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My lands are infectious
Your sun begin to gloom
You see my harful country
And my sky is black today
Pay the price for your life
your ticket to open gate to die

Voivod! I'm a paranoid
Voivod! the wine of blood
Voivod! I'm a crazy God
Voivod! The ferocious dog

My eyes fix your soul
I like it coz it's too late to go
When I relish, I'm a beast
When I torture, you freeze
And if you see your angel
Contaminate him with cancer

I'm a nuclear creature
For atomic fight

Come with me in my spider line
In the black hole of the night
Your visit is short today
Don't worry in the terror you stay
And if you don't trust me
I'll chop your body to eat

Learning the rules of the
Games with atrocity
Living in a prehistoric
Weather with intencity
Armed...Cold weapons in hand
Charged...Mangled corps on the land
The bestials contortions on the pray
Makes me lust to kill'em all every day

Curdled by frost
Too young to rust
Fight...Be wild
Warriors of ice
The hell fighters
Warriors of ice...

Mid way through life, mid way to death
The nomads soldiers fight for the best
Armed...Cold weapons in hand
Charged...Mangled corps on the land
Feel the chill by the polar race
Make the world a disaffected place

Live to die, eye to eye
Raise the chase, face to face
The dirty desperado goes black
At freezing point
Hail stones fall and fall again
Armed...Cold weapons in hand
Charged...Mangled corps on the land
Prisoners of ice wheeze in a sultry weather
This is the fate of the frozen agessors...

Advance thermal killers
They're the barbaric butchers
Here they are to abuse
Spitting the barren land
Crushing all til nothing stands
Ready for attack
They gonna shoot you in the back

I'm not afraid when you talk
I can't believe in your money
So we take you by force
I'm ready to deal today

Suck, suck your bone
Look with fear, I'm not alone
Fuck, fuck your soul
We're gonna kidnap and haul

I say go to hell one more time
You don't care for the group
We're gonna rape your child
Watch out here comes the troop

Why don't you believe on it
You know what we want
Go shit! I'm not a fish
We're gonna born your home

We're always going fast
When it's time to make it high
Don't listen to this scrap
Tonite you're gonna fight
Iron gang comes hear
Metal noise is near
The final assault crushes the crowd
And the bestials scuffles will explode
Don't stop the rifle fist
The next gang is on my list
Never turn back, take care of you

Lets fight

We're falling in the dark
And taking the leathers staps
We always need a shot
When we're giving the notch
Iron gang come hear
Metal noise is near
The eye of the war fixes your god
No regrets with plunge into the riot

Acid rains fall forever
Soak in the bone
The blood flow like a river
On metal road......

In the smoke of the combat
No gods give you the guts
You see the fire in the sky
The bombs fall by your side
I put the powder in my gun
Let me free, let me run
Armed with swords and hash
I. run, kill and fight
I remove the knife in your sore
I beleive in the death's call
I live to kill, create war and pain
You die for fire, burns in flames
Our disaster is not complete today
We make no diffents because
You fall in fate
The war punishes, and the war resists
The wildness shouts
The blood burts out
We're going in hell tonight
For another loud attack
And you see in the mist
Black flag is my mast
The canons creep
In your desert to kill
And no defence, no forces
You're the blood lust victims
In the smoke of combat
No Gods give you the guts.....

Like a killer in the state
Like a rat in a maze
Living in a city of freak
Lives on children in the snow
It's too late you can't go
Smashes on with turning teeth

Run like blower
Eats like a grinder

The wheels of chains
Roles and roles again
It was marching like a prowler
Sacrifice the raw flesh
You are nice, you are cash
Here come the flesh eater

Chatterning sound of iron
You smell the smoke of carbone
Tell me if it's near
I'm in the snow
I panic, I can't go
I see the yellow blades of danger

Armed with a knife in hand
This is my law
Flowing blood on the end
Drink it, drink all
Brought up in hell
Depends on action in agony
Gaining force casting spell
Enduring death

Aahhh! Never die young
Fight for my sound
Ooohh! Betrayers keep out
Of my sight

Live for violence
Yes I live for violence
In the midst of attack
Warrior we fight
Like a savage in a cage
See it, see me
I keep my distance
For my self preservetion
Dead line to meet
Beholder I'm in pain
Cold blooded war

Manipulating all
Battle controls

The Violence is loose
Adenalin shoots
You make me high unwittingly
We whip the flesh
We give you the best
Destroyer call
Not bad after all...
In the midst of attack
Warriors we fight...
Manipulating all
Battle controls

Riding, crashing, charging
Run to the wrong side in the night
Bastard, savage prowler
Whip the engine for more power
Fast winds, highway, hell song
Feel the fog in the black storm
Darkness, black walls, shadows
Can't see the light on the road
Alone in a haunted
concrete fondation
Abandonned and possessed
In a ghostly mansion
Desert, ghost town, bare land
Dark street, create a fear
Closed lamps, curfews
Dead leaves
The black cat awaits the witch
Don't stay in black city
Your soul will catch the spell

Fast and pure desolation
Lust the blood in my brain
Hard and dry destruction
Wet under the neutron rain
Die in this Holocaust
Scream the deflect attack
Burn before we reload
Strees before...
The power blast

WAR! A command for blood
We scream
DIE! Nothing less than
death we creep

Storm the only weather
Start the directives assassins
Warm inside the under shelter
Wait and fell your broiling skin

Hot oz one disappear
Blight in the atomic detention
Rats it's a survival breed
Destroy with deflagration

I have one track it's to kill
You'll never stop me
Running my evil way
With radioactivity
My machine comes at night
Missiles they stike
Save your life in the dark
For the loud attack
Hey! nuclear war!
I'm realy up tonite
For my last ride
Never returning at home
I'm gonna die
The war machine is not save
And i can't escape
When the bombs will hit
My face, It will drive me insane


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