8  1998  Uriah Heep    
     5%, radion@orc.ru

1. Look at Yourself
2. I Wanna Be Free
3. July Morning
4. Tears in My Eyes
5. Shadows of Grief
6. What Should Be Done
7. Love Machine

I see you running
Don't know what you're running from
Nobody's coming
What d'you do that was so wrong
Look back and turn back, look at yourself
Don't be afraid just look at yourself
If you need assistance
Or if all you need is love
There's no point in hidin
Tell me what you're frightened of
You've got a friend, just look at yourself
Don't be afraid, just look at yourself
Look back and turn back, look at yourself
Don't be afraid, just look at yourself

There I was in a july morning, looking for love
With the strength of a new day dawning & the beautiful sun
At the sound of the first bird singing
                                I was leaving for home
With the storm and the night behind me & a road of my own
        With the day came the resolution -
        I'll be looking for you         la, la, la, la,...
I was looking for love in the strangest places
There wasn't a stone that I left inturned
I must have tried more then a thousand faces
But not one was aware of the fire that burned
        In my heart, in my mind, in my soul
        La, la, la, la ...

1. The Wizard
2. Traveller in Time
3. Easy Livin'
4. Poet's Justice
5. Circle of Hands
6. Rainbow Demon
7. All My Life
8. Paradise
9. The Spell

He was a wizard of a thousand kings
And I chanced to meet him one night wondering
He told me tales and he drank my wine
Me and my magic man kinda feeling fine
He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire
And as he spoke I felt a deep desire
To free the world of its fear and pain
And help the people to feel free again
Why don't we listen to the voices in our hearts
Coz then I know we'd find we're not so far apart
Everybody's got to be happy everyone should sing
For we know the joy of life the reace that love can bring
So spoke the wizard in his mountain home
The vision of his wisdom means we'll never be alone
And I will dream of my magic night
And the million silver stars that guide me with their light

This is the thing I have never known before
It's called easy living
This is the place I've never been before
Ind I've been forgiven
        Easy living and I've been forgiven
        Since you've taken your place in my heart
Somewhere along the lonely road I had tried to find you
Day after day on that windy road I had walked behind you
        Easy living and I've been forgiven
        Since you've taken your place in my heart
Waiting, watching
Wishing my whole life away
Dreaming, thinking
Ready for my happy day
And some easy living!

Cold winds and cloudy skies
Turned to sweetness in her eyes
Fantasies I realised
Came to life to my suprise
Rain came and took her away
Just when I thought she was here to stay
Sun gone I was left high and dry
Love came by and touched me
And kissed me so long
Shine hard october moon
Eacle take me to her soon
Run swiftly silver stream
Find my love or let me dream
Half of me is all of her
I'd be much happier if I was whole
All my words and wisdom fall
The poet's justice lead me to my goal

Circle of hands
Cold spirits plan
Searching my land for an enemy
Come across
Love's sweet cost
And in the face of beauty evil was lost
Sky full of eyes
Mind full of eyes
Black from the cold hearts, down to their graves
Murdered the down
Spreading their scorn
Cursing the sun of which love was born
We must keep them away
Or pretty soon we'll pay
And count the cost in sorrow
The future has it's price
And today is only yesterday tomorrow

There rides the rainbow demon
On his horse of crimson fire
Black shadows are following closely
On the hills of his desire
Riding on in the mist of morning
No-one dared to stand in his way
Posessed by some distant calling
Riding on through night and day
Rainbow demon - pick up your heart and run
Rainbow demon - lives for his sword and his gun

I feel you trying
Though in my heart I know you're lying
And though your love for me is dying
I see you crying
It's a pain of your secret heart
Bringing you to tears
Filling you with fears
For your mind and for your soul
I touch you softly now
Born on by hope until the end somehow
I am a man and I must keep my vow
I must go on
But the wall of your secret heart
Keeps my footsteps fall
Back in line inside my mind
What's the use you turned me loose and left me here to cry
Where's the love we talked about where's my sunny sky
Secret hearts and sorry tales will never help love grow
Spread your wings my daunted soul the time has come to go
I will not be hurried down or blackened by your lies
I must go and find my dream and live in paradise

What d'you think I am do you think I'm dreaming
Don't you know I know what it is you're scheming
Who d'you think gave you to right
Hidden by the dead of night
To take the world and turn it upside down
When it should be round
Seems I made it just in time
To use my reason and my rhyme
To save us from the evils of your mind
I will cast the spell
Be sure I'll cast it well
I will light a fire
Kindled with desire
I will you with fear
So you know I'm here
And I won't be treated like a fool
S'no good your pretending
There'll be no happy ending
I'm alive and darkness is my tool
But when the night is over
And day time steals your cover
The goodness of the morning sun
Will warm away what you have done
And leave you cold
I have no need for moonlight
You're wrong to trust in sunlight
For I ehist not just in storms
But in life are so many forms
To leave you cold

I will leave you now but you won't defeat me
You had best beware when you come to meet me
Love and truth will follow me
An army of reality
Brought from every corner of the world
You will never break the spell
I'll summon all the fires of hell
And this is my advice for what it's worth

1. Sunrise
2. Spider Woman
3. Blind Eye
4. Echoes in the Dark
5. Rain
6. Sweet Lorraine
7. Tales
8. The Magician's Birthday

Sunrise and the new day's breaking through
The morning of another day without you
        And as the hours roll by
        No-ones there to see me cry
        Except the sunrise, the sunrise and you
Tired eyes drift across the shore
Looking for love and nothing more
        But as the sea roll by
        No-ones there to see me cry
        Except the sunrise, the sunrise and you
                Bless my eyes
                Catch my soul
                Make me whole again
Sunrise new day hear my song
I'm tired of fighting and fooling around
        From now to who knows when
        My sword shell be my pen
        And I love you for all of my time
                Bless my eyes
                Catch my soul
                Make me whole again

1. Dreamer
2. Stealin'
3. One Day
4. Sweet Freedom
5. If I Had the Time
6. Seven Stars
7. Circus
8. Pilgrim

Pilgrim is the grey of dawn
Leaving in the mist of morning
On his journey of goodness
Heaven sent, God blessed
Pilgrim laughting at the world
Spreading joy at the touch of his hand
Wiping out all the misery
Making love and history
Those of us who don't know war
Shouldn't try to make it
So many did and even more died
Do you think and could take it
LOve lies waiting at my back door
Such a beautiful matter of fact
Life's like an apple with love as the core
And I tell you 'bout that
Just a man in my prime
Love was there but I had no timer
I was cheered and adored
And I thought fame was all the world
Battles won and victory cheers
Were the sounds I'd heard for years
But the woman I really loved
Was losing me in all this blood
I only knew I had to win
And built the world when I was king
But leaders come and leaders go
And that's the truth I came to know
Love or war I couldn't choose
And so both I came to lose

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