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On this train,
will it always rain?
try to analyse
this led venture
Songless sky, digital bug-eye
Octogonal seams so much clearer
Indiscrete, status incomplete
to provide me with
something better
Things come and go
this world is droll
all that I know...
The Unknown Knows
Talk to me you flying shadows
wandering into this ozone stew
keep your myths from the embryos
who would miscontrue
anything new
An outright, official fiasco
can you shield me
from the drastic truth...
times come and go
how dull the flow
all that I hope
The Unknown Knows
may some sign come to me
that I am in their league
back down to reality
Look about, response is wanting
events are carefully on display
common sense, a gift is given
but mystic mistakes are never made
suspecting premature day dreams
I surrender to ritual grey
I come and go
endless approach
I must be close
The Unknown Knows
why all this commotion, now?
I wish I knew the one who knows
Yesterday will come
with tomorrow's sun
and merry-go-round
stuck on muddy ground
nineteen yelping fools
half-wits spouting drool
half of wich have some
the others have none
I knew all along.....

May I ?...May I??
Valves plugs pump to erase
Rictus from my face
Lapse of time
Synchro freeze
Loop rewind
Forward speed
Will to walk
crossed out feet
Fingers fall
far from reach
Mind to talk
Still words bleed
Optic box
melted through
Sonic shock
silent clue
Drop by drop
Drain out tube
I hope, I need
I want to dream
Cold choke choke cold
I float unseen
outside the screen
Cold choke choke cold
A wish extreme
Against the stream.

Lime and limpid green
The second scene
The fights between
the blue you once knew
Floating down
the sounds resounds
around the icy
water underground
Jupiter and Saturn
Oberon there on the ruin
Titanian, Neptune, Titan
stars get frighten
Winding signs flap
Flicker flicker flicker flam
Pow! Stairways scared
and death rules there
Blindman limpid
green the sound
surrounds the icy water on the,
Lime and limpid green the sound
Surrounds the icy
Waters underground.

Sleeping sky
winding walk
breezing by
ravaged rock
Swarming locust-land
spiders spinning sand
grubbing enterprise
no time to reply, re-ply
Down, down,
far underground
prime spot
Sound, sound,
ten thousand mounds
Stupendous flaking fume
Tremendous dancing doom
Smoke stack spill
Momentous reeking ooze
Enormous creaking crew
Neuro-link,  dementia
Limbo-inc.  amnesia
I did, I did-n't know
I think I should go, go!
Boxite double-bind
Forgetful retry, re-try
Aphasic clouded cult
Synaptic planet pulse
Lost engram
ellusive mythic doubt
reactive spastic pause
Which was what
who knows when
Where was that?
Way back then
Do I know how
Where to go now
Mother lode out.

Tunnel seems so long
Touching the bottom
A glim reflexion
punctured my vision
I didn't noticed
beside the last door
Standing on nothing
There was a mirror
Even inside... scrutinized
I am, he is, the face I hate
Refracting cells, a prismed self
Who's X, who's Y, in a blank place
I can't believe this is my image
Like the mirror, without a frame
Baring a scarred side
open in day light
Recoil and reply
farside of my pride
The introspection
ruptures the blood core
draws out the mirror
Seeking me out
what will he find?
I am, he is, a repgunant state
I can't shake his curiosity
My privacy starts to fade, fade away...
I can't believe this is my image
Like the mirror
a polar exchange
He cloats over my fleeting age
He used to be me
He knows who is free
How long will  I wait ...here
Stuck in this void place...'here
Within the mirror,
Into the chrome lake
The glass is broken
But I look the same...

Crucible heats up
Arsenic mercury
An acid concoct
Hermetic theory
Hydrogen vapours
Exclusion principle
It's never over
Forever practical
And I try
Throughout time
Any rite
For the sign
Light rebounds
Pure neon
I surround
All am I, I am all
Fluorescent lava
Pellucid mineral
Essential dogma
Excludes the logical
Immobile centre
One, two, three, for nothing
Projection powder
Under a raven's wing
Catalyst, fusion
Inner combustion
A transmutation
For I am all

Hey you...
Tell me, what's your call name
Closed, negative display
Engaged on section three
The acrid factories
Putrid perfect product
Proper platinum parts
Proficient prototypes
Steadily spew from these pipes
Are you...
The prime automaton
Christened as YB-1
Hey you...
Generated by waste
Arid quarry displaced
Enviro-mental squeeze
Aluminum disease
Conscious of origin
Intent in the wind
Atmosphere infected
Descendants defected
Are you...
Novel stroke of design
Or relics from this mine
Casually, choke,
Noxious nourishment
Embodied, illicit cure
Ground and rock and sand
Come crumble tumble down
Grinding round
The hydraulic wheel
For ultimate greed
Now... hidden from view
Surveying stable shifts
A feeble groove
Unintentional split
Then they return to work
As if they're not disturbed
Cybernetic beings
Omniscient regiment
Thriving with vigor
Incessant loop
an assumed order
Auspicious tool
Frantically, flow
Spumous sediment
Remedied, neurotic fuse
Ground and rock and sand
Come crumble tumble down
Yonder sound, an echoing gong
Of their disowned song
Now... some are set free
Emotions flood their gaze
Synthetic breed
The pre-ignition phase
Flares up in you
Provokes me too.

In my backyard
Sounds turn around
Down, fall apart
In my playground
In my dome, of my own
A locked thought in a closet
Splinter moves, cracking moans
Dank angles in the attic
Sixth sense stockpiled
In the cellar
And the ladder is broken
Memories sleep in dust
This shelter is doubtfull...
Blind windows, flat eyes
Stitched tight into time
Til I rise unbound
Transient illusion
Clairvoyant suspension
Translucid condition
Principal connection
Rise high, rise higher
Shining shallow spirit shadows
Hypercube phenomena
Shining shallow spirit shadows
Tumult in the dark
Telestrobic heart
Murmur of the muse
Whispering amused
Fulfilling this square
Circled in my lair
Am I not awake
This ever forever
Perhaps a faulty premonition
Perhaps this doesn't change anything
But for certain,
I will be hanging around
Nether hallway
Wisdom's dipping
Spiral stairway
Logic's dripping
Silent squeeze, shrinking scene
This remains my domain
Grave intrigue, I'm relieved
All these stains, left unnamed
Grinches snicker, sneer at me
Like grinning cheshire cats
Running amuck, mad, crazy
This cuboid up side down cell.

The one so down is alive
It is apart of my plight
The one inside makes a sign
And keeps an eye to the light
I sense panic over board
Obscure, viscid sprawling fog
I hear a sonar rumour
That says I'm far from the shore
How I am stricken with non-emotion
It crawls above.
Periscopic cognition
Where it strives to dwell
In abnormal contortion
I navigate, in my maze
Investigate, to be safe safe safe
Across the ocean
Of sheer compromise
There is no matrix,
Not even a guide
The last wave of sanity
Rolls over my frequency
Skyline under water field
The depths above the high seas
A twilight house keepers
Dim-on dim-off now
A concrete cyclops
Blinking down his dull eye
Does this code signal
Something somewhere somehow?
Why me? It goes on and on and on
Please no
Too late for S.O.S.
Mute island, Fish-eye view
Circling the border line
No resource, no rescue
I'm stranded, I'm otherwise
The error is perfect
Like this sub-effect
Of my mind....my mind.


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