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CCEdit Version 1.4 (revision 4), written by buggy@adam.com.au

CCEdit allows you to edit the following:
 * weapon payloads for infantry, vehicles and some structures
 * infantry and vehicle costs
 * structure costs
 * power needed by the structures
 * power produced by the structures
 * structure and unit hit points
 * vehicle armour values
 * tech. levels for buildings, infantry and vehicles
 * which side gets to build various structures and units
 * the vision range of infantry and vehicles
 * the stealth capabilities of the vehicles
 * the number of times a vehicle fires its weapon

This version of ccedit now works with the 1.08a patch.


      *********** THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT *************

 * This program makes changes to the file: game.dat. This file is
   required to play Command and Conquer. You may feel safer if you
   make a backup copy of this file (or be prepared to copy it off
   the cdrom if something goes wrong).

 * You use this program at your own risk. If anything happens as a
   result of you using this product, I am in no way accountable for
   any damaged caused.

 * I do not guarantee that this program works on your system. It
   works for me, that is all I can say.

 * If you use this program to cheat in multiplayer Command and
   Conquer, you are scum. You are also a genius. So far, having
   different values between the copies of Command and Conquer will
   cause synch errors. Westwood programmed it this way.

 * It should be backwardly compatible with the v1.07 of Command and
   Conquer. However, I don't guarantee this.

 * In fact, I don't guarantee anything at all about this program. Use
   at your own risk.

Remember This
   If you use ccedit to edit vehicle characterstics (such as stealth
   ability), then those changes will no affect the current vehicles if
   you are restoring a save game. Build new units to get the bonus.

How to Start CCEdit
   Put ccedit.exe into the directory where Command and Conquer is
   Then type:   ccedit 
   to start the program.
   Read the rest of this file first, however.

It Won't Work!
   If you get the message that the file was an incorrect length and hence
   cannot use ccedit, then it means you have a different version than the
   one this editor was programmed on. Currently it supports the English
   language v1.07 and v1.08a versions of Command and Conquer.

   I have heard that it doesn't work with the German version of C&C. I don't
   know when (or if) I will fix this. Please don't badger me about this.

   If you get the message about the file being of incorrect length, then
   you will NOT be able to use ccedit. As long as I support ccedit, I'll
   try and keep it up-to-date with any released patches (for the English
   language version).

How to Navigate in CCEdit
   At any time (except when you are being prompted to enter a new
   value), you can get help by pressing F1. This tells you of all
   the available commands for that screen.

   You use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to move up and down
   the lists. To select an item on a list, press the ENTER key. If you
   are on the main screen, this will take you to another list showing
   the available units/structures available for editing. If you are
   in one of the sub-menus, you will then be asked to enter a value.
   If you pressed enter by mistake, entering a negative number (-1 for
   example), will make no change. When changing weapons, to exit the
   list of available weapons without making any changes, press ESCAPE.
   To accept the highlighted weapon, press ENTER.

   Pressing the HOME key will take you to the top of any list. Pressing
   the END key will take you to the bottom of any list.

   Pressing the right arrow will take you to the next sub-menu (instead
   of using enter) if there is one. Pressing the right arrow will take
   you to the previous screen.

   To move from a sub-menus to the previous screen, press ESCAPE. If you
   have made some changes but have not saved them, you are asked
   whether you really want to exit. Type 'y' if you want to lose the
   changes (without the 's of course).

   To exit the program, you must be in the main screen. From there,
   press ESCAPE, and the program will terminate.

   On screens where you can toggle values (in the ownership and tech
   level screens), you use the SPACE bar to toggle the value.

Resetting The Values
   In any of the sub-menus, you may reset the value of the currently
   selected item (which is pointed to by a arrows on the left) by
   pressing 'd'. This resets the value to what originally shipped with
   Command and Conquer. Note that you still have to save these changes
   just like any others.

   Please note that the 1.08a patch for C&C increased the hit points of
   the flamethrower infantry to 70. This is reflected in the default
   value when editing the patched version. The default for the 1.07
   version of C&C is still 50 hit points.

Saving Your Work
   You can save your work (in the sub-menus) by pressing 's'. You will
   get a message on the bottom of the screen that they have been saved.

Value Limitations
   The following minimum values apply:
     The minimum unit cost is 1.
     The minimum structure cost is 1.
     The minimum power needed is 0.
     The maximum power needed is 255.
     The minimum power produced is 0.
     The maximum power needed is 255.
     The minigunner has a maximum cost of 255.
     The maximum hit points for any 'light' unit is 127.
     The minimum hit point value for anything is 1.
     The maximum vision radius is 10.
     There are only 3 acceptable choices for ownership.
     There are only 5 levels of armour.
     Weapons fire either once or twice.
     Aircraft have a maximum payload of 127.
     The maximum hit points for a building is 16,383.

What You Can't Edit
   You cannot edit the construction yard (power output or power

   The only buildings which you can edit the weapons on are those that
   already have weapons (obelisk of light, guard tower, advanced guard
   tower, turret and sam site).

   You cannot edit the armour value of infantry (it had no effect when
   I tried it), or for the buildings.

   You cannot edit any of the civilian buildings or people (would you
   really like mad little civilians coming after you with flamethrowers?)

Editing Weapon Payloads
   There is a general problem with putting lasers on anything other than
   obelisks: when they fire, there is no graphic (the red line) to
   indicate that it was fired. Sound effects are still made, however and
   the opponent still takes damage from the hit.

   Not all the possible weapon payloads work. For example, putting
   a laser in a turret or gun tower didn't work for me. Putting a flame
   thrower into an orca didn't work either. However, putting a flamethrower
   onto the A-10 does work for some reason.

   Putting lasers into sam sites doesn't create incredible air defence
   as lasers can only hit ground units.

   Putting the napalm weapon on anything is pretty useless. This is because
   the napalm bomb drops straight down onto the same square that the
   firing unit is in. This unit takes no damage from the napalm, but the
   surrounding units do. Good only for suicide attacks as you have to get
   right next to another unit.

   There is only one entry for machine guns (for humm-vee, nod buggy and
   APC). There may be another variable (which I haven't found) that affects
   the type of machine gun (if there is a difference).

   I don't know what the difference between the two types of flamethrowers
   is. I think that the tank version may be more powerful. The chemical
   weapon is apparently one and a half times stronger than the infantry

   There are a number of high explosive rockets in the weapon list. I
   cannot see that much of a difference between them, but it is probably
   to do with range and the damage done.

Editing Hit Points
   The group called 'light units' all have a maximum hit point value of
   127. These units are: the orca, stealth tank, mobile artillery, rocket
   launcher (MLRS) and the infantry units.

   The other units can have as high a value as you like (up to about 32,000
   or so). For example, giving a medium tank 5000 hit points requires 125
   hits from a nod turret to kill it (I counted).

   It was found out that having a hit point value for buildings over 16,383
   caused that building never to complete building itself. It got stuck in
   the raising-from-the-ground graphics.

Editing Armour Values
   There are 5 available levels of armour (type 0 to type 4). These are
   the levels that are on the vehicles in the game (except for type 0).
   They each take different damage depending on what type of weapon is
   attacking them. Here is a brief table of some approximate results
   (which shows average damage per hit [these may be incorrect]):
                Turret   Rocket    Guard
                Cannon  Infantry   Tower
        Type 0    10      6.0       21.5
        Type 1    30     22.2       18.8
        Type 2    30     22.2       13.9
        Type 3    40     30.0        6.0
        Type 4    20     10.7       25.0

   Hopefully someone will take the time to work out a damage vs. armour
   type for all of the weapons.

   There might be a type 5 armour (I think there is), but I won't add it
   in until I'm sure.

Editing Ownership   (EXPERIMENTAL)
   Something interesting to play around with. I think that this will be
   of most use in multiplayer games where you can set the tech level.
   You use this to set limits on who can build what: either it is strictly
   GDI or NOD only, or can be built be either (common).

   However, sometimes just setting the value doesn't allow you to build
   it straight away (I'm talking about single player mode when reloading
   an old save game). Sometimes you may have to sell off a runway/barracks
   etc and rebuild it for this to take effect.

   I haven't been able to let NOD build helipads or helicopters yet. I think
   there there must be another variable denoting whether it is a multiplayer
   only unit. However, I can give GDI the apache helicopters when they have

   You can now (since revision 1) set it so that particular thing cannot
   be built at all. However, you may have to destroy-rebuilt such things
   as barracks and runways/weapon factories to get this to work if you use
   a savegame file.

   However, setting it thus does not stop the computer from rebuilding that
   structure after you have destroyed it (in single player mode).

Vision Range
   You can extend (or decrease) the scouting range of units (for example
   to make helicopters show the terrain they fly over).

   The value you enter is the radius of vision (remember, the radius is half
   the diameter), so you will actually reveal twice this amount.

   The maximum visibility range is 10.

Editing Tech Levels   (EXPERIMENTAL)
   For multiplayer use only (it has no effect in single player mode that I
   can see), it allows you to edit the tech levels required for this unit/
   building to be available.

   I'm not sure this works, some investigation is required. If this works,
   please let me know.

   Use your brains when using this. Making chemical warriors available
   to tech level 4 but the temple at 7 is really pointless. Same with
   having helipads and helicopters at different levels (helipads must be
   at least the same tech level to get helicopters).

The Stealthalizer(tm)
   With the technology of the Stealthalizer(tm), stealth ability is now
   available to all of your vehicles. Usually only on a NOD stealth tank,
   the technology has been cloned and made available to both sides.

   Use the space bar to toggle whether that vehicle type has the
   Stealthalizer(tm) installed.

   Remember, they decloak when firing. And if you stealth your harvesters,
   your opponent's will also be stealthed.

The Weapon Shop
   Not content with the firepower of your current vehicles? Well, double it!
   Now all your vehicles can fire twice - just like the flame tank and
   mammoth tank. Really chew up infantry by giving your guard towers twice
   the firepower they had before.

   Use the space bar to toggle how many times a unit fires (two is the
   maximum). Then save the choice and the mechanics will get to work.

   Editing the obelisk only seems to make it fire a little bit faster, not
   twice at once.

   Putting weapons on the harvester and MCV may not work quite correctly
   as they are normally without weapons, so they may not retaliate if

   This only affects the primary weapon of the mammoth tank.

Aircraft Payloads
   Why does the orca have such a crappy payload? Well, boost it up. No more
   six missle limit for you - put so many missles onto the orca that you'll
   be lucky it gets off the ground.

   Well, maybe not quite that many. There is a 127 shot limit for the three
   aircraft types.

   Editing the A-10 payload is the most fun. Try putting 100 napalm bombs
   onto it - the path of destruction is longer than the map! Drunken A-10
   pilots with too many missles - they don't care which base they bomb :)
   Remember, A-10's make 3 passes over the target, so get ready for mass
   destruction (I've tried finding the reload time for the A-10 but haven't
   been able to yet :( ).

   For some reason, the A-10's don't seem to have a weapon recharge rate -
   they fire just as fast as they can (so they can fire many Honest John's
   very quickly).

   If you edit the aircraft payload on an orca or apache and reload a
   savegame where you already have some aircraft, these will have the original
   amount of ammunition. It takes a long while to reload the helicopters with
   large amounts of ammunition. New helicopters start out with the new amount
   of ammunition.

Any Problems
   If you find any bugs in this program, please email me at
   buggy@adam.com.au and let me know. Thanks.

   Do NOT tell me that it doesn't work with the German version (or French
   version) - I already know this.

   Do NOT tell me that it doesn't work with a new patch that just came
   out. I don't need 20-30 emails asking when the next version is coming
   out. I have to get the patch myself (which may be some time after it
   comes out) before I can fix ccedit, unless you can teach me to be

   Whenever I release a new version of this program, it will be available
   at http://adam.com.au/~buggy

So You Want This in Graphics???
   Never! You don't want to pay for this editor, I don't want to do any
   graphics. Its as simple as that. Text is more than adequate.

   Actually, someone volunteered to do a windows conversion of ccedit,
   so we'll see how that goes. Do NOT email me about this! I couldn't
   care less whether a windows version comes out. I will write you abusive
   email if you bug me about this!

Thanks to
   Thanks go to Westwood for producing the game in the first place.
   Massive thanks go to Roger Wong for his FAQ.

Remember, try and finish Command and Conquer without cheats first. Using
cheats may ruin your enjoyment of the game.

Do not ask for source code as rejection often offends.

I hope you find this of program of some use.

PS: anyone know how to become a beta tester for computer games?

Andrew Griffin  (buggy@adam.com.au)

If you distribute this program, you must include the files: ccedit.doc
and history.txt.

Last-modified: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:13:32 GMT
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