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 From: Андрей Кучик (kuchik@emts.ru)

В середине 80-х "CT" считались Alternative, наряду с такими уважаемыми
командами, как Dead Can Dance, Sioxie & The Banshees, etc...
В 1995 году они выпустили потрясающую, in my opinion, пластинку.
Их Sound просто Magical! Безусловно, они имеют собственное музыкальное
и поэтическое пространство, путь в которое не обременен борьбой за места
в хит-парадах и активными рекламными кампаниями.

side 1

 1. Blood Bitch
 2. Wax And Wane
 3. But I'm Not
 4. Blind Dumb Deaf

 side 2

 5. Shallow Then Hallo
 6. The Hollow Man
 7. Garlands
 8. Grail Overfloweth

         Voice : Elizabeth
         Bass  : Will
         Guitar: Robin

1982  4AD
                 C O C T E A U   T W I N S

 1. When Mama Was Moth
 2. Five Ten Fiftyfold
 3. Sugar Hiccup
 4. In Our Angelhood
 5. Glass Candle Grenades
 6. In The Gold Dust Rush
 7. The Tinderbox ( Of A Heart )
 8. Multifolied
 9. My Love Paramour
10. Musette And Drums

     Sumburst And Snowblind

11. Sugar Hiccup
12. From The Flagstones
13. Hitherto
14. Because Of Whirl - Jack

    Produced by The Cocteau Twins and John Fryer
    Engineered by Jon Turner

  Cocteau Twins :  Elizabeth Frazer
                   Robin Guthrie

1983   4AD

1. Pink Orange Red
2. Ribbed And Veined
3. Plain Tiger
4. Sultitan Itan

     Echoes In A Swallow Bay    (p)1985

5. Great Spangled Fritillary
6. Melonella
7. Pale Clouded White
8. Eggs And Their Shells

     Written and Produced by Cocteau Twins

1985   4AD

side 1

 1. Blue Bell Knoll
 2. Athol - brose
 3. Carolyn's Fingers
 4. For Phoebe Still a Baby
 5. The Itchy glowbo blow

side 2

 6. Cico Buff
 7. Sucking The Mender
 8. Spooning Good Singing Gum
 9. A Kissed Out Red Float Boat
10. Ella Megalast Burts Forever

    Written and produced by Cocteau Twins

1988 CapitolHere, by popular demand, is a complete discography of the Cocteau
Twins' releases, not counting bootlegs. Everything here is available from
4AD Records (London). Only "The Pink Opaque" and the last two albums have
been released in the US, but any competent US record store should carry
most of the stuff listed here.
  If anyone can add to this list, please let me know!

Some of the scariest music I've ever heard (along with Cindytalk.) High
droning bass (a la Joy Division) carries the melody, with this astounding
distorted, demolished guitar wrapping barbed wire around it, over the
tippy-tappy beat of a cheap drum machine. And Liz Fraser is having some
terrifying and/or ecstatic experience and is quite unable to express what
it is.
  The cassette and CD contain four extra tracks recorded for the BBC's
John Peel show. Two aren't available elsewhere, and the omer two ("Blind
Dumb Deaf" and "Hazel") are in different versions here. Gordon Sharp of
Cindytalk does some backing vocals. The CD also has two demo tracks that
aren't really very good except as curiosities.

Four tracks, similar in style to Garlands but already less scary. They're
all very good, especially the long "All But An Ark Lark". As far as I know
this is not available domestically or on any CD.

PEPPERMINT PIG: ('83 single)
"Peppermint Pig", "Laugh Lines" and "Hazel". A different version of the
last one is on the "Garlands" CD. Good stuff. "Peppermint Pig" is actually
quite danceable.

Their best album, in my humble opinion. It's just Liz Fraser and Robin
Guthrie, earlier bassist Will Heggie having left and Simon Raymonde yet to
arrive. It's really an indescribable album. Its sound remains unique and
unduplicated, a perfect fusion of darkness and beauty, ecstasy and fear.
Some of the songs (especially "My Love Paramour") evoke huge echoing
spaces ... it's obvious why Liz Fraser doesn't use comprehensible lyrics:
there aren't any that could match the feel of the music and the sound of
her voice. Any Cocteau Twins fan must own this album.
The CD includes the "Sunburst and Snowblind" EP which was released at the
same time as the LP. "Sugar Hiccup" is duplicated, in a very slightly
different mix, and the other three songs are unique.

"PEARLY-DEWDROPS' DROPS": ('84 single)
"Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops", "Pepper-Tree" and "The Spangle Maker". Available
in its entirety on the "Pink Opaque" LP. "P-DD" itself is mixed
differently on the 12". A transition to a new sound, with the addition of
bassist Simon Raymonde. "The Spangle Maker" especially is one of the best
songs they've ever done, building to a really amazing climax.

I'm still not too thrilled with this one, although it's many people's
favorite. It has some terrific songs ("Ivo", "Lorelei") but too much
window-dressing that sits around and doesn't go anywhere. And generally
boring one-word song titles. It also overuses that now ubiquitous DX7 bell
sound, although it's only fair to say that it was one of the first albums
to overuse it.
I have a free 7" given away by NME that has an alternate mix of "Ivo".
It's interestingly different.

This compilation was the first of their music to be released in the US,
and the first available on CD. A good sampling of their work up through
"Treasure", including several tracks otherwise available only on 12"
singles, and "Millimillenary" which was apparently from another free NME
7". "Wax and Wane", the only "Garlands" track, has been remixed with a
heavier drum box. I think I prefer the original.

These two were released a few weeks apart, making up basically a full
album. (They said they wanted to release the material without less fanfare
than would be entailed in releasing an album.) The CD contains both on one
disc, thank god. Much closer to their current sound, and more coherent
than much of "Treasure". And Vaughn Oliver really outdid himself on the
record jackets!

They ditch the drum box for this project and record an album of music that
floats ethereally along, suspended by some kind of aching melancholy.
[Someone call the metaphor police!] Others may disagree, but I find the
music very sad and fragile. I try not to move for fear that I might break
it somehow.

"LOVE'S EASY TEARS": ('86 single)
"Love's Easy Tears", "Those Eyes, That Mouth" and "Sigh's Smell of
Farewell". Along the lines of "Tiny Dynamine". Good but not
groundbreaking. The US edition has an extra track, "Orange Appled", that I
haven't heard. None of these are available on any CD.

"Crushed": (track on '87 4AD compilation "LONELY IS AN EYESORE")
A pretty weak song despite some interesting glissandos. But it's a good
album, a sampler of 4AD bands as of 1987, worth owning just for Throwing
Muses' "Fish" and Dead Can Dance's "Frontier".

This one grew on me a lot. It's my girlfriend's favorite of all, and I'd
put it in the top five. Closer to pop music in some ways, although still
indecipherable. A lot of the songs lull you into a false sense of
complacency, and then suddenly spin around in unexpected ways.

"The High Monkey-Monk" (song on '90 "Gigantic! 2" compilation LP)
This one dates from circa Blue Bell Knoll. A decent song on a decent
compilation of bands the people at Melody Maker like. The album was
available by mail order only; some especially cool US record stores
ordered copies, but it's probably pretty hard to find by now.

"ICEBLINK LUCK": ('90 single)
Preceded the LP by a month or so. Contains bonus tracks "Watchlar" and
"Mizake the Mizian".

A confident move forward in some slightly different directions. Liz is
letting a bit more intelligibility creep into her singing, more than in
anything since "Garlands". I gather that most of the songs are about or
for her baby. The overall sound is increasingly exuberant, and slightly
harder-edged than "Blue Bell Knoll".


Besides all this stuff there is the first This Mortal Coil LP, "It'll End
In Tears", on which all three 'Twins perform on one track or another,
including Liz singing Tim Buckley's "Song To the Siren".
Simon also plays on the second and latest TMC LP, "Filigree and Shadow",
which I thought was weaker overall. But the versions of Van Morrison's
"Come Here My Love" and Talking Heads' "Drugs" (both released on a limited
edition 10" single) are both excellent.
(TMC is an occasional pet project of head 4AD guy Ivo Watts-Russel,
featuring whatever musicians, mostly 4AD people, are interested in
playing. Lots of covers of obscure oldies, and sorta ambient generic-4AD

Liz also sings one song each on Dif Juz's "Extractions" LP and Felt's
"Ignite the Seven Cannons" LP, both of which were produced by Robin
Guthrie. Robin has produced many other groups' albums, adding some amount
of the Cocteau Twins sound to each.

4AD also put out a collection of posters in 1986, including the covers to
several Cocteau Twins albums. They're very nicely done. I don't know if
it's still possible to find this package anywhere...

--Jens Peter Alfke
  Apple Computer

I am posting the following for a friend who is without net.access.  If you
wish to comment on it, make corrections, etc. please send E-mail to this
account and keep "Cocteau Twins" in the subject line.  Enjoy!
P.S.   He would also like any additional information about the group that
       anyone might have.  The liner notes are not very informative.

BOXED SET BONUS CD   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15772   1991   11:50
Dials (previously unreleased) 2:39
Crushed (from 4AD comp. "Lonely is an Eyesore" CAD 703) 3:18
The High Monkey-Monk (from Melody Maker comp "Gigantic II") 3:07
Oomingmak (previously unreleased instrumental from "Victorialand") 2:43

HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS   CAPITOL   CDP 7 93669 2   1990   37:44
Cherry-Coloured Funk  3:12
Pitch the Baby  3:17
Iceblink Luck  3:18
Fifty-Fifty Clown  3:16
Heaven Or Las Vegas  4:57
I Wear Your Ring  3:40
Fotezpolitic  3:31
Wolf In The Breast  3:32
Road, River And Rail  3:22
Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires  5:37

ICEBLINK LUCK   CAPITOL   C2 15626   1990   9:43
Iceblink Luck  3:19
Mizake The Mizan (previously unreleased) 3:03
Watchlar (previously unreleased) 3:19

(From Boxed Set)
Same track listing as above

BLUE BELL KNOLL   CAPITOL   CDP 7 90892 2   1988   35:19
Blue Bell Knoll  3:25
Athol-Brose  2:59
Carolyn's Fingers  3:08
For Phoebe Still A Baby  3:16
The Itchy Glowbo Blow  3:21
Cico Buff  3:49
Suckling The Mender  3:36
Spooning Good Singing Gum  3:52
A Kissed Out Red Floatboat  4:10
Ella Megalast Burls Forever  3:39

THE MOON AND THE MELODIES   4AD/RELATIVITY   88561-8143-2   1986   37:26
(Harold Budd - Simon Raymonde - Robin Guthrie - Elizabeth Fraser)
Sea, Swallow Me  3:09
Memory Gongs  7:27
Why Do You Love Me?  4:52
Eyes Are Mosaics  4:10
She Will Destroy You  4:18
The Ghost Has No Home  7:36
Bloody And Blunt  2:13
Ooze Out And Away, Onehow  3:39

VICTORIALAND   4AD/CAPITOL   CDP 7 96417 2   1986   32:47
Lazy Calm  6:34
Fluffy Tufts  3:05
Throughout The Dark Months Of April And May  3:04
Whales Tails  3:19
Oomingmak  2:43
Little Spacey  3:26
Feet-Like Fins  3:26
How To Bring A Blush To The Snow  3:51
The Thinner The Air  3:15

Same track listing as above

LOVE'S EASY TEARS   4AD/RELATIVITY   88561-8141-2   1986   13:46
Love's Easy Tears  3:38
Orange Appled  2:52
Sigh's Smell Of Farewell  3:36
Those Eyes, That Mouth  3:38

LOVE'S EASY TEARS   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15774   1986
(From Boxed Set)
Same track listing as above

The Spangle Maker (from "The Spangle Maker") 4:40
Millimillenary (from NME comp.) 3:40
Wax And Wane (remix from "Garlands") 3:52
Hitherto (from "Sunburst And Snowblind") 3:52
Pearly-Dewdrops Drops (from "The Spangle Maker") 4:10
>From The Flagstones (from "Sunburst And Snowblind") 3:41
Aikea-Guinea (from "Aikea-Guinea") 3:56
Lorelei (from "Treasure") 3:43
Pepper-Tree (from "The Spangle Maker") 3:57
Musette And Drums (from "Head Over Heels") 4:37

ECHOES IN A SHALLOW BAY   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15770   1985   16:14
(From Boxed Set)
Great Spangled Fritillary  4:02
Melonella  4:02
Pale Clouded White  5:00
Eggs And Their Shells  3:08

TINY DYNAMINE   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15769   1985   16:30
(From Boxed Set)
Pink Orange Red  4:40
Ribbed And Veined  3:57
Plain Tiger  4:02
Sultitan Itan  3:49

Pink Orange Red  4:40
Ribbed And Veined  3:59
Plain Tiger  4:01
Sultitan Itan  3:53

Great Spangled Fritillary  4:02
Melonella  4:06
Pale Clouded White  4:59
Eggs And Their Shells  3:06

AIKEA-GUINEA   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15771   1985   14:35
(From Boxed Set)
Aikea-Guinea  3:56
Kookaburra  3:19
Quisquose  4:11
Rococo  3:07

TREASURE   4AD/CAPITOL   CDP 7 96418 2   1984   41:34
Ivo  3:53
Lorelei  3:41
Beatrix  3:11
Persephone  4:24
Pandora (for Cindy) 5:32
Amelia  3:30
Aloysius  3:26
Cicely  3:27
Otterly  4:15
Donimo  6:12

THE SPANGLE MAKER   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15773   1984   18:05
(From Boxed Set)
The Spangle Maker  4:41
Pearly-Dewdrops Drops (12" version) 5:13
Pepper-Tree  3:57
Pearly-Dewdrops Drops (7" version) 4:11

When Mama Was Moth  3:06
Five Ten Fiftyfold  5:01
Sugar Hiccup  3:40
In Our Angelhood  3:00
Glass Candle Grenades  2:45
In The Gold Dust Rush  3:40
The Tinderbox (Of A Heart)  4:57
Multifoiled  2:37
My Love Paramour  3:40
Musette And Drums  4:38

Sugar Hiccup  3:41
>From The Flagstones  3:39
Hitherto  3:57
Because Of Whirl-Jack  3:28

(Capitol US release does not contain "Sunburst And Snowblind")

SUNBURST AND SNOWBLIND   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15768   1983   14:41
(From Boxed Set)
Sugar Hiccup  3:39
>From The Flagstones  3:38
Hitherto  3:54
Because Of Whirl-Jack 3:28

PEPPERMINT PIG   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15767   1983   14:35
(From Boxed Set)
Peppermint Pig (7" version) 3:23
Laugh Lines  3:19
Hazel  2:49
Peppermint Pig (12" version) 5:02

LULLABIES   4AD/CAPITOL   C2-15766   1982   16:18
(From Boxed Set)
Feathers-Oar-Blades  4:31
Alas Dies Laughing  3:40
It's All But An Ark Lark  8:05

GARLANDS   4AD   CAD 211 CD   1982   57:37
Blood Bitch  4:35
Wax And Wane  4:03
But I'm Not  2:43
Blind Dumb Deaf  3:56
Shallow Then Halo  5:16
The Hollow Men  5:02
Garlands  4:29
Grail Overfloweth  5:25

Dear Heart (Live - 1983 John Peel Session) 3:39
Hearsay Please (" ") 3:26
Hazel (" ") 4:25
Blind Dumb Deaf (" ") 3:44

Speak No Evil  3:55
Perhaps Some Other Aeon  2:57

(Capitol US release does not contain the last 6 tracks.
The extra tracks are not on the Boxed Set.)

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