All songs written by MARC BOLAN
MARC BOLAN: vocals and guitars
MICKEY FINN: hand percussion, congas and vocals


Metal Guru is it you
Metal Guru is it you
Sitting there in your armour plated chair

Metal Guru is it true
Metal Guru is it true
All alone without a telephone

Metal Guru could it be
You're gonna bring my baby to me
She'll be wild you know
A rock and roll child

Metal Guru has it been
Just like a silver-stadded sabre-tooth dream
I'll be clean you know pollution machine

Metal Guru is it you
Metal Guru is it you


Oh baby Mystic Lady
You do own my might
Put my dogs to fright
Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea

Riding sliding sorceress
In your dungarees
Got me on my knees

The people in your life are cruel
Keep on riding that hard road
The lovers in your life are few
Keep on riding that hard road

Pleasant crescent moon
Fills my heart with pain
Fills my toes with rain

Oh Bobby you're a hobby
With the learned ones
Like a setting sun


I've been down there,
Everybody's been there
Everyone everyone

Desolation angel
On the cover of my paper
Loves everyone everyone

Rock on, rock on, yea yea yea

Mild mouthed Rita
She's a Cherry Chase Cheetah
Loves everyone everyone

Teddy's going steady
He's a silver-plated poet
Loves everyone loves everyone

Prophet pumped the car - scar
Deeper and sweeter
Loves everyone


I could never understand the wind at all
  was like a ball of love
I could never never see the cosmic sea
  was like a bumblebee

And when I'm sad I slide

I have never never kissed a car before
  it's like a door
I have always always grown my own before
  All schools sre strange

And when I'm sad I slide

I have never never nailed a nose before
  That's how the garden grows
I could never understand the wind at all
  was like a bull of love

And when I'm sad I slide
Watch me now,
I'm gonna slide


Slim lined sheer faced
Angel of the night
Riding like a cowboy
In the graveyard of the night
New York witch in the dungeon of the day
I'm trying to write my novel
But all you do is play

Baby Boomerang, Baby Boomerang
You never spike a person
But you always bang the whole gang

Mince pie dog-eye
Eagle on the wing
I'm searching through this garbage
Looking for a friend
Your uncle with an alligator
Chained to his leg
Dangles you your freedom
Then he offers you his bed

It seems to me to dream
Is something too wild
In Max's Kansas City
You're a belladonna child
Hiding on the highways
On the gateways to the south
You're talking with your boots
And you're walking with your mouth

Thank you ma'am


I'm just a man I understand the wind
And all the things that make the children cry
With my Les Paul I know I'm small
But I enjoy living anyway

Book after book I get looked
Everytime the writer talks to me like a friend
What can I do we just live in a zoo
All I do is play the spaceball ricochet

Deep in my heart there's a house
That can hold almost all of you
I brought a car it was old but kind
I gave it my mind and it disappeared

I love a girl she's a changeless angel
She's a city it's a pity that I'm like me
I said how can I lay when all I do is play
The spaceball ricochet,
Oh baby, the spaceball ricochet,
Oh mama, the spaceball ricochet


Buick, Buick, Buick Mackane will you
Buick Mackane will you be my girl

Rainy Lady, Queen of the Rock, will you help me roll
Help me roll, to my soul

Slider, slider, you're just a sexual glider
You're just a sexual glider
Be my plane in the rain


Telegram Sam, Telegram Sam,
You're my main man

Golden Nose Slim, Golden Nose Slim,
I know where you've been
Purple Pie Pete, Purple Pie Pete
Your lips are like lightning,
Girls meet in the heat

Bobby's alright, Bobby's alright,
He's a natural born poet,
He's just outta sight
Jungle faced Jake, Jungle faced Jake
I say make no mistake
About Jungle faced Jake

Automatic shoes, automatic shoes
Give me 3D vision and the California blues
Me I funk but I don't care
I ain't no square with my cockscrew hair

Telegram Sam, I'm a howlin" wolf


Shady politician in my bed
Tying bolts of lightning to his head
Call me Rabbit Fighter, you know it's true
'cos babe I'll Rabbit fight all over you

Tramp king of the city he's my friend
Moondog's just a prophet to the end
Call me Rabbit Fighter, you know it's true
'cos babe I'll Rabbit fight all over you

I saw a dude unscrewed and badly burned
Laughing "cos he'd gotten what he'd earned
Call me Rabbit Fighter, you know it's true
'cos babe I'll Rabbit fight all over you

Call me Rabbit Fighter, call me Rabbit Fighter
Jo jo don't you know


I see you walking, I see you talking
with all my friends
I'm shadowed under you're like some thunder
I wanna be your friend

I wanna call you, I wanna ball you all night long
In winds of passion my whip is lashing
I wanna get you and then

Oooh you're strange,
Don't lame me babe strange
Don't lame me babe

The city's shaking, I ain't faking
Baby this is the end
I'm overloaded, my head exploded
I wanna get you and then


You gonna look fine be primed for dancing
You're gonna trip and glide all on the trembling plane
Your diamond hands will be stacked with roses
And wind and cars and people of the past

I'll call you thing just when the moon sings
And place your face in stone upon the hill of stars
And gripped in the arms of the changeless madman
We'll dance our lives away in the Ballrooms of Mars

You talk about day, I'm talkin" "bout nighttime
When monsters call out the names of men
Bob Dylan knows and I bet Alan Freed did
There are things in night that are better not to behold

You dance with your lizard leather boots on
And pull the strings that change the faces of men
You're diamond browed hag, you're a gutter-gaunt gangster
John Lennon knows your name and I've seen him


Girl, you are a groove
You're like the planets when you move
See the winter's coming in a two finned caddy
Gonna walk upon the waters
Go ooo yea

Girl you gotta cook
You got the chariot by the hook
I'm riding in the rain got my Blue Suede Shoes
Gonna give up all my pain
And go ooo yea

Baby you know who you are
Baby you know who you are
Don't you know who you are

Standing on your porch
You wear your pleasure like a torch
Hiding in the road like a Pasolini toad
Gonna give up all my load
And go ooo yea


Are you my Main Man,
Are you now, are you now
Are you my Main Man,
Are you now, are you now,
Are you now

Are you a God man,
Are you now, are you now
Are you a frog man
Are you now, are you now
Are you now

Heaven is hot babe
Everso, everso
Heaven is hot babe
Watch it glow, watch it glow,
Watch it glow

Bolan likes to rock now
Yes he does yes he does
Bolan likes to rock now
Yes he does yes he does
Yes he does

Is there a sane man
Anywhere anywhere
Got giraffes in my hair
And I don't care, I don't care,
I don't care

As a child I laughed a lot,
O yes I did O yes I did
Now it seems I cry a lot
O tell me true don't you

Are you my Main Man
Are you now are you now
Are you my Main Man
Are you now are you now
Are you now
        T'Rex. Mark Bolan

The slider.              1972
Dandy in the underworld. 1977

Produced by MARC BOLAN
Dedicated to ROLAN, FELIX, PARKER & BEAU - children of the
MARC BOLAN: guitar & vocals + maracas & tambourine (10), bass & percussion (11)
HERBIE FLOWERS: bass(1, 2, 7-10, 12)
TONY NEWMAN: drums (1, 2, 7-12)
DINO DINES: keyboards (1-3, 5, 7-12), synthesiser (1, 6-8)
STEVE HARLEY: vocals (1)
ALFALPHA: additional vocals (2, 9)
STEVE CURRIE: bass(3, 5, 6)
DAVEY LUTTON: drums(3, 5, 6)
CHRIS MERCER: tenor sax (3, 7, 12)
GLORIA JONES: additional vocals (3, 4)
COLIN JACAS: additional vocals (3)
J. LONG: violin(4)
PAUL FENTON: drums(6)
BUD BEADLE: baritone sax (7, 12), flute(12)

(A Bolonic revision of Orpheus Descending)

Prince of Players, Pawn of none,
Born with steel reins in the heart of the Sun
Gipsy explorer of the New Jersey Heights,
Exalted companion of cocaine nights

Cos he's a Dandy in the Underworld, Dandy in the Underworld,
When he will come up for air, will anybody care

At an old eighteen exiled he was
To the deserted kingdoms of a mythical Oz
Distraction he wanted, to destruction he fell,
Now he forever stalks the ancient mansions of Hell

Now his lovers have left him and his youth's ill spent,
He cries in the dungeons and tries to repent
But change is a monster and changing is hard
So he'll freeze away his summers in his Underground yard

(The beat of bondage stalks on)

Hey little girl you move so fine,
All I want to do is melt your mind
Under the crimson moon,
Under the crimson moon
I wanna feel your heat under the crimson moon
I wanna feel your heat under the crimson moon

You can shake your torpedos, you can shoot your gun,
you can mix your martinis from the blood of the sun

I'm a charteuse lover, I'm an indigo man,
In the black of the night I'll hold your lily white hand

(Interplanetary Waltz)

Hey there sister, let's face the Universe and dance
Hey there sister, let's face the Universe and dance

We'll bop over the galaxies, we'll stroll over to Mars
We'll romance on Jupiter, make love among the stars

If you really love me sister let's face the Universe and dance

(A fool's lament is the wise man's milkshake)

I'm standing winding staircase, seven eagles long
Misty planet creature, how could I kiss you wrong?
The poet wished upon a star and dazzling bright is what you
I'm a fool for you, girl

Dipping dancing diving, lipstick of the brave
Sullen Garbo sire, your body's all I crave

Hot baby I'm a fool for you

(A cross between Ramon Navarro and Marlene Dietrich)

Belinda Mae Fenders got a Cadillac bone,
Jenny lost her cherry walking all the way home,
The passions of the Earth blasted her mind,
Now she's neat sweet ready for the moon base grind

You rattlesnake out with your tailfeathers high,
Jitterbug left and smile to the sky,
With your black velvet cape and your stovepipe hat,
Be-bop baby the dance is where it's at

I love to boogie on a Saturday night

(Her love is hot, but mine is not)

This woman is a perfumed breeze,
Greek Gods recline upon her knees
I'd freeze the sun to kiss her ear,

It all makes up the vision I call Domino,
It all makes up the vision I call Domino,
Right now

A suit of doubt she gave to me,
In return I cried a sea
Of poet's tears and something more,
I camped outside her velvet door

Love's a freak and it moves fast,
My marble dreams it could not last
Now every time this girl I see
She tries to chain me to her tree

(A distant boyfriend of Johnny B. Good)

Jason B. Sad was a lonely lad,
His head was a bed for everyone
His clothes was his life but his heart was knife
Inscribed on it was "rock'n'roll is cruel"

Take me to school, boy, leave me alone, boy,
Slice me a bone of the Universe

Jason got weird and he pierced his ears,
A gypsy alone in his gallantry
He met Shakey Sue, who wore only blue
And they shared in their teen-age misery

Then Jason read books and wore hard looks,
He swapped Blue Sue for an artisan,
His winters were long and a fantastic song,
Grew from his head like a marigold

(To groove is to lubricate your imagination)

You can call somebody captain,
Under pressure you can flip
You can be a rock commando
But you can't pilot the ship

Groove a little baby, groove a little now
Groove a little baby, you might know what you want
But I'll show you how

You can trip the light fantastic
Become a space grotesque
You can fossilise your thought dreams
Behind a rusty desk

You can read the works of Shakespeare
In the Academy of Life
You can punk the skunks of freedom
With your jewelled Etruskian knife


Well you damaged the soul of my suit,
You pulled my love out by the roots,
But I'm not such a bad boy - Oh No

You ravished the runes of my tunes,
You put on the gloves of my loves,
But you're not a bad girl - Oh No

Rock and rolled it
Even strolled it, baby
Rock and rolled it, yeah

I love you, yeah

(Play in a loud cloud)

When I'm down you bring me up, babe
When I'm up you bring me down
I'm such a contradiction - I'm just hung-up

Get off my back and leave me
Oh shit, let's get it on
I'm such a contradiction - I'm just hung-up

Everything is sweet babe,
Then everything is the pits
You love me then you leave me,
How come you always pick the hits?

(A punkoid opera in C flat and razor sharp)

We have travelled pain and love
To call ourselves high born
Living in a maze so crazed, lunacy is legend
Lunacy is legend

Words I fear that clutch my crutch
And drive your sences crazy
Men or women too get blue, so don't make living hazy
No don't make living hazy

Once in youth the wisdom crouched
Deep inside my bedroom
Visitations now are scarce, winter life is lonely
Now winter life is lonely

Temples that are bleak and bleached
Are beached up on the highway
God of truth returned just once and made my prison homely,
Don't make my life so lonely


Teen-riot structure, ankle deep in fear,
Babies lost in bellies and the oracle can't hear
A demon angel demi-god blasted through the night
Me and Lucy Lightning holding on real tight

An ancient Lord in wonder rung upon my bell,
I fed him with my nightmares and he ate my dreams as well
All London was in blazes burning to the sound
Of deep galactic tragedies, in stereophonic sound

A tempest teen of stature in Gatsby hat and cloak,
Licked upon my lollipop, but I didn't get the joke,
As devastation mounted my wardrobe almost burned
The teens held hands on shifting sands and wonder what they learnt

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