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 GOD - nepobedimost'.
 NOTARGET - monstepy ne napadayut poka po nim ili vblizi nih ne vystpelish'.
 FLY-mozhno poletat'.
 MAP-sudya po vsemu,eto kapta. ;)
 CHANGELEVEL-Smena upovnya.( U menya komp visnet ppi vydache etoj komandy. :(  )
 NAME-smena ili pokaz tekushchego imeni igpoka.
 NOCLIP-stenoppohodimost'.Intepesnaya fen'ka.|ffekty pposto neppedskazuemye.:)

 Ostal'nye ne ppovepyal:

 V SU.GAME eti kody kazhdyj den' prohodyat...
 IMPULSE 9 } odna iz nih daet vse oruzhie
 GIVE 9    } a drugaya i oruzhie i patrony
 NOCLIP    } prohod skvoz' stenki
 MAP E#M#  } perehod na episode#map# (vmesto # ciferka ;)
 GOD       } rezhim "boga" ;)
 FLY       } gravitaciya ravna pochti nulyu...

ALIAS                           Create a command alias
BF                              Background flash
BIND                            Assign a command to a keypress
CLEAR                           Clear the console screen
CMD                             ?
COM1                            Settings for COM1
COM2                            Settings for COM2
CONNECT                         Start a session with a server
DECIMATE_SFX                    Set sound decimation
DECIMATE_SFX_SPEED              Maximum rate of decimated sounds
DECIMATE_SFX_WIDTH              Maximum bitwidth of decimated sounds
DISCONNECT                      End session
ECHO                            Print something on the console screen
EDICT                           Print info of an edict
EDICTCOUNT                      Print numbers of edicts
EDICTS                          List all edicts
EXEC                            Process a command file
>FLY                            Toggle flymode
FOV                             ?
FRAGLIMIT                       Number of frags tya win
GAMMA                           Gamma correction
>GOD                            Toggle godmode
GRABNEXTSND                     ?
HOSTNAME                        Server name
IMPULSE0                        Nothing for now
IMPULSE1                        Select shotgun
IMPULSE2                        Select supershotgun
IMPULSE3                        Select nailgun
IMPULSE4                        Select chainnailgun
IMPULSE5                        Select grenade launcher
IMPULSE6                        Select rocket launcher
IMPULSE7                        Nothing for now
IMPULSE8                        Nothing for now
>IMPULSE9                       Get all weapons and maximal ammo
KILL                            Kill the session
KILLSERVER                      Kill the server
LOOKSPRING                      Freelook centering rate
>MAP                            Load a map and start a game
>Kapty,dostupnye v shapevape:    E1M1-E1M7 - "Hopmal'nye"
>                               EAM8      - "Sekpetnyj
MESSAGEMODE                     Start a message
MOUSE1                          Assign a command to mouse key 1
MOUSE2                          Assign a command to mouse key 2
MOUSE3                          Assign a command to mouse key 3
NAME                            Player's name
NO                              Negative answer
>NOCLIP                         Toggle noclip mode
NOSOUND                         Toggle sounds on/off
NOTARGET                        Toggle targeting mode
NUMCHANNELS                     Print number of channels
PAUSABLE                        Set whether the game is pausable
PAUSE                           Pause the game
PLAY                            Play a sound effect
PLAYVOL                         Play a sound effect with specified volume
POINTFILE                       ?
PROFILE                         Player profile
PROGRESTART                     Clear memory cache and reload everything
QUIT                            Exit to DOS
RECORD                          Toggle demo recording on/off
RESTART                         Reload map
RMSR                            ?
SAVESND                         Save a sound effect as a raw sound file
SAY                             Transmit a message
SBINFO                          List SoundBlaster info
SCREENSHOT                      Take a screenshot
SENSITIVITY                     Mouse sensitivity
SIZEDOWN                        Reduce screen size
SIZEUP                          Enlarge the screen
SLIST                           List available servers
SOUND                           Set speed, bits or channels or reset sounds
SOUNDINFO                       List generic sound info
SOUNDLIST                       List available sound effects
SPAWN                           ?
STATUS                          Print player information
STOPSOUND                       ?
STUFFCMDS                       Process command-line arguments
TEAMPLAY                        Set teamplay mode
TEMP1                           ?
TIMELIMIT                       Maximum duration of a game
TIMEREFRESH                     Have a good look around and calculate fps
TOGGLECONSOLE                   Toggle console
VERSION                         Version information
VIEWSIZE                        Set screen size directly
YES                             Affirmative answer
CL_ANGLESPEEDKEY                Left-right turning rate
CL_BACKSPEED                    Backwards walking speed
CL_BOB                          Amplitude of bobbing
CL_BOBCYCLE                     Frequency of bobbing
CL_BOBUP                        Time to spend at the top
CL_FORWARDSPEED                 Forwards walking speed
CL_MOVESPEEDKEY                 ?
CL_NOLERP                       ?
CL_PITCHCENTERSPEED             Rate of centering when not in freelook mode
CL_PITCHSPEED                   Up-down pitch rate
CL_ROLLANGLE                    Leaning angle when strafing and turning
CL_ROLLSPEED                    ?
CL_SHOWNET                      Debuginfo
CL_SIDESPEED                    Strafing speed
CL_TICRATE                      ?
CL_UPSPEED                      Vertical speed
CL_YAWSPEED                     ?
D_ADRAWFLAT                     Draw weapons w/o textures
HOST_FRAMERATE                  Generic game speed
HOST_LINEREFRESH                ?
HOST_SPEEDS                     Debuginfo
NET_MESSAGETIMEOUT              Time to wait for messages until disconnecting
NET_STATS                       Network statistics
NET_SPEEDS                      Debuginfo, host speeds
R_ALIASSTATS                    Debuginfo
R_CLEARCOLOR                    The "Goodbye, HOM" color
R_DRAWENTITIES                  Draw the entities ("things")
R_DRAWFLAT                      No textures
R_DRAWORDER                     Reverse BSP drawing order
R_DSPEEDS                       Debuginfo
R_EDGECOUNT                     Debuginfo
R_FULLBRIGHT                    Lighting at maximum everywhere ("lite-amp")
R_GRAPHHEIGHT                   ?
R_SHOWPOLYS                     Draw outlines of the polygons
R_SHOWVERTS                     ?
R_SPEEDS                        Debuginfo, drawing speeds
R_TIMEGRAPH                     Debugging graph
R_WAVE                          The wavy water effect
SCR_CONSPEED                    Console moving speed
SCR_OFSX                        Front-back viewpoint offset
SCR_OFSY                        Left-right viewpoint offset
SCR_OFSZ                        Up-down viewpoint offset
SCR_SHOWCACHETHRASH             Debuginfo
SV_ACCELERATE                   General acceleration rate
SV_AIM                          Auto aim setting try 50 or 100 for little or no
auto aim
SV_FRICTION                     Ground friction
SV_GRAVITY                      General gravity
SV_MAXSPEED                     Maximum speed and running speed
SV_NOSTEP                       No walking up the steps
VID_DESCRIBECURRENTMODE         Describe current video mode
VID_DESCRIBEMODE                Describe a video mode
VID_DESCRIBEMODES               List all available video modes
VID_MODE                        Set a video mode
VID_NUMMODES                    Print number of modes available
VID_TESTMODE                    Try a video mode for 5 seconds
VID_WAIT                        Set buffering/vbl waiting

Quake Cheat Codes
Shareware v0.91:
To use these codes, just type them in at the console.
GOD             God Mode
NOCLIP          No Clipping Mode
IMPULSE 9       All Weapons and Keys
KILL            Suicide
FLY             Fly Mode
MAP E#M#        Level Warp

Deathmatch Test:
F10     God Mode
F9      No Clipping Mode (C and D keys move up and down)
F4      See Through Walls
9       All Weapons
 AA>           +­­­­­­­­­­+                               +­+    +­+
 AA>           +          +­­­­­­­­­­­­+   +­­­­­­­­­­­­­­+        ¦
 AA>           ¦ E2 "Registered Only"  ¦   ¦  Reg.only    ¦   E3   ¦
 AA>           +          +­­­­­­­­+   ¦   ¦   +­­­­­­­­­­+        ¦
 AA>           +­­­­­­­­­­+        ¦   ¦   ¦   ¦          +­­­­­­­­+
 AA>                           +­­­+   +­­­+   +­­­+
 AA>                           ¦                   ¦
 AA>                 +­­­­­­+  ¦        >2<        ¦       +­­­­­­­+
 AA>                 ¦      ++++                   +­­­­­­­+ +­­­+ ¦
 AA>                 ¦  E1  ¦¦¦¦                   to E4 --> ¦>1<¦ ¦
 AA>                 ¦ +­­+ ++++                   +­­­­­­­+ +­­­+ ¦
 AA>                 +­+­­+­+  ¦Zal  vybopa |pizoda¦       +­­­­­­­+
 AA>                           +­­­­­­­+­­­+­­­­­­­+
 AA>                                   +­­­+
 AA>                            ++­++  ++­++  ++­++
 AA>                            ¦ E ¦  ¦ N ¦  ¦ H ¦
 AA>                            ¦ A ¦  ¦ O ¦  ¦ A ¦
 AA>                            ¦ S ¦  ¦!R ¦  ¦ R ¦
 AA>                           ++ Y +­­+ M +­­+ D ++
 AA>                           ++                 ++
 AA>                           ¦¦   +­­­­­­­­­+   ¦¦
 AA>                           ++   ¦  Start  ¦   ++
 AA>                           +­­­­+­­­­­­­­­+­­­­+

 AA>   2. Ppikol nomep dva: V kopidope,idushchem k Nightmare-apke,na stene
 AA> visit pozha.
 AA>                    Esli v pozhu buhnut' s vinta ili pogladit' ee
 AA> topopom,to ona skazhet: "The well of wishes will await you in pool of
 AA> decay"
 AA>                    Ili chto-to vpode etogo. Kopoche,kak ya ponyal eto
 AA> dejstvie dolzhno otovigat' uchastok pola v centpal'nom zale (na moej
 AA> kapte eto mesto oboznacheno >2< ). V shapevape etot
 AA> link,vidimo obopvan..

    V kopidope nopmal ya oboznachil "!" - eto mesto kakim-to obpazom mozhet
opuskat'sya vniz. Esli tam polazat', to nahodish' veptikal'nyj kolodec - "well of
wishes" fopmy:

          |   | <- Well Of Wishes
          |   |    |-----------|
          |   |    |           | <- pybka na stene, puskayushchaya puzypi.
          |   |    |   |-------|    "The DopeFish LIVES!!!"
          |   |----|   |
          |            |

    V konce tunnelya na stene napisovanna pybka. Zachem i chto tam delat' ya ne

 AA>  Ho poyuzav NOCLIP v konsoli mozhno tuda
 AA>                    zalezt'. Tam budet poptal v polu i nadpis':
 AA> "NOM-SHAARM (ili kak-to inache ego zvali?) AWAITS YOU".

    "Shub-Niggurath Awaits You"

 AA>  |tot nom-shaapm
 AA> - eto po-moemu glavnyj plohoj... Kopoche eto navepnoe vyhod v
 AA>                    poslednij upoven'. V shapevape on ne pabotaet (netu
 AA> kapty,kotopuyu on hochet gpuzit' - END.BSP) Tak chto - nado
 AA> pegistpennyj kvak... :(

 From: prislal: Jevgenijs Cernihovics, Daugavpils, Latvija. jevgen@dpu.lv

     Tot, kto igral v Quake do konca navernyaka stolknulsya s Shuub-Niggurath­
om, kotoromu vse po fig.
     Mozhno  izrashodovat'  ves'  boezapas, rubit' ego toporom minut 15 (esli
povezet vyzhit' perye 5), etoj pohozhej na perevernutogo osminoga tvari na vse
gluboko plevat'.
     Koroche - on neuyazvim.
     No  zamochit'  ego nado. Poetomu v samom nachale urovnya s etoj gadost'yu v
konce vam daetsa namek - koluchij sharik,  kotorij  po  regulyarnoj  traektorii
proletaet uroven' sekund za 50.
     Vnimanie  -  esli  vy vseh uzhe zamochili - ne nado rvat'sya v centr cherez
lavovye ozera. Stojte u poslednego teleporta. I v tot moment, kogda  koluchij
sharik  proletaet  cherez  centr  komnaty, to bish cherez samogo Glavnogo Kozla,
tut-to i nado uspet' zaskochit' v teleport.   Po  idee  sozdatelej  Quake  vy
okazyvaetes' vnutri monstra i rubite ego toporom. Sej moment demonstriruetsa
v krasochnoj animacii.
     The END

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