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     © Copyright Charles Heffner
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     E-mail: chuck_heffner(a)yahoo.com
     Date: 17 Aug 2003

     American - Winter Harbor, Maine.
     A  retired Aircraft Engineer, of  30 years and  world traveler. I  have
worked and lived outside of the United States, for over 25 years.
     I  served  as  an  American   Marine,   attended   several  Engineering
Universities,  worked  a full career for an  Aviation  Company, traveled the
world with  my job, and have  memories  that  will last me a lifetime of the
places I have been and the people I have met.
     I  love  to  write poetry, as  it  is my  self-expression  about life's
experiences. I owe a debt of gratitude to my many friends, who have given me
the encouragement and the inspiration to write my poetry.
     I have lived and worked in South Korea for over 13 years, and Gwang Ju,
is now my home.


     How often we must bear the challenges of life,
     The endless roller coaster between happiness and sorrow,
     The constant ups and downs of our daily strife.
     And always the question remains........why?
     Life is not an easy road for most;
     It twists and turns with many forks,
     Although always, and inevitably, we are given choices ...
     Do we turn to the right ... or the left?
     Do we take the high road ... or the low road?
     Do we take the easy path ... or the difficult one?
     Decisions are not easy for those struggling for direction ...
     And sometimes the many choices become overwhelming.

     While standing at a crossroads in life,
     The urge is to take the most comfortable road;
     The road with least resistance ...
     The shortest or most traveled route.
     And yet, if we've been down that comfortable road before;
     We have learned its lessons in life, and learned from our experiences;
     Do we yet again follow the known?
     Or does our destiny lie in another direction?
     The fear of the road less traveled is tangible and all too real;
     It manifests itself in many ways,
     And tends to cloud the issues that might otherwise be clear.
     It is in these times of confusion,
     That we must seek peace and solitude;
     Time to contemplate on our life,
     Our experiences and our choices past;
     Time to look back, and reflect on what we have learned,
     Without fear or confusion.
     For only each of us knows our own personal thoughts;
     Our unique past and personal history;
     The experiences that brought us to the crossroads we now face.
     We can always learn a small degree from others experiences,
     And yet ... no one person can walk in our shoes,
     Others know not, the trials and tribulations faced in private ...

     For each is individual ... unique ... and personal.

     And that is why ... while standing at a crossroads,
     Only "we" can formulate the decision for ourselves;
     The true direction that lies within;
     The choices we must deliberate on with clarity and wisdom.
     For it is only through personal reflection,
     That we can now choose our destiny;
     ... Our next adventure;
     ... And the future we will embrace.

     Walk with me and follow me, share my road;
     Let us enjoy every adventure together.
     We will embrace the future.....as one,
     Never to walk alone again, or fear the unknown;
     For ours is a destiny and fate, we can not hide.

     Thinking of a wondrous place,
     A simple scene, where we embrace.
     Aligned with flowers, a tree or two,
     A lake, a breeze, and me and you.

     We take a picnic basket there,
     A private place, no one else, knows there.
     It is a place our love resides,
     Our tenderness, our hearts, our sighs.

     We hear the birds, their lovely songs,
     And in their flight, for this we long.
     To fly beyond the rainbow's end,
     And find what lies beyond the bend.

     But, rainbow's end, does linger here,
     It's in our hearts, we know, it's clear.
     Our spirits speak of this we know,
     And life and time will make it grow.

     A wondrous place, the smells so sweet,
     A place where love and laughter meet.
     A special blend of twinkling eyes,
     Of exploration, of simple sighs.

     I touch your cheek and whisper of,
     How wondrous it is, to share our love.
     That gives us wings to fly anew,
     And join together, me and you.

     Our hearts together beat as one,
     Once more together, love undone.
     The tenderness, the satisfying way,
     We share our love in everyway.

     It takes us to this wondrous place,
     Where just our presence, adds its grace.
     And makes it what was meant to be....
     A place for you, a place for me.


     As the sun is slowly setting
     And the evening shadows grow
     I think back on days gone by
     To a place I'd like to go.
     Back to a place in my childhood
     When days were so carefree
     Back to the days when my Mama's lap
     Was my favorite place to be.
     Those days of slides and swing sets
     Of playing out in the yard
     Those days when we were growing up
     And nothing seemed too hard.
     All too soon we turn around
     And find ourselves all grown
     With adult responsibilities
     And children of our own.
     The memories of yesterday
     Come quickly to mind
     When as an adult I'm searching
     For answers I cannot find.
     We struggle through our losses
     Gain strength from each hurdle crossed
     And learn that we are not truly alone
     Especially when we feel most lost.
     Now the shadows have faded to darkness
     The days warmth is now growing cold
     I look up to the stars in heaven
     And wonder what tomorrow will hold.
     The stars are shining down brightly
     Almost as if to say
     Sleep well my dear and don't be afraid
     For tomorrow's a brand new day.

     We talked,
     We walked,
     for a Moment in Time.
     You passed through my life that day and left your mark.
     You may never pass my way again,
     Or you may stay for a lifetime.
     No matter what,
     I want to say thank you for the impression you made,
     that will stay with me for eternity.
     I enjoyed the walk,
     I enjoyed the talk.
     I am blessed for that Moment in Time.

     I cannot ease your aching heart,
     Nor take your pain away,
     But let me stay and take your hand
     And walk with you today!
     I'll listen when you need to talk,
     I'll wipe away your tears,
     I'll share your worries when they come,
     I'll help you face your fears.
     I'm here and I will stand by you,
     Each hill you have to climb,
     So take my hand, let's face the world,
     Live one day at a time!
     You're not alone, for I'm still here.
     I'll go that extra mile,
     And, when your grief is easier,
     I'll help you learn to smile!

     You are the sunlight that brightens up my day
     When clouds rule my spirit
     And everything is gray.
     You walk beside me,
     Your vision lights the way.
     You are the sunlight that brightens up my day.
     You are the lighthouse that's shining in my sky
     When lost with no compass
     And I'm about to cry.
     You're always present
     Though I do not know why.
     You are the lighthouse that's shining in my sky.
     You are the candle that's glowing in my heart.
     When darkness surrounds me,
     You make it fall apart.
     I am much stronger
     From all that you impart.
     You are the candle that's glowing in my heart.
     You are my hero who always will be there.
     When loneliness threatens,
     You show me that you care.
     I am much richer
     From everything you share.
     You are my hero who always will be there.

     The color of your eyes, is trust,
     A trust, long born of truth.

     The color of your eyes, is hope,
     A hope, instilled by life.

     The color of your eyes, is fire,
     A fire, you always stir.

     The color of your eyes, is peace,
     A peace, uniquely yours.

     The color of your eyes, is heaven,
     A heaven, yet unseen.

     The color of your eyes, is beauty,
     A beauty, which graces your face.

     You are the sunlight that brightens up my day.
     when clouds rule my spirit,
     and everything is gray.
     You walk beside me,
     your vision lights the way.
     You are the sunlight that brightens up my day.
     You are the lighthouse that's shining in my sky,
     when lost with no compass,
     and I'm about to cry.
     You're always present,
     though I do not know why.
     You are the lighthouse that's shining in my sky.
     You are the candle that's glowing in my heart.
     When darkness surrounds me,
     you make it fall apart.
     I am much stronger,
     from all that you impart.
     You are the candle that's glowing in my heart.
     You are my hero who always will be there,
     when loneliness threatens,
     you show me that you care.
     I am much richer,
     from everything you share.
     You are my hero who always will be there.

     Never give all the heart,
     For love, will hardly seem worth thinking of.
     To passionate women,
     If it seems certain and they never dream,
     That it fades from kiss to kiss.
     For everything that is lovely,
     Is but a brief dreamy kind delight.
     Never give all the heart outright.
     For they, for all smooth lips can say,
     Have given their hearts up to play,
     And who could play it well enough,
     If deaf, and dumb and blind with love.
     He, that made this, knows all the costs,
     For he, gave all his heart, and lost.

     Ride with me,
     through the gardens,
     of the mind,
     on a cloud of thought.
     For any time spent,
     with you,
     is so much greater,
     than spending it alone...

     Walk with me, the path of life,
     to explore every bend of the road
     Enjoy with me the beauty of life,
     along its wonderful way
     Find comfort with me, in each other's arms,
     when grief crosses our path
     Find strength with me, in each other's strength,
     when despair lies in wait
     Laugh with me, a single true laugh,
     to enlighten another's distress
     Cry with me, a single true tear,
     to understand true happiness
     Cherish with me, the wonders of life,
     as they need to be preserved
     Rejoice with me, in the mysteries,
     of what is yet to be
     Find peace with me, in each other's souls,
     when the world has gone insane
     Find love with me, in each other's hearts,
     until this life has been fulfilled
     And when the path comes to an end
     I hope we can say from within
     We've known the beauty of true love,
     our love came from within

     Join me for an evening
     Where a cool spring breeze
     Brings us a symphony
     Blown through the trees
     Of crickets and their violins
     To make up the strings
     And the frogs with their horns
     Shall account for the winds
     With the percussion of thunder
     To beat out the time
     While the nightingale sings
     A forgotten old rhyme
     All brought together
     In sweet harmony
     For an audience there
     Of just you and me.


     What is it, and what, do we want from it?
     Both good questions.
     It takes us our whole lifetime, to find the right answers.
     Sometimes, we never do, find the answers.
     But, along the way,
     We always, ask many questions.
     Why? How come? What is the reason?
     All, good questions!
     Sometimes, we never know the answers,
     But, we keep asking anyway.
     We ask questions,
     Which, we will never find, the answer to.
     We have answers to questions,
     That will never be asked.
     Is life given to us, just to live?
     Is it a test?
     Should we accept, that which we are given?
     Should we change what we have, to make it better?
     Chances! What are they?
     Life's tests, of our ability, strength, courage and passion?
     Are we strong, or are we weak?
     We are, just human, that is all!
     Life, is given to us to live, to learn and to grow.
     Along the way, yes, we stray.
     We make mistakes,
     And we learn from our mistakes.
     We grow stronger, we become wiser.
     Yes, we stumble, we fall, and we get up again.
     We keep going, we have needs!
     We not only learn, about life the hard way, alone!
     But, we learn through other people,
     Our family for guidance,
     And our friends for support.
     That is our life, and we accept it.
     When there is that question,
     Which, can not be answered,
     Maybe it was never meant to be,
     Never answered, never understood.
     Life is living, one day at a time,
     Never to go back in time,
     And change what, we can not.
     Only hope for the future!
     Life, what is it?
     Life is what we make of it, as we live it.
     We are, only, "Human".
     That is, what life is all about!
     Just, being ourselves!

     Come sail away with me,
     on a river of dreams.
     Let's enjoy life,
     and see what it has to offer.
     We can enjoy the sun,
     laughing all the way.
     We can enjoy the moon,
     counting the stars together.
     A river of dreams,
     that never ends.
     Its water always flowing,
     always twisting, always bending.
     Hand in hand, standing tall,
     next to each other, brave and strong.
     Sharing and caring,
     about life's, simple pleasures.
     Floating gently down,
     That, River of Dreams.
     Unknowing, unconcerned,
     where it takes us.
     An adventure for two,
     a journey in life, as one.
     Listen to the sound,
     of the waters rush.
     Its melodic rhythm,
     sooths, our every trouble away.
     Dreams shared by two,
     make life seem, so simple.
     Close your eyes and just believe,
     let yourself go, for moment in time.
     To a far away place,
     we will travel.
     To a place of beauty,
     only our mind, could imagine.
     Come sail away with me,
     down that, River of Dreams.

     Here it stands,
     tall and majestic.
     It is a proud tree,
     alone and for all to see.
     It always gives of itself,
     never asking, never expecting,
     anything in return.
     That is its nature,
     to give and to share with all.
     It gives shade in the summer,
     to comfort and cool.
     It gives warmth in the winter,
     to shelter and keep warm.
     It is the symbol of strength.
     It's long reaching branches,
     always ready to give support.
     It's deep, strong roots,
     keep it firmly embedded in place.
     Never wavering, never faltering.
     It weathers the storms of time,
     the wind and the rain are its friends.
     Only the true test of time,
     can it endure and remain strong.
     It is a proud tree,
     for all to see.
     It is not, just a tree,
     it is, a Big Plane Tree.

     Thank You so much,
     for sharing and caring.
     We share so much together,
     and enjoy the time spent.
     Sharing and caring,
     comes from two people,
     who trust each other.
     true friendship,
     in a most wonderful way.
     Happiness comes in many forms,
     face to face chatting,
     sharing a good meal...
     enjoying delicious coffee...
     taking long walks...
     and even quiet time,
     spent staring off, into the distance.
     No words need to be spoken,
     just knowing, each other is there.
     Reminiscing the past...
     dreaming of the future...
     nothing could be better,
     than two true friends,
     sharing and caring,
     for one another.
     Thank you, so very much,
     for taking the time,
     and spending it with me.
     an invaluable gift,
     so precious, so cherished.
     Nothing could be better,
     and I could not ask,
     for anything more.
     I hope and I dream,
     we can forever.
     Until the last grains of sand,
     pass through the hourglass of time.
     Sharing and Caring,
     for one another.

     I know I shouldn't say,
     "I Miss You".
     It is wrong,
     "Forgive Me".
     But, my feelings for you,
     Are, so strong.
     Ok, I won't say,
     "I Miss You".
     I'll only say, I miss...,
     Well..., just parts of you.
     "But", you already knew that.
     I miss your beautiful brown eyes,
     And "that", is no lie.
     I miss your nose,
     And "Yes", your cute toes.
     I miss your warm touch,
     I like "that", so very much.
     I miss your tender care,
     And your hair, so fair.
     I miss your giggle,
     And "Yep", even your wiggle.
     I truly miss,
     Your, "Love Handles",
     Next to you, "Nobody,
     can hold a candle".
     I miss your mind,
     I think, "I miss it the most".
     Forgive me once more,
     "If", I can boast.
     Is that Ok?
     "If", I just say,
     These are some things,
     "I do miss"
     Not to mention,
     "You always", send me into bliss.
     Ok, I won't say,
     "I Miss You".
     I just miss...,
     Parts of You.

     Thank you for your laughter,
     thank you for your tears.
     True friendship comes from within.
     It is our hearts and souls that speak,
     the language of true friendship.
     To be anything other than friends,
     we must first learn,
     The value and meaning of true friendship.
     giving, sharing, and taking without question,
     never why, never how come.
     Openness and good nature,
     come in many forms.
     Thank you, for allowing me,
     to look into your eyes.
     Thank you, for looking into mine.
     Never judging one another,
     from the outside.
     Only, what comes, from within ourselves.
     All there is, and still wanting to give more.
     Thank you, my true best friend.
     Actions, speak louder than words.
     Deeds done, require no thanks.
     Mistakes, require no apologies.
     Problems shared openly.
     No secrets, no lies.
     Truth, honesty and devotion,
     make true best friends.
     Thank you, for being mine.

     Ahhhhhh......to be lost in thought,
     and to be young again.
     Childhood memories, never forgotten,
     visions, of what once was.
     A meadow of Dreams,
     a place to loose yourself,
     and dream of what may be, "your future".
     Walking across that green grass,
     smelling the freshness of it being cut.
     Just at sunset, as the sun is setting over the hills,
     the breeze is gently blowing.
     The scent of the freshly cut grass fills the air,
     it's so inviting, it's calling your name,
     come, take off your shoes and socks,
     and walk barefoot across the field.
     You do, and what a wonderful feeling overcomes you.
     The grass tickles your feet, what a sensation!
     You sit down and stare endlessly at the setting sun,
     and wonder, where is it going?
     And...when, will it be back?
     But for now, it doesn't matter.
     Your mind, is somewhere else, floating away with the clouds,
     dreaming and hoping of something better.
     You can see the blades of grass, swaying gently,
     as the breeze whips, across the field.
     In the distance, a bird sings, "its last evening song,"
     a cricket chirps, as it knows, "nightfall," will soon be here.
     and, somewhere else in the distance,
     a bullfrog is croaking, "its call of happiness."
     What a wonderful symphony of sounds,
     what a wonderful display of color.
     The sky is now painted,
     with the most beautiful hues,
     of yellow, of red, and of orange.
     So vivid, so contrasting,
     it plays tricks on your mind,
     the colors, are mesmerizing.
     The smell of the freshly cut grass,
     fills your nostrils, with a sweet scent,
     so refreshing, so tantalizing.
     Your head is swirling, with giddy feelings,
     Ahhhhh......Yes, lost in thought.
     You think to yourself,
     this, "is Paradise", this is, "Heaven".
     Lying in a meadow of freshly cut grass,
     watching the clouds, gently float by,
     the sensations all around you.
     A feeling of security, and a feeling of warmth,
     alone, and lost in thought.
     This is the way, your life should be!
     Barefoot in the grass,
     "Carefree" and "Happy".

     Gods creations,
     Smooth and round,
     Shaped with time,
     Enhanced with images,
     Our minds imagine,
     No two alike,
     Each one unique,
     Sought for its beauty,
     Openly shared,
     "For all to see."

     Two strangers meet,
     in an unlikely place.
     Dunkin Donuts,
     of all places.
     Was it chance, or was it fate?
     But, here they are,
     face to face, eye to eye.
     Looking at one another, "wondering!"
     What does she like, what does he like?
     Looking at all those donuts,
     choices, and more choices.
     So...many choices,
     But, for some strange reason,
     simultaneously, they both reach,
     for the very last,
     "cinnamon twist."
     Why...did they both choose that one?
     What a dilemma!
     What to do!
     Maybe...it was their destiny,
     to meet this way.
     What is she thinking?
     What is he thinking?
     Can they share it,
     and enjoy it together?
     Why not!
     And...they do.
     Coffee for two, a donut shared.
     Two strangers meet,
     in and unlikely place.
     Maybe it was chance!
     Maybe it was fate!
     Maybe it was by choice!
     You...Me...and a Donut.

     I am, but a humble man,
     living a humble life.
     Spoken words, don't often,
     express my true mind.
     I have words in my mind and heart,
     I sometimes, can not express.
     My poetry is, my mind and heart.
     It is just an extension of,
     my true inner feelings,
     towards life, happiness and love.
     Through my poetry, I can feel free,
     to write, of my visions and inspiration.
     My poetry, is My mind!
     Read it, feel it, share it!
     So long as I has the power,
     the strength and the will,
     to express myself,
     I will continue to write poetry,
     from my heart and from my mind.

     Here I stand, "alone,"
     on a moonlit beach.
     The waves, gently lapping,
     at the waters edge.
     I stare endlessly,
     off to the horizon.
     The night sky and the black sea meet.
     The stars, shinning so brightly.
     My dreams and my hopes,
     are my only thoughts.
     They fill my mind,
     with wonderful visions.
     I gaze at the stars,
     and loose myself, "in them."
     I remember, this forgotten children's poem:

     Star light, star bright,
     First star I see tonight,
     I wish I may, I wish I might,
     Have the wish, I wish tonight.

     I try to make a wish,
     for every star I count.
     I watch a shooting star,
     cross the night sky.
     I know at least one wish,
     and dream, will come true.
     I feel truly lucky tonight,
     for what I see, and what I imagine.
     I share this private moment,
     with someone, "who is special,"
     and "dear to me,"
     but...only in my mind,
     I hope, that person knows.
     The sound of the sea,
     sooths me, with tranquility.
     The moon shining brightly,
     smiles down, on my face.
     The stars twinkling at me,
     showering me, with radiance.
     The scent of the cool sea breeze,
     lifts my spirits on high.
     I couldn't ask for anything more,
     A peaceful night...
     A shooting star, wished upon...
     Thoughts, of someone special...
     Thank You!
     I am forever blessed,
     for this moment in time.
     For I am...
     "Lost in my Thoughts"

     Where has time gone?
     Especially, when you need it the most.
     We're always in a hurry,
     to get somewhere in time.
     We always worry, about being late for time.
     Why?, Is the question.
     Won't time wait for us?
     "Time and tide wait for no man."
     We always reminisce, about time from the past,
     sometimes, as if it happened yesterday.
     We daydream about time in the future,
     in strange places and endless ways.
     We always want to be younger in time,
     never to get older, but we do!
     Time isn't standing still for us,
     it moves faster than we want.
     "Time flies, when you're having fun,"
     Boy...isn't that true.
     On the other side of the coin,
     "A watched pot never boils."
     Is this what real time means to us?
     Yes, we kill time...
     We pass time...
     We even make time...
     Childhood memories, never forgotten in time,
     but, our minds still become lost with time.
     How funny, time plays tricks on our minds.
     There was a beginning of time,
     and there'll be and end of time.
     Somewhere in the middle,
     time will have been good to us.
     We think time is on our side,
     but, someday, our time will come.
     So for now in this lifetime,
     Try not to worry needlessly,
     about the bad times,
     it only makes time drag.
     Be happy with the time you have,
     and enjoy your good times to come.


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