Heretic Codes

Note:  Type HERETIC -RAVPIC at startup to use F1 for screen shots.

RAVMAP              Map (Must be in map mode)
PONCE               Full Health
IDDQD               Kill yourself
IDKFA               No weapons
QUICKEN             God mode
MASSACRE            Kills everything on level
SKEL                Keys
RAMBO               Full health, weapons, and armor
ENGAGE (x y)        Warp (x-episode, y-level) 
COCKADOODLEDOO      Turns you into a chicken
KITTY               Walk through walls
SHAZAM              Power on
GIMME (x y)         Free items (x-item, y-amount)
          A         Ring of invulnerability
          B         Shadow sphere
          C         Quartz Flask
          D         Mystic Urn (Full Version)
          E         Tome of power
          F         Torch
          G         Time bomb of the ancients
          H         Morph Ovum
          I         Wings of Wrath
          J         Chaos Device (Full Version)

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