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; Music from movie "The valley"



Bridges burning gladly, melting wish the shadow
flickering between the lines
stoles morsons floating softly on the air
gone on wings of fire and climbing higher

Ancient bulds are breaking, leaving all and changing sides
dreaming of a new day, cast aside the other way
magic vision, staring, kindled by the burning flames
lies in her eyes

The door stands ajar
it was, it once washigh beyond the guilted cage
beyond the reach of time, the moment is at hand
she breaks the golden band

Come on, my friends, let's make for the hills
they say there's gold and I'm looking for thrills
you can get your hands on whatever me find
'cause I've only come along for the ride

Well you go your way and I'll go mine
I don't care if we get there on time
averybody's searching for something, they say
I'll get my kicks on the way

Over the mountains, across the sea
who knows what may be waiting for me
I could sail forever to strange sounding names
faces of people and places don't change

All a have to do is just close my eyes
to see the seagulls wheeling in the far distant skies
all I wanna tell you, all I wanna say
is count me in on the joureny, don't expect me to stay

Heaven sent the promised land
looks alright from where I stand
'cause I'm the man on the outside looking in
waiting on the first step
show me where the key kept
point me down the right line 'cause it's time

To let me in from the cold, turn my lead into gold
'cause there's a chill wild blowing in my soul
and I think I'm growing old

Flash ... the red is ... wot's ... uh deal
got to make it to next meal
try to keep up with the turning of the wheel
mile after mile, stone after stone
you turn to speak but you're your own

Fly kite by candle light
with her by my side
with she prefers we never stirr again
someone sent the promised land
well I grabbed it with both hands
now I'm the man on the inside looking out

Hear me shout, come on in
what's the news, where you've been
'cause there's no wind left in my soul and I've grovn old


You shout in your sleep
that's the price, it's just too sleep
is you consciense at rest
it was put to the test
you awake with a start
just the beating of your heart
just one man beneath the sky
just two ears, just two eyes

You said, sail across the sea
long past thought and memories
childhood's end: your fantasies
merging harsh realities
and then as the sail is hoist
you'll find four eyes are growing moist
and all the fears never voiced
say you have to make the final choice

Who are you and who am I
to say know the reason why
some are born, some men die
beneath one infinite sky
there'll be war and there'll be peace
but anything one day will cease
all the iron turn to rust
all the proud men turn to dust
so  all things time will mend
so this sond will end

One two three four

The memories of a men in his old age
are the deeds ofa man in his prime
you shiffle in the gloom of the sick room
and talk to yourself as you die

Life is a short warm moment
and death is a long cold rest
you get your chance to try in the twinkling of an eye
eighty years with luck or even less

So all aboard for the American tour
and maybe you'll make it to the top
but mind how you go, and I can tell you 'cause I know
you may find it hard to get off

But you are the angel of death
and I am the dead man's son
he was buried like a mole in a fox-hole
and everyone's still on the run

And who is the master of foxhounds
and who says the hunt is begin
and who calls the tune in the court-room
and who beats the funeral drum


Stay and help me to end the day
and if you don't mind, we'll break a bottle of wine
stick around and maybe we'll get one down
'cause I want to find what lies behind those eyes

Midnight blue, burning gold
a yellow moon is growing cold
I rise, looking through my morning eyes
surprised to find you by my side
light my brain, don't try to remember your name
to find the words to tell you good-bye

morning dews, newborn day
mignight blue turned to grey
mignight blue burning gold
a yellow moon is growing cold


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