Pink Floyd.  Meddle. (p)1970

    One of these days

One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces

    A pillow of wings

The cloud of eiderdown draws around me softening the sound Sleepy time when I lie with my love by my side And she's breathing low, and the candle dies When night comes down you lock the door The book falls to the floor As darkness falls and waves roll by The seasons changed, the wind is warm Now wakes the owl, now sleeps the swan Behold the dream, the dream is gone Green fields, a cold rain Is fallen in a golden glow And deep beneath the ground the early morning sounds And I go down Sleepy time when I lie with my love by my side And she's breathing low and I rise like a bird In the haze when the first rays touch the sky And the nights winds die And she's breathing low, and the candle dies


You say hill's too steep to climb,try it you say you'd like to see me try,slimb it you pick the place and I'll choose the time and I'll climb the hill in my own way just wait a while for the right day and as I rise above the tree-line and the clouds I look down, hearing the sounds of the things you've said today Ferlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smiling mercyless the magisrate turns round, frowing an dwho's the fool who wears the crown go down in your oun way and every day is the right day and as you rise above the fear-lines in his crown you look down, hearing the sound of the faces in the crowd You never walk anone, you never walk anone walk on, walk on with hope in your heart You never walk anone, you never walk anone

    San tropes

As I reach for a peach, slide a ride down behind a chauffer in San Tropez breaking a stick with a brick on the sand riding a wave in the wake of an old sedan sleeping alone in the drone of the darkness scratched by the sand that feel from my love keeping my dreams and I still hear her calling if you're alone, I'll come home Backward and homebound, a pigeon, a done gone with the wind, the rain on an airplane owning a home mith no silver spoon I'm drinking champangne like a good tycoon sooner than wait for a break in the weather I'll gather my far-fling thoughts together speeding away on the wild to a new day if you're alone, I'll come home And I pause for a while by a country style and listen to the things they say digging the gold in a hole in my hand hoping the good, take a look at the way things end and you're leading me down to a place by the sea I hear your soft voice calling to me making a date for Rita Pavone


I was in the kitchen Seamus, that's the dog, was outside well I was in the kitchen Seamus, my own hound, was outside well you known the sun was sinking slowly and my own hould -dog sat right and cried


Overhead the albatross hands motinless upon the air and deep beenath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves the echo of a distant time comes billowing across the sand and everything is green, the sun beneath and no one showed us to the land and no one known the where's or the why's but something stares and something tries and starts to climb towards the land Strangers passing in the street by chance to separate closes meet and I am you and what I see is me and do I take you by the hand and lead you through the land and help me undestand the best I can and no one calls up to the dawn and no one forces down our eyes and no one speaks and no one sun no one flies around the sun Cloudless everyday you fall upon my waking eyes inviting and insighting to rise and through the window in the wall come streaming in on sinlight wings a million bright ambassadors of morning and no oen sings me lullabines and no one makes me close my eyes so I throw the windows wide and crawl to you across the sky

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