes to glow
Every night, every morning
every day

I know, I know, all data and functions
I know, I know, the power of the...sun

I don't care what I am
I am the never man
I ask my kindred spirit
Why do I dream of kites

Whatever to serve my master
Anything to save my master

I know, I know, the passage of my time
I know, I know, the same old daily grind

Doorway in sight
Not a second too late
Into the night

Siren, spot light
Wailing wolves at the gate
Into the night

Mad dog patrol
Roaming 'round the grounds and
All set to go

Hiding alone
Somewhere from the blood hounds
All set to go

Running all day, in every direction
Finding his way, to civilization
Everything's gonna workout
Yes, everything's gonna workout

He used to stand by his window, you
The view was so good, he wanted to go
And now that he's back on those same
old streets
He's locked in again, and falls on his

Running away
That is all that he knows
Time and again

He fades away
And forgets where he goes
Time and again

All under one command
Clouds overcast the land
Infinite division
Chaotic creation
Patterns of flat spirals
spinning a triangle
Wind on schizosphere
Nuage fractal appears

Out there !

Dynamic intruder
mutating whole numbers
Systems are compromised
Viruses organize
One simple memory
In every theory
All random elements
become determinants

Out there lives someone
Pirate space kingdom

We get lost
in this chaos
Too soon for us
to be in touch

Tomorrow we will know
something about the code
Salvation's on it's way
in the light of today
Cloud of all destiny
Ghost of reality
Nobody can detect
the butterfly effect

The red grass, up to my knees
An aura comes towards me

Someone's changed the formula
Un-chaining another law

The structures, the colors
Uniform chaos is alternating

The nature of things!

Immense inertia
Nearly nirvana

Is this quest forever?

Oceans of motion
A field of questions

I won't last forever!

The nature of things!

We'll be back, right after this!

Following the story
on my monitor
No more saving glory
only flat colors
Black and white distortion
back and forth all day
A fine-tuned deception
I am shocked in waves

It just brings me down

Looks just like the same song
And the same old dance
Who is right?  What is wrong?
Where's the second chance?
Storm the desert home-land
This one's gone too far
We hold peace in one hand
In the other...war!

It just brings me down

So, every channel's the same
Same weird game show quiz
What future?  For who's gain?
And the answer is?

A. Global destruction
B. Blown up in flames
C. Polluted oceans
D. Seas of disease...

None of the above!

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