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  • htm(  7k)       Головной индекс Leonard Cohen
  • огл( 29k)       Discography
  • огл( 17k)       Biografy
  • htm( 22k)       Alt.Music.Leonard-Cohen FAQ
  • огл( 13k)       News posting LC

  • htm(  3k)       ALBUMS COVERS


  • огл( 15k)       Songs of Leonard Cohen 1968
  • огл( 10k)       Songs from a Room Apr 1969
  • огл( 12k)       Songs of Love and Hate 1970
  • огл( 15k)       Live songs Apr 1973
  • огл( 11k)       New Skin for the old ceremony Apr 1974
  • огл(  0k)       Best of Leonard Cohen (GH) 1975
  • огл(  9k)       Death of Ladie's man Nov 1977
  • огл( 12k)       Recent Songs Sep 1979
  • огл( 10k)       Various Positions Feb 1984
  • огл( 12k)       I'm Your Man Feb 1988
  • огл( 14k)       The Future Nov 1992
  • htm(  0k)       Cohen Live Jun 1994


  • огл(140k)       Songs of Leonard Cohen in one file
  • htm( 70k)       Songs writed by Leonard Cohen
  • огл( 30k)       The best songs of Leonad Cohen IMHO
  • огл(  9k)       Collected songs cassete


  • crd(  3k)       The Future +++
  • crd(  2k)       I'm your man +++
  • crd(  2k)       Dance me to the end of love ++.
  • tab( 17k)       Who by fire ++-
  • tab(  3k)       The partisan ++-
  • crd(  3k)       Famous blue raincoat ++-
  • (  0k)       Everybody knows ++-
  • crd(  3k)       Suzanne +


  • огл(  1k)       В переводах на русский


  • www(  1 )       Cohen page of Jarkko Arjatsalo (Finland)
  • htm(  3k)       And some other Cohen links here
    3.5. Why don't you try + 3.7. A singer must die + 3.11.Leaving green sleeves + 5.9. Tacoma Trailer +
    a_bunch_of_lonesome_heros.crd anthem.crd bird_on_a_wire.crd chelsea_hotel2.crd closing_time.crd coming_back_to_you.crd first_we_take_manhattan.crd hallelujah.crd hey_thats_no_way.crd if_it_be_your_will.crd lady_midnight.crd last_years_man.crd night_comes_on.crd no_way_to_say_goodbye.crd one_of_us_cannot_be_wrong.crd passing_through.crd stories_of_the_street.crd tennessee_waltz.crd
    the_old_revolution.crd tonight_will_be_fine.crd tower_of_song.crd winter_lady.crd you_know_who_i_am.crd


  • jpg( 19k)       covergreatest2.jpg
  • jpg( 15k)       lcimyourman.jpg
  • jpg( 15k)       lclovehate.jpg
  • jpg( 11k)       lcvariousp.jpg
  • jpg( 20k)       lcnewskin.jpg
  • jpg( 18k)       livesongs.jpg
  • jpg( 14k)       lcsongsof.jpg
  • jpg( 13k)       lcrecent.jpg
  • jpg( 14k)       lcfuture.jpg
  • jpg( 17k)       lcdeath.jpg
  • jpg( 10k)       lcroom.jpg

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