CCEdit Revision History

NOTE: ccedit is based on the English language version of C&C.

Version 1.0 
   Never released to the public.

Version 1.1
   Added the infantry units and allows editing of the weapon

Version 1.2
   Included the rest of the available weapons. New weapons added
   are: sniper's rifle, pistol, bio-weapon, 120mm cannon from the
   mammoth tank, the gunboat missle, napalm bomb and incendiary
   missle. There are now a total of 22 weapons.
   The two unidentified weapons were not included (types 0x17 and
   0x18). They had no sound or graphics - I think they are associated
   with the tiberium.

Version 1.3
   Allowed editing of hit points for both structures and units.
   This will probably be the last update unless I have stuffed up my 
   code somewhere.
Revision 1
   Allowed editing of the commando's weapons and cost.

Version 1.4
   This version now supports patch level 1.08a.
   Now also allows editing of tech levels (I hope); the vision radius 
   of units; the armour type of vehicles; and which side owns various 
   units and structures. Also added most of the other units for editing.
   Added the ability to stealth any vehicle, and to choose how many
   times a vehicle/structure fires its weapon.
Revision 1
   Added an extra class ("cannot be built") to ownership.
Revision 2
   Fixed a bug where the humm-vee couldn't be stealthed. Make sure you 
   change the stealth value of the humm-vee (with the previous version) 
   to 'no' before getting rid of the previous version of ccedit.
Revision 3
   Not enough new stuff added to warrant the 1.5 label. Now you can edit
   some stuff to do with the A-10 and also the number of shots the orca
   and apache have.
   Made it so that values that have been changes (ie. are not equal to
   the default value) are highlighted.
Revision 4
   Fixed the bug where buildings could have too many hit points which
   resulted them in not getting built.

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