Ocenite etot tekst:

Aaawk "Playground Psychotics" 2:59
Absolutely Free "We're Only In It For The Money" 3:27
Advance Romance "Bongo Fury" 11:17
"YCDTOSA 3" 6:56
"YCDTOSA 5" 7:01
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 7:43
Adventures of Greggery Peccary, The "Studio Tan" 20:33
"Lather" 20:56 (& comments)
Aerobics In Bondage "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 3:15
Agency Man "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 03:17
Air, The "Uncle Meat" 2:57
Alien Orifice "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 4:09
"YCDTOSA 6" 4:16
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 4:15
Alley Cat "Lost Episodes"2:47
Almost Chinese "Lumpy Gravy"
America Drinks "Absolutely Free" 1:53
America Drinks & Goes Home "Absolutely Free" 2:45
America Vivace "Absolutely Free" 1:01
Amen "Lumpy Gravy"
Amnerica "Civilization Phase III" 3:04
Andy "One Size Fits All" 6:03
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 7:12
Another Pickup "Lumpy Gravy"
Any Downers? "You Are What You Is" 2:08
Any Kind Of Pain "Broadway The Hard Way" 5:42
Any Way The Wind Blows "Freak Out!" (& comments) 2:54
"Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 2:56
"Lost Episodes" 2:14
Anything "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 3:00
Apostrophe "Apostrophe" 5:52
Approximate "Helsinki Concert" 8:11
"YCDTOSA 4" 1:49
"FZ In N.Y."
Are You Hung Up? "Where Only ..." 1:29
Are You Upset? "YCDTOSA 4" 1:29
Artificial Rhonda "Thing Fish" 3:33
At The Gas Station "Lumpy Gravy"
Aybe Sea "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 2:46
Babbette "YCDTOSA 1" 3:36
Baby Snakes "Baby Snakes" 1:45
"Sheik Yerbouty" 1:50
Baby, Take Your Teeth Out "Them Or Us" 1:54
Baked-Bean Boogie "YCDTOSA 5" 3:27
Bacon Eat "Broadway The Hard Way" 1:29
Bad Acting "Playground Psychotics" 0:10
Bamboozled By Love "YCDTOSA 3"
"Tinseltown Rebellion" 5:46
Basement Music #1 "Lost Episodes" 3:46
Beat It With Your Fist "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 1:58 (& comments)
Beat The Reaper "Civilization Phase III" 15:23
Beauty Knows No Pain "You Are What You Is" 3:01
Be-Bop Tango (of the Old Jazzmen's Church) -- see "BlackPage#1" "Roxy And Elsewhere" 16:40 (comments:"BlackPage#1")
"Yellow Shark" 3:43 (& comments)
Beer Shampoo "Playground Psychotics" 1:38
Be In My Video "Them Or Us" 3:39
"Yellow Shark" 3:43
"YCDTOSA 1" 3:30
"YCDTOSA 3" 1:55
Beltway Bandits, The "Jazz >From Hell" 3:26
Big Leg Emma "Absolutely Free" 2:31
"FZ In N.Y." 2:17
"Lather" 2:11
Big Squeeze, The "Lost Episodes" 0:43
Big Swifty "Waka/Jawaka" 17:22
"Helsinki Concert" 2:16
"YCDTOSA 1" 8:47
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 11:13
Billy The Mountain "Just Another Band From LA" 24:46
"Playground Psychotics" 30:26
Bit Of Nostalgia "Lumpy Gravy"
Black Napkins "Zoot Allures" 4:15
"YCDTOSA 6" 5:22
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 6:56
Pink Napkins - cousine to
"Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar"
Blackouts, The "Lost Episodes" 0:22
Black Page (1984), The "YCDTOSA 4" 5:15
"Lather" 1:57 (& comments)
Drum Solo/Black Page #1
"FZ IN N.Y." 3:50
#2, The
"Baby Snakes" 2:50
"YCDTOSA 5" 9:57
"FZ IN N.Y." 5:36
New Age Version
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 6:45
Blessed Relief "The Grand Wazoo" 7:59
Blue Light, The "Tinseltown Rebellion" 5:26
Bobby Brown Goes Down "Sheik Yerbouty" 2:49
"YCDTOSA 3" 2:44
Bob In Dacron LSO" 12:08
Bogus Pomp "Orchestral..." 13:28; Comments:"YCDTOSA 5" (4)
"LSO" 24:31
Bogus Pomp (Prologue) "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 3:07
"200 Motels" (on video only)
Piano/Drum Duet
YCDTOSA 5'(& comments) 1:57
Bolero "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:33
Booger Man, The "YCDTOSA 4" 2:47
Bored Out 90 Over "Lumpy Gravy"
Botulism On The Hoof "Playground Psychotics" 0:47
Bow Tie Daddy "We're Only In It For The Money" 0:33
Briefcase Boogie "Thing Fish" 4:09
Brixton Still Life "Playground Psychotics" 2:59
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:42
"Lather" 4:40
Brown Moses "Thing Fish" 3:02
"YCDTOSA 4" 2:38
Brown Shoes Don't Make It "Absolutely Free" 7:30
"Tinseltown Rebellion" 7:14; Real FZ Book: p.82
Buffalo Voice "Civilization Phase III" 5:12
Building A Girl "Helsinki Concert" 1:00
Bunch Of Adventures, A "Playground Psychotics" 0:55
But Who Was Fulcanelli "Guitar" 2:48
Bwana Dick "Fillmore East" 2:07
What Will This Evening Bring Me This

Daddy, Daddy

Magic Fingers

"200 Motels" (& comments)
Real FZ Book 123
Call Any Vegetable "Absolutely Free" 2:15
"Just Another Band From LA" 7:22; comments: Real FZ Book, p.167
Camarillo Brillo "Overnite Sensation" 3:59
"YCDTOSA 6" 3:10
Canadian Customs "Guitar" 3:35
Canard du Jour "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 9:56 (& comments)
Can't Afford No Shoes "One Size..." 2:38
Canarsie "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 6:05 (& comments)
Carol, You Fool "YCDTOSA 3" 4:06
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy "Bongo Fury" 5:59
"YCDTOSA 4" 6:28
Catholic Girls "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 6" 4:04
Centerville "200 Motels" 2:31
Central Scrutinizer "Joe's Garage"
Champagne Lecture "Playground Psychotics" 4:29
Chana In The Bushop "YCDTOSA 3" 4:52
Charles Ives "YCDTOSA 5" 4:38
Charlie's Enormous Mouth "You Are What You Is" 3:36
"YCDTOSA 3" 3:40
Chalk Pie "Guitar" 4:51
Charva "Lost Episodes" 1:59
Cheep Thrills "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 2:30
Cheepnis "Roxy And Elsewhere" 6:31
"Helsinki Concert" 4:28
Real FZ Book 247_
Childish Perversions "Playground Psychotics" 1:31
Chocolate Halvah "YCDTOSA 5" 3:25
Chrome Plated Megaphone Of Destiny, The "We're Only In It For The Money" 6:25
Chunga's Revenge "Chunga's..." 6:15
Church Chat "YCDTOSA 4" 2:00
City Of Tiny Lites "Sheik Yerbouty" 5:32
"YCDTOSA 5" 10:38
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 8:01
Clap, The "Chunga's ..." 1:23
Closer You Are, The "Them Or Us" 2:55
Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus "The Grand Wazoo" 2:57
Clowns On Velvet "Thing Fish" 1:38
Cocaine Decisions "YCDTOSA 3" 3:14
"Man >From Utopia" 3:53
Cock-Suckers' Ball "Does Humor Belong In Music" 1:05
"Coming Soon!..." "200 Motels" 0:56
"200 Motels" 0:31
Concentration Moon "We're Only..." 2:17
Part One
"Playground Psychotics" 
Part Two
"Playground Psychotics"
Conehead "You Are What You Is" 4:18
Cops & Buns "Lost Episodes" 2:36
Cosmic Debris "Apostrophe" 4:16
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 4:32
Crab-Grass Baby, The "Thing Fish" 3:48
Creationism "Civilization Phase III"
Crew Slut "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 6" 5:34
Cruising For Burgers "Uncle Meat" 2:19
"Playground Psychotics" 2:53
"FZ IN N.Y." 9:12
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 8:28
Cucamonga "Bongo Fury" 2:24
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy "200 Motels" 3:11 (& comments)
Damp Ankles "Jazz >From Hell" 3:45
Dance Contest "Tinseltown Rebellion" 3:00
Dance Of The Just Plain Folks "200 Motels" 4:39
Dance Of The Rock'n'Roll Interviewers "200 Motels" 0:48
Dancin' Fool "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:43
"YCDTOSA 5" 3:13
Dangerous Kitchen, The "Man >From Utopia" 2:51
"YCDTOSA 1" 1:50
Comments & Text: Real FZ Book
Dead Girls Of London, The "YCDTOSA 5" 2:29
Deathless Horsie, The "YCDTOSA 1" 5:29
"Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 6:20 (& comments)
Debra Kadabra "Bongo Fury" 3:54
Dental Hygiene Dilemma "200 Motels" 5:12
Diseases Of The Band "YCDTOSA 1" 2:22
Desery "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 2:04
Dew On The Newts We Got "200 Motels" 1:10
Dickie's Such An Asshole "YCDTOSA 3" 10:08
"Broadway The Hard Way" 5:45
Dick Kunc Story, The "Lost Episodes" 0:46
Didja Get Any Onja? "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 6:51
Dinah-Moe Humm  "Overnite Sensation" 6:03
"Baby Snakes" 6:37
"YCDTOSA 6" 3:16
Dio Fa "Civilization Phase III" 8:19
Dipheria Blues "Playground Psychotics" 6:19 
Direct-From-Hollywood Overture "200 Motels" (1) (& comments)
Directly >From My Heart To You "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 5:16
Dirty Love "Overnite Sensation"2:58
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:40
Disco Boy "Zoot Allures" 5:09
"Baby Snakes" 3:51
"YCDTOSA 4" 3:00
Divan -- see Sofa "Playground Psychotics" 1:46
Don't Eat There "Playground Psychotics" 2:26
Don't Take Me Down "Playground Psychotics" 1:11
Do Not Pass Go "Guitar" 3:37
Do Not Try This At Home "Guitar" 3:50
Do You Like My New Car? "Fillmore East" 7:09
Does This Kind Of Life See Interesting To You? "200 Motels" 3:00
Dog Breath "Just Another Band From LA" 3:37
Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague
"Uncle Meat" 5:51
Dog Breath Variations, The
"Uncle Meat" 1:36
"Helsinki Concert" 1:38
"Yellow Shark" 2:07 (& comments)
Dong Work For Yuda "Joe's Garage"
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow "Apostrophe" 2:06
"YCDTOSA 1" 20:16
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? "Roxy And Elsewhere" 9:41
"Helsinki Concert" 4:56
Doreen "You Are What You Is" 4:44
"YCDTOSA 5" 1:59
Down In De dew "Lather" 2:57
Downtown Talent Scout, The "YCDTOSA 5" 4:01
Drafted Again "You Are What You Is" 3:06
Dressing Room, The "Playground Psychotics" 0:24
Drop Dead "Thing Fish" 7:56
Drowning Witch "Ship..." 12:03
"YCDTOSA 3" 9:22
Drums Are Too Noisy "Lumpy Gravy"
Duck Duck Goose "Lather" 3:01
Duke Of Prunes "Orchestral..." 4:20
Duke Of Prunes, The "Absolutely Free" 2:13
Duke Of Orchestral Prunes "Lather" 4:21
Real FZ Book 167
Duke Regains His Chops, The "Absolutely Free" 1:52
Dumb All Over "You Are What You Is" 4:03
"YCDTOSA 1" 4:20
Dummy Up "Roxy And Elsewhere" 6:03
Duodenum "Lumpy Gravy"
Dupree's Paradise "Perfect Stranger"
"Helsinki Concert" 23:59
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 8:35
Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 2:12
Easy Meat "Tinseltown Rebellion" 9:19
"YCDTOSA 5" 7:39
Eat That Question "The Grand Wazoo" 6:42
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 1:55
Echidna's Arf (Of You) "Roxy And Elsewhere" 3:53
"Helsinki Concert" 3:30
Eddie, Are You Kidding? "Just Another Band From LA" 3:09
Electric Aunt Jemima "Uncle Meat" 1:53
Elvis Has Just Left The Building "Broadway The Hard Way" 2:24
Emperor Of Ohio "YCDTOSA 6" 1:32
Envelopes "Ship..." 2:46
LSO" 4:04
Envelops The Bath Tub "Lumpy Gravy"
Epilogue "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 1:52
Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue, The "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 6:52
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 9:19
Evelyn, A Modified Dog "One Size Fits All" 1:05
Evil Prince, The "YCDTOSA 4" 7:13
Excetrifugal Forz "Apostrophe" 1:31
Exercise #4 "Yellow Shark" 1:37
Father O'Blivion "Apostrophe" 2:18
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:22
Fembot In A Wet T-shirt "Joe's Garage"
Few Moments With Brother A. West, A "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 4:01
50/50 "Overnite Sensation" 6:10
Filthy Habits "Sleep Dirt" 7:33
"YCDTOSA 4" 5:40
"Lather" 7:12
Find Her Finer "Zoot Allures" 4:17
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 2:42
Fine Girl "Tinseltown Rebellion" 3:29
"YCDTOSA 1" 2:55
five-five-FIVE "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 2:35 (& comments)
Fire And Chains "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 3:57 
Flakes "Sheik Yerbouty"
Flambay "Sleep Dirt" 4:54
Flamb? "Lather" 2:05
Florentine Pogen "One Size Fits All" 5:27
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 3:41
"YCDTOSA 4" 5:10
Florida Airport Tape, The "YCDTOSA 1" 1:04
Flower Punk "We're Only In It For The Money" 3:04
Food Gathering In Post-Industrial America "Yellow Shark" 2:52
For Calvin (And His Next Two Hitch-Hikers) "The Grand Wazoo" 6:06
For Duane  "Guitar" 3:24
For The Young Sophisticate "Tinseltown Rebellion" 2:36
"Lather" 3:14 (& comments)
Fountain Of Love "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 2:57
"Lost Episodes" 2:08
"Frank Zappa's 200 Motels..." "200 Motels" 0:11
Friendly Little Finger "Zoot Allures" 4:17; comments - "Sheik..."(10)
Frogs With Dirty Little Lips "Them Or Us" 2:42
Full Brown  "200 Motels" (only comments)
F.Z./JCB Drum Duet "YCDTOSA 5" 4:27
Galoot Up-Date "Thing Fish" 5:27
Game Of Cards, A "YCDTOSA 5" 0:44
Gee, I Like Your Pants "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 2:35 (& comments)
Geneva Farewell "YCDTOSA 5" 1:38
German Lunch "YCDTOSA 5" 6:43
Get A Life "Civilization Phase III" 2:21
Get A Little "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 2:31
Get Whitey "Yellow Shark" 7:00
Getting Stewed "Playground Psychotics" 0:55
Girl In The Magnesium Dress, The "Perfect Stranger" 3:09
"Yellow Shark" 4:33
Girl's Dream, The "200 Motels" 0:55
Girl Wants To Fix Him Some Broth, The "200 Motels" 1:10
GOA "Guitar" 4:51
Goblin Girl "You Are What You Is" 4:06
Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder "Freak Out!" (& comments) 3:39
"Godfather Part II" Theme "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 0:30
God Bless America "Uncle Meat" 1:22
Going For The Money "Playground Psychotics" 0:12
Grand Wazoo, The "The Grand Wazoo" 13:19
"Lost Episodes" 2:12
Great Guy, A "Playground Psychotics" 0:30
Gross Man "Civilization Phase III" 2:55
Groupie Routine, The "YCDTOSA 1" 5:41
Grunion Run Real FZ Book 57
G-Spot Tornado "Jazz >From Hell" 3:17
"Yellow Shark" 5:17 (& notes)
Gumbo Variations, The "Hot Rats" 16:57
H.R. 2911 "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 3:36
Half A Dozen Provocative Squats "200 Motels" 1:57; Comments - FZ Real Book
Hands With A Hammer "YCDTOSA 3" 3:18 (& comments)
Handsome Cabin Boy "Lost Episodes" 1:21
Happy Together "Fillmore East" 2:57
Happy-As-A-Boy "Thing Fish" 2:50
Harry & Rhonda "Thing Fish" 3:36
Harder Than Your Husband "You Are What You Is" 2:28
Harry, You're A Beast "Ahead Of Their Time" 0:53
"We're Only In It For The Money" 1:21
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 
He Is Risen "Civilization Phase III"
He Used To Cut The Grass "Joe's Garage"
He's So Gay "Thing Fish" 2:49
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:34
He's Watching Us "Playground Psychotics" 1:21
Heavenly Bank Account "You Are What You Is" 3:44
"YCDTOSA 1" 4:06
Heavy Duty Judy "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 4:42 (& comments)
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 6:04
Help, I'm A Rock "Freak Out!" 4:43
"Ahead Of Their Time" 1:38
Here Comes The Gear, Lads "Playground Psychotics" 1:00
Here Lies Love "YCDTOSA 5" 2:45
Hog Heaven "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 2:49 (& comments)
Holding the Group Back "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 2:00
Holiday In Berlin "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 0:56
Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown
"Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 6:23
as "Overture"
"200 Motels" (and comments)
Overture To Holiday In Berlin
"Burnt Weenie Sandwich"
As "Would You Like A Snack"
"200 Motels" (& comments) 1:23
Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me? "YCDTOSA 3" 4:16
"YCDTOSA 6" 4:02
"FZ IN N.Y." 4:11
"Lather" 4:56
Hot And Putrid "Civilization Phase III" 0:29
Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel "Does Humor Belong In Music" 6:42
"Broadway The Hard Way" 6:40
Hot Poop "We're Only In It For The Money" 0:29
How Could I Be Such A Fool "Freak Out!" (& comments) 2:11
"Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 3:33
Hungry Freaks, Daddy "Freak Out!" (& comments) 3:27
I Ain't Got No Heart "Freak Out!" (& comments) 2:33
"Tinseltown Rebellion" 1:59
Ian Underwood Whips It Out "Uncle Meat" 5:08 
I Come From Nowhere "Ship..." 6:10
I Could Be A Star Now "Playground Psychotics" 0:36
Idiot Bastard Son, The "We're Only In It For The Money" 2:47
"Helsinki Concert" 2:39
I Don't Even Care "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 4:43
I Don't Know If I Can Go Through Tis Again "Lumpy Gravy"
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted "Lost Episodes" 3:24
If Only She Woulda "You Are What You Is" 3:47
If We'd All Been Living in California "Uncle Meat" 1:29
If You're Not A Professional Actor "Playground Psychotics" 0:22
Igor's Boogie Phase One "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 0:36
Phase Two "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 0:36
I Have Been In You "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:33
"YCDTOSA 6" 5:05
I Have Seen the Pleated Gazelle "200 Motels" (comments)
I Left My Heart In San Francisco "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 0:36
I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth "FZ IN N.Y." 3:31
Illinois Enema Bandit, The "YCDTOSA 6" 8:05
"FZ in N.Y." 12:41
The Legend Of The Illinois Enema Bandit
"Lather" 12:41
I'm A Band Leader "Lost Episodes" 1:14
I'm A Beautiful Guy "You Are What You Is" 1:56
"YCDTOSA 3" 1:55
I'm Doomed "Playground Psychotics" 0:24
I'm Not Satisfied "Freak Out!" (& comments) 2:38
"Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 3:59
I'm So Cute "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:09
"YCDTOSA 6" 1:39
I'm Stealing The Towels "200 Motels" 2:14
I'm The Slime "Overnite Sensation" 3:34
"YCDTOSA 1" 3:13
"FZ in N.Y." 4:23
In-A-Gadda-Stravinsky "Guitar" 2:49
Inca Roads "One Size Fits All" 8:45
"Lost Episodes" 3:42 & comments, N27 (p.3)
"Helsinki Concert" 10:54
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:51
Shut Up" (see comments in the "Lost Episodes")
In France "Them Or Us" 3:30
"YCDTOSA 3" 3:01
Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin "Absolutely Free" 7:00
Intro "Yellow Shark" 1:43
Intro Rap "Baby Snakes" 0:36
Intro To Music For Low Budget Orchestra "Playground Psychotics" 1:39
Is That All There Is? "Guitar" 4:08
Is That Guy Kidding Or What? "YCDTOSA 6" 4:03
It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary "Guitar" 5:14
It Can't Happen Here "Freak Out!" (& comments) 3:55
It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal "Waka/Jawaka" 4:12
It Must Be A Camel "Hot Rats" 5:16
Ite's Right "Playground Psychotics" 0:15
It's A Good Thing We Get Paid To Do This" "Playground Psychotics" 2:45
It's >From Kansas "Lumpy Gravy"
I Was In A Drum "Civilization Phase III" 3:38
Janet's Big Dance Number "200 Motels" 1:18
Jazz Discharge Party Harts, The "Man >From Utopia" 4:29
Jazz >From Hell "Jazz >From Hell" 2:58
JCB & Kansas On The Bus #1, #2 "YCDTOSA 5" 1:03
Jeff Quits "Playground Psychotics" 1:33
Jelly Roll Gum Drop "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 2:17
Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk "Broadway The Hard Way" 9:15
Jezebel Boy "Broadway The Hard Way" 2:27
Jewish Princess "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:16
Real FZ Book 225
Jim & Tammy's Upper Room "Guitar" 3:11
Jimmy Carl Black Philosophy Lesson, The "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 2:01
Joe's Garage "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 3" 2:20
Johnny Darling "YCDTOSA 4" :52
Jones Crusher "Baby Snakes" 2:53
"Sheik Yerbouty"2:49
Jonestown "Perfect Stranger" 5:27
Jumbo Go Away "You Are What You Is" 3:43
Just One More Time "Lumpy Gravy"
Kangaroos "Lumpy Gravy"
Keep It Greasy "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 3" 3:30
Kenny's Booger Story "Lost Episodes" 0:33
"Lost Episodes" 1:16
King Kong "Ahead Of Their Time" 8:13
"Lumpy Gravy"
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 13:11
"YCDTOSA 3" 24:32
The Underwood ramifications
"Uncle Meat" 7:22 Live, Miami
'(as played by 3 deranged Good Humor Trucks)
Uncle Meat" 0:29
(interpreted by DeWild)
"Uncle Meat" 1:15
(---//--- by Motorhead)
"Uncle Meat" 1:44
King Kong Itself
"Uncle Meat" 0:53
(the Gardner Varieties)
"Uncle Meat" 6:17
Prelude To King Kong
"Uncle Meat" 3:24
Kung Fu "Lost Episodes" 1:06
Lad Searches The Night For His Newts, The "200 Motels" 0:41
Later That Night "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 3:04
Latex Solar Beef "Fillmore East" 2:38
Lather "Lather" 3:50
Learning "Penis Dimension" "Playground Psychotics" 2:02
Leather Goods "Lather" 6:01
Legend Of The Golden Arches, The "Uncle Meat" 1:24
Legend Of The Illinois Enema Bandit, The see "Illinois..."
Lemme Take You To The Beach "Lather" (comments),"Studio Tan" 2:45
Let's Move To Cleveland "Does Humor Belong In Music16:43
Life Style You Deserve, The "Civilization Phase III"
Little House I Used To Live In "Fillmore East" 4:41
Little House I Used To Live In, The "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 18:41
Little March, The "YCDTOSA 5" 1:21
Let's Make The Water Turn Black "Ahead Of Their Time" 1:51
"We're Only In It For The Money" 1:45
"YCDTOSA 1" 3:28
Real FZ Book 84-87, Lost Episodes N 6
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 1:36 
Let's Move To Cleveland "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:52
Solos (1984)
"YCDTOSA 4" 7:11
Like It Or Not "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 2:21
Lil' Clanton Shuffle "Lost Episodes" 4:47
Lisa's Life Story "YCDTOSA 6" 3:06
Little Beige Sambo "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 3:00
Little Girl Of Mine "YCDTOSA 4" 1:41
Little Green Rosetta, A "Joe's Garage"
"Lather" 2:48
Little Green Scratchy Sweaters & Courduroy Ponce "200 Motels" 1:01
Little House I Used To Live In, The "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 18:41
Little House I Used To Live In "Fillmore East" 4:41
Little Rubber Girl "YCDTOSA 4" 2:57
Little Umbrellas "Hot Rats" 3:03
Living Garbage Truck, The "Playground Psychotics" 1:20
Lobster Girl "YCDTOSA 6" 2:21
London Cab Tape, The "Playground Psychotics" 1:24
Lonely Little Girl "We're Only In It For The Money" 1:45
Lonely Person Devices "YCDTOSA 6" 3:14
Lonesome Cowboy Burt "200 Motels" 3:51; comments: Real FZ Book p.125
Swaggart Version
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 4:54
Lonesome Cowboy Nando "YCDTOSA 6" 5:15
Lonesome Electric Turkey "Fillmore East" 2:33
Lost In A Whirlpool "Lost Episodes" 2:46
Louie Louie "Uncle Meat" 2:28
Love Of My Life "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 3:17
"Tinseltown Rebellion" 2:15
Mud Club Version
"YCDTOSA 4" 1:58
Love Story "Perfect Stranger" 0:55
Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 3" 2:52
Lucy's Seduction Of A Bored Violinist & Postlude "200 Motels" 4:00
Luigi & The Wise Guys "Man >From Utopia" 3:25
Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival, The "YCDTOSA 6" 2:44
Magdalena "Just Another Band From LA" 6:24
Magic Fingers "200 Motels" 3:55
Single edit
"200 Motels" 2:57
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:21
Make A Sex Noise "YCDTOSA 6" 3:09
Mammy Nuns, The "Thing Fish" 3:31
Mammy Anthem, The "YCDTOSA 1" 5:41
Man >From Utopia, The "YCDTOSA 4" 1:16
Man >From Utopia Meets Mary Lou (medley), The "Man >From Utopia" 3:22
Man With The Woman Head "Bongo Fury" 1:28
Manx Needs Women "FZ In N.Y." 1:50
Marqueson's Chicken "Them Or Us" 7:33
Martin Lickert's Story "Playground Psychotics" 0:39
Mary Lou "YCDTOSA 4" 2:14
Massagio Galore "Jazz >From Hell" 2:31
Massive Improve'lence, The "Thing Fish" 5:08
Meaow "YCDTOSA 5" 1:24
Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, The "You Are What You Is" 3:10
"Thing Fish" 3:14
Memories of El Monte Real FZ Book 57
Moggio "Man >From Utopia" 2:35
"YCDTOSA 5" 2:29
M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath, The "YCDTOSA 6" 3:01
Mom & Dad "We're Only In It For The Money" 2:19
"Playground Psychotics" 3:09
Mo 'n Herbs Vacation "LSO" 27:01
Montana "Overnite Sensation" 6:36
Whipping Floss
"Helsinki Concert" 10:15
"YCDTOSA 4" 5:43
More Trouble Every Day "Roxy And Elsewhere" 6:01
Swaggart Version
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:29
Trouble Every Day
"Freak Out!" (& comments) 5:49
Motel Lobby, The "Playground Psychotics" 1:21
Motel Room "Playground Psychotics" 0:29
Mother People "We're Only In It For The Money" 2:31
Motherly Love "Freak Out!" (& comments) 2:43
Motorhead's Midnight Ranch "200 Motels" 1:30
Mount St.Mary's Concert Excerpt "Lost Episodes" 2:28
Move It Or Park It "Guitar" 5:43
Mozart Ballet - Piano Sonata in B flat "YCDTOSA 5" 4:05
Mr. Green Genes "Uncle Meat" 3:10
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 7:07
Ms. Pinky "Zoot Allures" 3:40
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:00
Mud Club "You Are What You Is" 3:11
"Thing Fish" 3:16
Mud Shark, The "Fillmore East" 5:23
Mud Shark Interview, The "Playground Psychotics" 2:39
Muffin Man "Bongo Fury" 5:32
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:25
Murder By Numbers "Broadway The Hard Way" 5:37
Music For The Quenn's Circus (Progress) "Ahead Of Their Time" 4:44
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 3:32
"YCDTOSA 4" 3:20
"YCDTOSA 5" 2:12
My Head? "YCDTOSA 5" 1:22
Mysterioso "200 Motels" 0:48
Mystery Roach "200 Motels" 2:33
Nancy & Mary Music, The "Chunga's ..." 9:27
Nanook Rubs It "Apostrophe" 4:38
Nasal Retentive Calliope Music "We're Only In It For The Money" 2:02
Naval Aviation In Art? (segue) "Orchestral..." 1:22
"Perfect Stranger" 2:42 (& comments)
"Lather" 1:32
Navanax "Civilization Phase III" 5:31
Negative Light "Civilization Phase III"
New World Order, The "Civilization Phase III"
Nig Biz "YCDTOSA 3" 4:59
Night School "Jazz From..." 4:47
Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution "Uncle Meat" 5:56
N-Lite "Civilization Phase III" 18:01
No, No Cherry "YCDTOSA 4" 1:26
No, No, No "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 2:27
No Not Now "Ship..." 5:51
"Thing Fish" 5:50
Won Ton On
"Thing Fish" 4:19
No Waiting For The Peanuts To Dissolve "YCDTOSA 5" 4:45
None Of The Above "Yellow Shark" 2:17 (& comments)
III Revised
"Yellow Shark" 1:45 (& comments)
Now You See It - Now You Don't "Tinseltown Rebellion" 5:01
Nullis Pretty "Freak Out!" (& comments)
Nun Suit Painted On Some Old Boxes, A "200 Motels" 1:09
NYC Halloween Audience "YCDTOSA 6" :46
Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution, The "Sleep Dirt" 13:17
"Lather" 8:31
Oh No "Ahead Of Their Time" 3:22
"Lumpy Gravy"
"Weasels Ripped My Flash" 1:45
"YCDTOSA 1" 4:34
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 4:43
Oh No Again
"Lumpy Gravy"
Once Again Without The Net "Guitar" 3:43
Once Upon A Time "YCDTOSA 1" 4:38
One Man - One Vote "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 2:34
On The Bus "Joe's Garage"
Orange County Lumber Truck, The "YCDTOSA 1"
Orange County Lumber Truck (Part I), The "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 0:46 
"Weasels Ripped My Flash" (Part) 3:21
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 0:42
Orange County Lumber Truck (Part II), The "Ahead Of Their Time" complete form (& comments) 10:36
"Weasels Ripped My Flash" (Part.) 3:21
Original Theatrical Trailer "200 Motels" (enhanced track)
Orrin Hatch On Skins "Guitar" 2:12
Our Bizarre Relationship "Uncle Meat" 1:05
Outrage At Valdez "Yellow Shark" 3:27
Outside Now "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 4" 6:10
"Broadway The Hard Way" 7:49
original solo
"Guitar" 5:28
Outside Now Again "Perfect Stranger" 4:05
Overture To Holiday In Berlin "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 1:27
Owner Of A Lonely Heart "YCDTOSA 3"
Packard Goose "Joe's Garage"
Panty Rap "Tinseltown Rebellion" 4:35
Peaches En Regalia "Hot Rats" 3:37
"Fillmore East" 3:22
Peaches III "Tinseltown Rebellion" 4:56
Real FZ Book 168
Pedro's Dowry "Lather" 7:45
"Orchestral..." 7:41
"LSO" 10:25 
Penguin In Bondage "Roxy And Elsewhere" 6:48
"Does Humor Belong In Music" 6:44
Swaggart Version
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:05
Penis Dimension "200 Motels" 4:35
Learning "Penis Dimension"
"Playground Psychotics" 2:02
Pentagon Afternoon "Yellow Shark" 2:28
Perfect Stranger, The "Perfect Stranger" 12:42
Piano/Drum Set "YCDTOSA 5" 1:57
Pick Me I'm Clean "Tinseltown Rebellion" 5:00
Pig With Wings, A "Civilization Phase III" 2:52
Pink Napkins (a cousine of "Black Napkins") "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 4:38 (& comments)
Pinky's Whips "FZ IN N.Y." 10:50
Pinocchio's Furniture "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 2:05 (& comments)
Planet Of My Dreams "Them Or Us" 1:37
Planet Of The Baritone Women "Broadway The Hard Way" 2:48
Plastic People "Absolutely Free" 3:42
"YCDTOSA 1" 4:39
Playground Psychotics "Playground Psychotics" 1:08
Po-Jama People "One Size Fits All" 7:39
'Poodle Lecture, The "YCDTOSA 6" 5:02
Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead 'Bongo... 2:32
Porn Wars "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 12:03
Pound For A Brown "Ahead Of Their Time" 6:50
"FZ IN N.Y." 3:41
"Yellow Shark" 2:12
On The Bus, A
"Uncle Meat" 1:29
"YCDTOSA 5" 8:39
"YCDTOSA 4" 6:30
Prelude to The Afternoon Of Sexually Aroused ... Ahead Of Their Time original complete form (& comments) 
"Weasels Ripped My Flash" 3:48
Prelude To King Kong Uncle Meat 3:24
Progress? (Music For The Queen Circus) "Ahead Of Their Time" 4:44(& comments)
"Yellow Shark" 2:12 (& comments)
Project X "Uncle Meat" 4:47
Prologue "Thing Fish" 2:56
Prologue (Bogus Pomp) "Ahead Of Their Time" 3:07
Promiscuous 'Broadway The Hard Way 2:02
Proto-Minimalism "YCDTOSA 5" 1:40
Punky's Whips "FZ IN N.Y." 10:50
"Lather" 11:06
Baby Snakes 11:28
Purple Haze "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 2:27
Purple Lagoon "Lather" 16:20
, The
"FZ IN N.Y."
Put A Motor In Yourself "Civilization Phase III" 5:14
Pygmy Twylyte "Roxy And Elsewhere" 2:13
"Helsinki Concert" 8:22
Questi Cazzi Di Piccione "Yellow Shark" 3:03
Radio Is Broken, The "Man >From Utopia" 5:51
Rat Tomago "Sheik Yerbouty" 5:15 (comments - 11)
"Lost Episodes" 3:49
RDNZL "Helsinki Concert" 8:43
"Lather"(& comments)
"Studio Tan" 8:14
Reagan At Bitburg "Civilization Phase III 5:39
Redneck Eats "YCDTOSA 5" 7:59
"200 Motels" 3:03
Regyptian Strut "Lather" 4:36
"Lather" 4:42
"Sleep Dirt" 4:13
Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The Stage, The "Ahead Of Their Time" 2:55 (& comments)
Religions Superstition "Civilization Phase III" 0:43
Republicans "Guitar" 5:07
Return Of The Hunch-Back Duke "YCDTOSA 5" 1:44
Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet, The "Freak Out!" 12:16 (& comments)
Real FZ Book 78
Return of The Son of Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 8:30 (& comments)
Revenge Of The Knick Knack People "Lather" 2:25
Revised Music For Guitar and Low Budget Orchestra "Lather" (& comments)
"Sleep Dirt" 7:36
"Playground Psychotics"
Rhymin' Man "Broadway The Hard Way" 3:50
Ride My Face To Chicago "YCDTOSA 3" 4:22
Right There "YCDTOSA 5" 5:07
Ring Of Fire "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 2:01
Ritual Dance of the Child-Killer "Freak Out!"(& comments)
Road Ladies "Chunga's..." 4:10
Rollo "Saarbrucken"
Ronnie Sings? "Lost Episodes" 1:05
Room Service "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 1:00
Royal March From L'Historie Du Soldat" "Helsinki Concert" 6:22
Rubber Shirt "Sheik Yerbouty" 2:45
Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink "Chunga's..." 2:44
Run Home Slow & Theme "Lost Episodes" 1:25
Cues, #2
"Lost Episodes" 0:28
Cues, #3
"Lost Episodes" 0:11
Main Title Theme
"YCDTOSA 5" 1:17
Ruth Is Slipping "Yellow Shark" 5:56
Ruthie-Ruthie "YCDTOSA 1" 2:57
Sad Jane LSO" 9:49
Sam With The Showing Sclap Flat Top "Bongo Fury" 3:21
San Ber'dino "One Size..." 5:57; "Lost..." (only comments,#7(p.3)
Sanzini Brothers, The "Playground Psychotics" 1:33
Satumaa (Finnish Tango) "Helsinki Concert" 3:51
Say Please "Playground Psychotics" 0:57
Scum Bag "Playground Psychotics" 5:53
Scrutinizer Postlude "Joe's Garage"
Sealed Tuna Bolero, The "200 Motels" 1:40
Secular Humanism "Civilization Phase III" 2:41
Semi-Fraudulent/Direct-From-Hollywood Overture "200 Motels" 1:59
SEX "Man >From Utopia" 3:44
Sexual Harassment In The Workplace "Guitar" 3:42
Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? "YCDTOSA 5" 1:45
Sharleena "Chunga's..." 4:03
"Playground Psychotics" 4:23
"Lost Episodes" 11:54
"Them Or Us" 4:33
"YCDTOSA 3" 8:54
Sheik Yerbouty Tango, The "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:56
She Painted Up Her Face "200 Motels" 1:42; Real FZ Book: p.122
Ship Ahoy "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 5:20 (& comments)
Shove It Right In "200 Motels" 2:32
"YCDTOSA 6" 6:46
Real FZ Book 130-
Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 5:38 (& comments)
Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar Some More "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 6:53 (& comments)
Return of The Son of Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" (& comments)
Sinister Footwear II "Them Or Us" 8:39
2nd mvt.
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 6:19
Theme From The 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear
"You Are What You Is" 3:31
Variations On Sinister #3
"Guitar" 5:15
Sleep Dirt "Sleep Dirt" 3:21
Sleeping In A Jar "Ahead Of Their Time" 2:24
"Uncle Meat" 0:49
"Playground Psychotics" 1:30
Real FZ Book
Small Eternity With Yoko Ono "Playground Psychotics" 6:06
Smell My Beard "YCDTOSA 4" 4:30
Society Pages "You Are What You Is" 2:26
"YCDTOSA 3" 2:33
Sofa "FZ IN N.Y." 2:56
"One Size Fits All" 2:40
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 8:20
"YCDTOSA 1" 2:53
"One Size Fits All" 2:38
"YCDTOSA 1" 3:01
Soft-Sell Conclusion "Absolutely Free" 1:40
Son Of Mr. Green Genes "Hot Rats" 8:29
Son Of Orange County "Roxy And Elsewhere" 5:54
Son Of Suzy Creamcheese "Absolutely Free"1:34
"Freak Out"(only comments on last page)
Soup 'n Old Clothes "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 7:53 (& comments)
Spew King, The "Playground Psychotics" 0:24
Spider Of Destiny "Sleep Dirt" 2:34
"Lather" 2:40
St.Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast "Apostrophe" 1:50
YCDTOSA 1 (II) 14 (comments: YCDTOSA Vol. 3)
St.Etienne "Jazz >From Hell" 6:26
Stairway To Heaven "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 9:20
Star Wars Won't Work "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 3:33
Status Back Baby "Absolutely Free" 2:54
"Playground Psychotics" 2:49
Real FZ Book 167
Stevie's Spanking "Them Or Us" 5:23
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 4:26
"YCDTOSA 4" 10:51
Real FZ Book 214
Stick It Out "Joe's Garage" '(II) 11 & Visual..., Vol. 1&3
Stick Together "Man >From Utopia" 3:14
"YCDTOSA 4" 2:04
Stink Foot "Apostrophe" 6:37
"Helsinki Concert" 4:18
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 7:40
Stolen Moments "Broadway The Hard Way" 2:58
Strictly Genteel "YCDTOSA 6" 7:08
"Make A Jazz Noise Here" 5:37
"LSO" 6:56
"Orchestral..." 7:03
(The Finale)
"200 Motels" 11:09
Stucco Homes "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 9:08 (& comments)
Stuff Up The Cracks "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 4:37
Suicide Chump "You Are What You Is" 2:49
"YCDTOSA 1" 4:56
Sunrise Redeemer "Guitar" 3:58.
Sunshine Of Your Life "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 2:30
Super Grease "Playground Psychotics" 1:39
Swans? What Swans? "Guitar" 4:23
Sweet Leilani "YCDTOSA 1" 2:39
Switching Girls "Lumpy Gravy"
Sy Borg "Joe's Garage"
System Of Egges "Guitar" 5:32
Take Me Out To The Ball Game "YCDTOSA 4" 3:02
Take Your Clothes Off "Lumpy Gravy"
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance "Lost Episodes" 3:51
"We're Only In It For The Money" 1:34
"Lost Episodes" (only comments, N 7 ***)
"YCDTOSA 6" 3:47
Tears Began To Fall "Fillmore East" 2:45
Teen-Age Prostitute "Ship..." 2:40
Teen-Age Wind "You Are What You Is" 3:01
"YCDTOSA 4" 1:54
Telephone Conversation "We're Only In It For The Money" 0:45
Tell Me You Love Me "Chunga's ..." 2:33
"Tinseltown Rebellion" 2:07
"YCDTOSA 1" 2:09
Tengo Na Michia Tanta "Uncle Meat" 3:46
That Evil Prince "Thing Fish" 1:18
That's Not Really A Shuffle "Guitar" 4:23 
That's Not Really Reggae "Guitar" 3:16
That Ol' G Minor Thing Again "Guitar" 5:02
The Closer You Are "YCDTOSA 4" 2:05
"Them Or Us" 2:55
Them Or Us  "Them Or Us" 5:23
Theme >From "Bonanza" "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 0:29
Theme >From Burnt Weenie Sandwich "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 1:12
Theme >From Lumpy Gravy "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 0:43
Theme >From The Bartok Piano Concerto #3 "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 4:32
Theme >From The 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear "You Are What You Is" 3:31
'There's No Lust In Jazz" "Playground Psychotics" 0:55 
Things That See Like Meat "Guitar" 6:54
They Made Me Eat It "Civilization Phase III" 1:48
Thirteen "YCDTOSA 6" 6:09
This Is Neat" "Playground Psychotics" 0:23
This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich (Prologue) "200 Motels" 0:56
This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich (Reprise) "200 Motels" 0:59
Tiger Roach "Lost Episodes" 2:20
Time Is Money "Sleep Dirt" 2:49
"Lather" 3:04
Times Beach II "Yellow Shark" 7:31
"Yellow Shark" 4:26
Tink Walks Amok "Man >From Utopia" 3:39
Tinsel Town Rebellion "Tinseltown Rebellion" 4:35
"Does Humor Belong In Music" 4:43
Tiny Sick Tears "YCDTOSA 4" 4:30
Titties & Beer "FZ IN N.Y. 7:35
Baby Snakes"
"Lather" 5:23
T'Mershi Duween "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 1:42
"Helsinki Concert" 1:31
Toads of the Short Forest "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 4:48
Token Of My Extreme, A "Joe's Garage"
Tush Tush Tush
"Helsinki Concert" 2:48
Too Ugly For Show Business "Guitar" 4:20
Torture Never Stops, The "Zoot Allures" 9:45
"Thing Fish" 10:32
"YCDTOSA 1" 15:48
"FZ IN N.Y." 12:34
Original Version
"YCDTOSA 4" 9:15
Part One
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:20
Part Two
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 10:48
Touring Can Make You Crazy "200 Motels" 2:53
Tracy Is A Snob "YCDTOSA 6" 3:54
Transylvania Boogie "Ahead Of Their Time" 3:07
"Chunga's ..." 5:01
Treacherous Cretins "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" (& comments)
Trouble Every Day "Freak Out!" (& comments) 5:49
"Does Humor Belong In Music" 5:31 
"YCDTOSA 5" 4:07
More Trouble Every Day
"Roxy And Elsewhere" 6:01
Truck Driver Divorce "Them Or Us" 8:59
"YCDTOSA 4" 4:47
Trying' To Grow A Chin "Sheik Yerbouty" 3:31
"Lather" 3:26 (& comments)
"YCDTOSA 6" 3:33
"YCDTOSA 1" 3:44
Tuna Fish Promenade "200 Motels" 2:30
Tush Tush Tush - see Token Of My Extreme
Twenty Small Cigars "Chunga's ..." 2:17
Typical Sound Check, A "Playground Psychotics" 1:18
200 years Old "Bongo Fury" 4:32
Uncle Bernie's Farm "Absolutely Free" 2:10
Uncle Meat see "Black Page #1" "Helsinki Concert" 2:28 (comments: "Black Page #1")
"Yellow Shark" 3:24 (& comments)
Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part I "Uncle Meat" 37:34
Part II
"Uncle Meat" 3:50
Main Tittle Theme
"Uncle Meat" 1:54
Variations, The
"Uncle Meat" 4:40
Uncle Remus "Apostrophe" 2:44
Undaunted, The Band Plays On "Ahead Of Their Time" (& comments) 4:34
Underground Freak-Out Music "YCDTOSA 5" 3:52
Untouchables, The "Broadway The Hard Way" 2:26
Vallarie "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 3:14
Valley Girl "Ship..." 4:50
Variations On Sinister
Variations Of Sinister #3 "Guitar" 5:15
Variations on the Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 3:58 (& comments)
Venice Submerged "Playground Psychotics" 1:02
Version Of Himself, A
Very Distraughtening "Lumpy Gravy"
Vicious Circle, A "Lumpy Gravy"
Village Of The Sun "Roxy And Elsewhere" 4:17
"Helsinki Concert" 4:33
Real FZ Book 43-49
Voice Of Cheese, The "Uncle Meat" 0:27
Waffenspiel "Civilization Phase III" 4:05
Wait A Minute "Sheik Yerbouty" :33
Waka/Jawaka "Waka/Jawaka" 11:17
Watermelon In Easter Hay "Joe's Garage"
"Guitar" 4:02
Way I See It, Barry, The "Lumpy Gravy"
We Are Not Alone "Man >From Utopia" 3:18
Weasels Ripped My Flash "Weasels Ripped My Flash" 2:08
We Can Shoot You "Uncle Meat" 1:48
Wedding Dress Song "Lost Episodes" 1:14
Welcome To The United States "Yellow Shark" 6:39 (notes)
Well "Playground Psychotics" 4:43
We're Turning Again "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 4:55
"YCDTOSA 6" 4:57
Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio "Guitar" 2:19
What Ever Happened to All The Fun In The World "Sheik Yerbouty" :33
What Kind Of Girl? "Broadway The Hard Way" 3:16
What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? "Fillmore East" 4:32
What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning "200 Motels" 3:27
What's New In Baltimore? "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 5:26
"Does Humor Belong In Music" 4:47
What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body "We're Only In It For The Money" 1:03
"We're Only In It For The Money" 0:57
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 0:47
When Yuppies Go To Hell "Make A Jazz Noise Here" 14:36 
When No One Was No One "Guitar" 4:49
When The Lie's So Big "Broadway The Hard Way" 3:38
Where Is Johnny Velvet? "YCDTOSA 5" 0:52
Where's Our Equipment? "YCDTOSA 5" 2:29
Which One Is It? "Guitar" 3:04
While You Were Out "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 6:00 (& comments)
Whippin' Post "Them Or Us" 7:32
"Does Humor Belong In Music 8:23
Whipping Floss see Montana
While You Were Art II "Jazz >From Hell" 7:18
White Boy Troubles, The "Thing Fish" 3:22
White Person "YCDTOSA 6" 2:07
White Ugliness "Lumpy Gravy"
Who Are The Brain Police? "Freak Out!" (& comments) 3:33
Real FZ Book 76 (text)
Who Needs The Peace Corps? "We're Only In It For The Money" 2:35
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 2:41
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee "Joe's Garage"
"YCDTOSA 3" 3:06
Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? "Absolutely Free" 2:37
Why Don't You Like Me? "Broadway The Hard Way" 2:57
Why Johnny Can't Read "Shut Up'n'Play Yer Guitar" 4:15 (& comments)
Why Not? "Civilization Phase III" 2:19
"Wide Screen Erupts..., The" "200 Motels" 0:57
Wild Love "Sheik Yerbouty" 4:09
Willie The Pimp "Hot Rats" 9:16
Fillmore East" 4:03
"YCDTOSA 4" 2:07
Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station "Zoot Allures" 2:29
"YCDTOSA 6" 2:32
Winos Do Not March  "Guitar" 3:14
Wistful Wit A First-Full "Thing Fish" 4:01
Won Ton On "Thing Fish" 4:19
No Not Now
"Thing Fish" 5:50
Wonderful Wino "Zoot Allures" 3:38
"Lost Episodes" 2:47
"Playground Psychotics" 4:52
Worst Reviews "Playground Psychotics" 0:20
Would You Go All The Way "Chunga's..." 2:29
Real FZ Book 121, 130-1
Would You Like A Snack "200 Motels" (& comments) 1:23
Wowie Zowie "Freak Out!" (& comments) 2:51
WPLJ "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" 2:52
"Does Humor Belong In Music 1:30
Ya Honza "Them Or Us" 6:26
Yo Cats "FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention" 3:33
Yo' Mama "Sheik Yerbouty" 12:36
comments - "Sheik..."(10)
You Are What You Is "You Are What You Is" 4:23
"Thing Fish" 4:31
You Call That Music? "YCDTOSA 4" 4:07
You Didn't Try To Call Me "Freak Out!" (& comments) 3:16
"Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" 3:53
"YCDTOSA 1" 3:39
You Got Your Armies "Playground Psychotics" 0:10
You There, With The Hard On!" "Playground Psychotics" 0:24
Your Mouth "Waka/Jawaka" 3:12
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here "Freak Out!" 3:38
Real FZ Book 77 (text)
Xmas Values "Civilization Phase III" 5:31
Zanti Serenade "Playground Psychotics" 2:40
Zolar Czakl "Uncle Meat" 0:57
Zomby Woof "Overnite Sensation" 5:10
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:42
"YCDTOSA 1" 5:39
Zoot Allures "Zoot Allures" 4:12
"Does Humor Belong In Music" 5:26
"YCDTOSA 3" 6:09
"The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" 5:33
200 Motels Finale "YCDTOSA 6" 3:43
200 Years Old "Bongo Fury" 4:32
50/50 "Overnite Sensation" 6:10
III Revised "Yellow Shark" 1:45

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