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 Joe I
guess it was five A.M. A homicide had been reported From one of those crazy
mansions up on sunset Tomorrow every front page is going to lead with this
story You see an old time movie star is involved, Maybe the biggest star
of all But before you read about it, before it gets distorted By those
Hollywood piranhas, if you wanna know the real facts You've come to the
right party Joe Let me take you back six months, I was at the bottom of
the barrel I'd had a contract down at Fox, but I'd fallen foul of Darryl
Now I had a date at Paramount, Along with about a thousand other writers
If it didn't come up roses, I'd be covering funerals Back in Dayton, Ohio,
I'd hidden my car three blocks away Turned out to be a smart move.

 Joe Hi there, Myrion Myron How's it hanging?
Joe I've got a date with Sheldrake Myron I'm shooting a western down at
Fox Joe How can you work with Darryl? Myron We should talk Joe Gotta run
Both Let's have lunch Mary Hi, Mr. Gillis Joe You look great Mary I'm up
for an audition Joe Sheldrake is driving me insane Mary Don't forget me
when you're casting Joe We should talk Mary Gotta run Both Let's have lunch
Joe Morning, Joanna Mary Hi there, Myrion Joanna Who are you meeting Myron
You look great Joe Sheldrake, but do I need it? Mary I've spent the last
month fasting Joanna I'm handing in my second draft Myron I'm shooting
a western down at Fox Joe I'd really love to read it Mary Don't forget
me when you're casting Joanna We should talk Myron We should talk Joe Gotta
run Mary Gotta run Both Let's have lunch Both Let's have lunch Joe Yeh,
I have an appoinment with Mr. Sheldrake Jones Name? Joe Gillis, Joseph
Gillis Jones All right, sir, you know your way? Joe Yeah Ist Fin. We want
the key to your car 2nd Fin. You're way behind the payments 1st Fin. Don't
give us any fancy footwork.... 2nd Fin. Give us the keys Joe I only wish
I could help. I loaned it to my accountant He has an important client down
in Palm Springs Felt like shooting the breeze 1st Fin. Are you telling
us you walked here? Joe I believe in self-denial, I'm in training for the
priesthood 2nd Fin. Okay wise guy, three hundred bucks 1st Fin. Or we're
taking the car 2nd Fin. We have a court order Joe I love it when you talk
dirty Sammy Bless you, Joseph Sammy That you, Sammy Sammy How do you like
my harem? Joe How come you get such lousy breaks? Sammy One learns to grin
and bear 'em Girls This is the biggest film ever made Joe What're you planning?
Anita Temple Virgin Dawn Handmaiden to Delilah Joe Let's have lunch, gotta
run You've got to find me a job, I'm way behind with my payments I thought
you were meant to be my agent, I need some work Morino I only wish I could
help, this town is dead at the moment There's been this slowdown in production....
Joe Who is this jerk? Morino He's my wunderkind from Broadway, Every major
studio wants him Young Man Playing one against the other.... Joe What I
need is three hundred bucks Morino Maybe what you need is a new agent Joe
Hello, Artie Artie Joe, you bastard! Joe You never call me anymore Artie
Found a cuter dancing partner how are things? Joe Not so great Artie Will
this help? Twenty bucks? Joe Thanks! you're a pal! All Good morning, Mr.
De Mille Myron Good morning, C.B. Sheldrake This is Sheldrake, bring some
water, Get me that shithead Nolan Nolan, sweetheart, great to talk, this
draft is so much brighter You're the best, even so, I've hired another
writer Secretary Mr.Gilis Sheldrake Joe! What the fuck bring you here!
Joe You wanted to see me Sheldrake I did? What about? Joe "Based Loaded"
It's an outline for a baseball picture Sheldrake So, pitch Joe It's about
a rookie shortstop. He's batting .347 The kid was once mixed up in a holdup.
Now he's trying to go straight Sheldrake Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I think I have read this Somebody, bring in whatever we've got on.... Joe
"Based Loaded" Sheldrake ......"Based Loaded" Joe They're pretty hot for
it over at Twentieth Sheldrake Good Joe But can you seeTy Power as a shortstop?
Ensemble Let's have lunch Betty Here's that "Based Loaded" material, Mr.
Sheldrake I made a two-page synopsis for you, But I wouldn't bother to
read it. Sheldrake Why not? Betty It's just a rehash of something That
wasn't very good to begin with Sheldrake Meet Mr. Gillis, he wrote it Ensemble
We should talk Sheldrake This is Miss Kramer Betty Schaefer, Betty Schaefer.
And right now, I'd like to crawl into a hole and pull it in after me Joe
If I could be of any help... Betty I'm sorry, Mr. Gillis, I couldn't see
the point of it Joe What sort of material do you suggest? James Joyce?
Dostoyevsky? Betty I think pictures should at least try to say a little
something Joe I see you're one of the message kids. I expect you'll have
turned down"Gone with the wind" Sheldrake No, that was me Ensemble Gotta
run Betty And I guess I was disappointed. I've read some of your other
works And I thought you had some real talent Joe Yeah, that was last year.
This year I felt like eating. Betty Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Gillis Sheldrake
Thank you, Miss Kramer. Well, looks like Zanuck's got himself a baseball
picture. Ensemble We should talk, gotta run, let's have lunch Joe You've
got to give me some work, I'll take whatever's on offer There must be some
shit that needs a rewrite, throw it my way Sheldrake I only wish I could
help, there's no spare shit at the moment Remember the greatest writers
starved in Garrets, Didn't care about pay Joe Are you trying to be funny
Sheldrake I believe in self-denial, give a man some moral backbone Joe
Can you loan me three hundred bucks Sheldrake I'm sorry, Gillis, Good-bye
Joe I just love Hollywood Myron Morning, Joanna Cliff Where've you been
hiding? Sammy Hi there, Lisa Myron How're you doing? Katherine I hate this
weather Cliff You look great Liz RKO are O.K. Mary What are you doing?
Joanna You look great Girls This is the biggest film ever made Cliff I'm
trying to make my mind up Mary Guess I was born to play her Dawn What is
my motivation? Joanna You look great Sammy They're taling nominations Liz
You should go work for Warners' Myron Is your new script with Sheldrake?
Morino I'm very close to Sheldrake Artie We shoot next month Sammy &
others Gotta run John Let's drive to Vegas this weekend Joanna Let's have
lunch Anita You look great Joanna I'm handling in my second draft Mary
It's between me and Dietrich Katherine I've landed a big broadway show
Adam I'm gonna work for Metro Cliff Let's have lunch Mary Let's have lunch
Girls Let's have lunch, this is the biggest film ever made Myron I'd really
love to read it Cliff I'd know just how to light you John Let's have lunch
John/Lisa It won't work Morino Let's pencil Thursday morning Group 1 We
should talk Group 2 Gotta run Chorus Let's have lunch Hi! Good morning,
aren't we lucky? Going to work with Cukor Paramount is paradise, movies
from A to Zukor We should talk, gotta run Group 1 Let's have lunch Group
2 We should talk Group 1 Gotta run Group 2 Gotta run All Let's have lunch
Joe Come to get your knife back? It's still there, right between my shoulder

 Betty I read one of your stories, wasn't it
Scribner's, some magazines. Title-something with windows Joe It was 'Blind
Windows' if that what you mean Betty That's right, I really liked it Joe
I'm all warm and runny inside Betty Let me pitch it to Sheldrake Joe I
may be broke but I still have my pride Betty Come on, get off your high
horse, Writers with pride don't live in L.A. Silence, exile and cunning,
those are the only cards you can play Joe Sheldrake won't buy this story,
he likes trash with fairy lights. Jesus, think of the effort trying to
get him to heighten his sights. Betty Every movie's a circus, can't we
discuss this Schwab's Thursday night? Joe What for? Nothing will happen,
I gotta go now, fight the good fight, Betty What's the rush? Joe See those
Gorillas? Betty Yes, what about them? Joe Do me a terrific favor, keep
them amused while I escape Betty If you're at Schwab's on Thursday Joe
Done, look, those guys are after my car, If I lose that in this town, it's
like having my legs cut off Betty Let's duck into the soundstage 1st Fin
Hey, come on Gillis, give us the keys Betty Shhh! Please be quiet, Mr.
De Mille is shooting right over there 1st Fin. So what? Betty He's working
on 'Samson and Delilah' They're doing a red hot scene with Hedy Lamarr.
You want to stay and watch? 1st Fin. No 2nd Fin. Relax, we got five minutes
Both Fin. Men Hey, hey, come back here... Joe What a lovely sight! At the
end of the driveway: A great big empty garage. This thing must burn up
10 gallons to a mile.

 Joe Christ, where am I? I had landed in a garden
of some palazzo Like an abandoned movie set. Voice You there! Why are you
so late? Max This way. Joe Hey look, buddy, I just pulled my car.... Max
And wipe your feet! Voice Max! Tell him to wait! Max You heard. If you
need my help with the coffin, call me. Joe Hey, wait a minute....Hey, buddy...
Norma Any law against burying him in the garden? Joe I wouldn't know. Norma
I don't care anyway.

 Norma No more wars to fight White flags fly tonight You are out of danger
now Battlefield is still Wild poppies on the hill Peace can only come when
you surrender Here the tracers fly Lighting up the sky But I'll fight on
to the end Let them send their armies I will never bend I won't see you
now 'till I surrender I'll see you again when I surrender Now don't you
give me a fancy price just because I'm rich. Joe Look, lady, you've got
the wrong man. I have some trouble with my car, I just pulled into your
driveway. Norma Get out. Joe O.K. I'm sorry you lost your friend. Norma
Get out of here. Joe Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Norma Or shall
I call my servant? Joe Aren't you Norma Desmond? You used to be in pictures.
You used to be big. Norma I am big. It's the pictures that got smal. Once
upon a time not long ago, The head of any studio knew how and when to play
his aces. Now they put some talentless unknown beneath their sacred microphone.
We didn't need words, we had faces. Yes, they took all the idols and smashed
them. The Fairbanks, the Gilberts, the Valentinos. They trampled on what
was divine They threw away the gold of silence. When all they needed was
this face of mine. Joe Hey! Don't blame me, I'm just a writer.

 Norma With on look I can break your heart With
one look I play every part I can make your sad heart sing With one look
you will know All you need to know With one smile I'm the girl next door
Or the love that you've hungered for When I speak it's with my soul I can
play any role No words can tell the stories my eyes tell Watch me when
I frown You can't write that down You know I'm right It's there in black
and white When I look your way You'll hear what I say Yes, with one look
I put words to shame Just one look sets the screen aflame Silent music
starts to play One tear in my eye make the whole world cry. With one look
they will forgive the past They'll rejoice: I've returned at last To my
people in the dark Still out there in the dark.... Silent music starts
to play With one look you'll know all you need to know. With one look I'll
ignite a blaze I'll return to my glory days They'll say Norma's back at
last This time I am staying I'm staying for good I'll be back where I was
born to be With one look I'll be me.

 Norma Now go. Joe Next time I'll bring my autograph album. Norma Just
a minute, you. Did you say you were a writer? Joe That's what it says on
my guild card. Norma And you've written pictures? Joe Sure have. Would
you like to see my credits? Norma Come over here, I want to ask you something.
Just what sort of length is a movie script these days? Joe Depends. Norma
I wrote this, it's a very important picture. Joe Looks like six very important
pictures. Norma It's for De Mille to direct. Joe Oh, yeah? And will you
be in it? Norma Of course. What do you think? Joe Just asking. I didn't
know you were planning a come back. Norma I hate the word. It's a return.
Joe Well...fair enough. Norma I want you to read it. Joe You shouldn't
let another writer read your stuff. He may steal it. Norma I am not afraid.
Sit down. Max! Bring something to drink. Max Yes, Madame. Norma I said
sit down! It's about Salome. Salome: the story of a woman. The woman who
was all women. Salome, what a woman, what a part! Innocent body and a sinful
heart, Inflaming Herods' lust, But secretly loving a holy man. No one could
play her like I can. Joe Well, I have nothing urgent coming up, I thought
I might as well skim it. It's fun to see how bad bad writing can be, This
promised to go to the limit. Norma There's so many great scenes. I can't
wait. A boiling cauldron of love and hate. She toys with Herod 'Till he
putty in her hands He reels tormented through the desert sand. Joe It sure
was a real cheery set-up The wind wheezing through that organ Max shuffling
around and a dead ape dumped on a shelf And her staring like a gorgon.
Norma They drag the Baptist up from the jails. She dances the dance of
the seven veils. Herod says: I'll give you anything. Joe Now it was time
for some comedy relief The guy with the baby casket. Must have seen a thing
or two, that chimp, Shame it was too late to ask it. Norma Have you got
to the scene where she asks for his head? If she can't have him living,
she'll take him dead. They bring in his head on a silver tray. She kisses
his mouth, it's a great screenplay! Joe It got to be eleven, I was feeling
ill, What the hell was I doing? Melodrama and sweet champagne And a garbled
plot from a scrambled brain; But I had my own plot brewing. Just how old
is Salome? Norma Sixteen. Joe I see. Norma Well? Joe It's fascinating.
Norma Of course it is. Joe Could be it's a little long Maybe the opening's
wrong But it's extremely good for the beginner. Norma No, it's a perfect
start, I wrote that with my heart The river-bank, the Baptist and the sinner.
Joe Shouldn't there be some dialogues? Norma I can say anything I want
with my eyes. Joe It could use a few cuts. Norma I will not have it butchered!
Joe I'm not talking limb from limb, I just mean a little trim All you need
is someone who can edit. Norma I want someone with a knack Not just any
studio hack And don't think for a moment I'd share credit! When were you
born? Joe December twenty-first, why? Norma I like Sagittarians. You can
trust them. Joe Thanks. Norma I want you to do this work. Joe Me? Gee,
I don't know, I'm busy. I just finished one script and I'm about to start
a new assignment. Norma I don't care. Joe I'm pretty expensive. I get five
hundred a week. Norma Don't you worry about money. I'll make it worth your
while. Joe Well. It's getting kind of late. Norma Are you married, Mr...?
Joe The name is Gillis. Single. Norma Where do you live? Joe Hollywood.
Alto Nido Apartment. Norma You'll stay here. Joe I'll come back early tomorrow.
Norma Nonsense. there's a room over the garage. Max will take you there.
Max! Max Yes, Madame. Norma Take Mr. Gillis to the guest room. We'll begin
at nine sharp. Joe Now this is more like it. Max I made up the bed this
afternoon. Joe Thanks. How did you know I was going to stay? Max There's
a soap and a toothbrush in the bathroom. Joe She's quite a character, isn't
she, that Norma Desmond?

 Max Once, you won't remember,
if you said Hollywood, Here was the face you'd think of, Her face on every
billboard, In just a single week she'd get ten thousand letters. Men would
offer fortune for a bloom from her corsage Or a few strands of her hair.
Today she's half-forgotten, But it's the pictures that got small She is
the greatest star of all. Then, you can't imagine, How fans would sacrifice
themselves to touch her shadow. There was a Maharajah who hanged himself
with one of her discarded stockings. She's immortal caught inside that
flickering light beam Is the youth which cannot fade. Madame's a living
legend; I've seen so many idols fall She is the greatest star of all. Joe(V.O.)
When he'd gone, I stood looking out the window for a while. There was the
ghost of a tennis court with faded marking And a sagging net. There was
an empty pool where Clara Bow and Fatty Arbuckle Must have swum 10,000
midnights ago. And then there was something else; The chimp's last rites,
as if she were laying a child to rest. Was her life really as empty as

 All Every movie's
a circus on the wire without a net Joanna Coffee? Myron I'm up too early,
shooting at seven, I gotta go All Movies Boy What's wrong? Mary Can't get
a screen test, Don't you hate it when a yes-man says no? All Movies Girl
Good part? Boy I'm a policeman "Hang up, punk" that's all I say Actor First
time, you work on the lot there Actress I must say R.K.O are O.K. All Movies.
Boy Then what? Girl He pressed a button, out of the wall fell a four-poster
bed. All Movies, Myron Busy? Joanna They shot my screenplay Myron Isn't
that great? Joanna No, they shot the thing dead. All Every movie's a circus
on the wire without a net. Boy Lonely? Girl That's how I like it. Boy Can't
you be nice? Girl Why? We're not on the set. All Movies Artie Hey, Joe,
what are you, slumming? Joe Here for a meeting Artie This time of night?
All Movies Joe Yeah, it's some studio smartass, You know I'm famous for
being polite. All Movies Artie Guess what? I'm getting married. Joe Congratulations
Artie She'll be right back. All Movies Artie Fact is we were just leaving
She's been stood up by some uppity hack. All Movies Joe Married, who would
have thought it? Why don't you look happy? Come on, be brave. All Movies
Artie It's this movie I'm shooting. Joe You first assistant? Artie More
like a slave. All Every movie's a circus. Artie But this is a circus movie
as well Problems, nothing but problems. Animals, actors, two kinds of hell.
All Every movie's a circus on the wire without a net. Betty Well, hello,
Mr. Gillis. Artie You two have met? Joe I'm the uppity hack. Artie And
she's the studio smartass. Betty What's going on here? Barman Artie, they're
calling you back. Betty I just reread "Blind Windows" It needs some real
re-working, of course. If we fixed up the opening Artie Call up the wrangler,
pay off the horse.

 Joe Girl meets boy, that's a safe beginning
Betty It's nearly closing, I thought you weren't going to show. Joe So
did I, I felt it might be kinder Betty What are you saying? Joe Come on,
Miss Schaeffer, you know. Betty What? Joe Every time I see some young kid
Dreaming they'll produce a masterpiece I just want to throw them on the
next train home. Betty Never thought you'd be so condescending, Joe Sorry,
Miss Schaeffer, I don't come here to fight. Betty Girl meets boy, if that's
how you want it. She's a young teacher, he's a reporter. It's hate at first
sight. Joe It won't sell, these days they want glamour; Fabulous hairess
meets handsome hollywood heel The problem is, she thiks he's a burglar.
Would yo believe it? A wedding in the last reel. Betty It doesn't have
to be so mindless. You should write from your experience Give us something
really moving; something true. Joe Who wants true? Who the hell wants moving?
Moving means starving And true means holes in your shoe. Betty No, you're
wrong. They still make good pictures. Stick to your story, it's a good
story. Joe O.K. Miss Schaeffer; I give it to you. Betty What do you mean?
Joe It's what I said. I've given up writing myself. So you write it. Betty
Oh, I'm not good enough to do it on my own. But I thought we could write
it together. Joe I can't, I'm all tied up. Betty Couldn't we work evening?
Six o'clock in the morning? I'd come to your place. Joe Look, Betty, it
can't be done, it's out. Let's keep in touch through Artie. That way if
you get stuck, we can at least talk. Write this down, I'll give you some
ground rules. Plenty of conflict but nice guy don't break the law. Girl
meets boy, she give herself completely And though she loves him Joe/Betty
She keep one foot on the floor Betty No one dies except the best friend
No one ever mentions communists No one takes a black friend to a restaurant.
Joe Very good, nothing I can teach you We could have had fun fighting the
studio. Betty Yes, Mr. Gillis. That's just what I want. Artie What a nightmare,
good to see you. Come to my new year party. Joe Last year it got out of
hand Artie Guaranteed bad behavior Joe See you then Betty Don't give up,
you're too good. Joe Thanks.

 Max Where have you
been? Joe Out. I assume I can go out when I feel like it Max Madame is
quite agitated. Earlier this evening, She wanted you for something and
you could not be found. Joe Well, that's tough. Max I don't think you understand,
Mr. Gillis, Madame is extremely fagile. She has moment of melancholy. There
have been suicide attempts. Joe Why? Because of her career? She done well
enough. Look at all the fan mail she gets everyday. Max I wouldn't look
too closely at the postmarks if I were you. Joe You mean you write them?
Max Will you be requiring some supper this evening, sir? Joe No. And Max
Max Yes. sir? Joe Who the hell do you think you are, Bringing my stuff
up from my apartment Without consulting me? I have a life of my own- Now
you're telling me I'm supposed to be a prisoner here. Max I think, perhaps,
sir, You will have to make up your mind To abide by the rules of this house.
That is, if you want the job. Joe I started work on the script I hacked
my way through the thicket A maze of fragmented ramblings by a soul in
limbo She hoverd there like a hawk Afraid I'd damage her baby. Norma What's
that? Joe I thought we might cut away from the slave market... Norma Cut
away from me? Joe Norma, they don't want you in every scene. Norma Of course
they do. What else would they have come for? Put it back. Joe I'd made
my first big mistake I'd put my foot in the quick sand It wouldn't be a
few days paste and scissors This would take weeks. The house was always
so quiet Just me and Max and that organ No one phoned and nobody ever came
And there was only one kind of entertainment on hand. Max, what's on this
evening? I hope it's not one of her weepy melodramas. Max We'll be showing
one of Madame's enduring classics: "The Ordeal Of Joan Of Arc" Joe Oh,
God, we saw that last week. Max A masterpiece can never fall She is the
greatest star of all.

 Norma This was dawn, there were no rules, we
were so young, Movies were born; so many songs yet to be sung. So many
roads still unexplored; We gave the world new ways to dream. Somehow we
found new ways to dream. Joan of Arc; look at my face, isn't it strong?
There in the dark, up on the screen, where I belong. We'll show them all
nothing has changed, We'll give the world new ways to dream Everyone needs
new ways to dream Joe I didn't argue, why hurt her? You don't yell at the
sleepwalker Or she could fall and break her neck. She smelled of faded
roses, It made me sad to watch her as she relived her glory. Poor Norma,
so happy, lost in her silver heaven. Norma Nothing has changed We'll give
the world new ways to dream Everyone needs new ways to dream

 Joe In December, the rain
came. One great big package, Over-sized, like everything else in California;
And it came right through the roof of my room Above the garage. So she
had me move into the main house. Into what Max called " The room of the
husbands" And on a clear day, the theory was, you could see Catalina. And
little by little I worked through the end of the script. At which point
I might have left; Only by then those two boys from the finance company
Had traced my car and towed it away; And I hadn't seen one single dollar
of cash money- Since I arrived. Norma Stop that! Today's the day. Joe What
do you mean? Norma Max is going to deliver the script to Paramount Joe
You're really going to give it to De Mille? Norma I've just spoken with
my astrologer. She read De Millle's horoscope; she read mine. Joe Did she
read the script? Norma De Mille is Leo; I'm scorpio. Mars is transiting
Jupiter, And today is the day of closest conjunction. Joe Oh, well, that's
all right, then. Norma Max Max Yes, Madame Norma Make sure it goes to Mr.
De Mille in person. Joe Well.... Norma Great day. Joe It's been real interesting
Norma Yes...hasn't it? Joe I want to thank you for trusting me with your
baby Norma Not at all, it is I who should thank you Joe Will you call and
let me know as soon as you have some news? Norma Call? Where? Joe My apartment
Norma Oh, but, you couldn't possibly think of leaving now, Joe. Joe Norma,
the script is finished. Norma No, Joe, No, it's just the beginning, it's
just the first draft; I couldn't dream of letting you go, I need your support.
Joe Well, I can't stay. Norma You'll stay on with full salary, of course.
Joe Oh, Norma, it's not the money. Yes, of course, I'll stay until we get
some sort of news back from Paramount. Norma Thank you, thank you, Joe.
Joe So, Max wheeled out that foreign bus Brushed the leopardskin upholstery.
He trundled along to Paramount To hand Cecil B. our hopeless opus. My work
was over I was feeling no pain. Locked up like John the Baptist.

 Norma Hurry up, the birthday boy is on his way.
This is a surprise celebration I hope you've remembered everything I've
said I want to see a total transformation Joe What's all this? Norma Happy
birthday, darling. Did you think we'd forgotten? Joe Well... I don't know
Norma These people are from the best men's shop in town. I had them close
it down for a day. Joe Norma, now listen! Norma I'll leave you boys to
it. Manfred Happy birthday, welcome to your shopathon Joe What's going
on? Manfred Help yourself, it's all been taken care of, Anyone who's anyone
is dressed by me. Joe Well, golly gee. Manfred Pick out anything you like
a pair of You just point, I'll do the rest I have brought nothing but the
best You're a very lucky writer Come along now, get undressed Unless I'm
much mistaken That's a 42-inch chest Joe I don't understand a word you're
saying Manfred Well, all you need to know's the lady's paying It's nice
to get your just reward this time of year. Joe Get out of here! Manfred
And all my merchandise is strictly Kosher When you've thrown away all your
old worn-out stuff, Joe Hey, that's enough Manfred Perhaps you'd like to
model for my brochure I have just a thing for you chalk-stripe suits Salesman
1 In black Salesman2 Or blue Salesman 3 Glen paid trousers Salesman4 Cashmere
sweaters Salesman 5 Bathing shorts for Malibu Salesman 6 Here's a patent
leather lace-up Salesman7 It's a virtuoso shoe Manfred And a simply marvelous
coat made of vicuna Joe You know what you can do with your vicuna Norma
Come on, Joe, you haven't even started yet Joe You wanna bet? Norma I thought
by now he'd look the height of fashion He always takes forever making up
his mind, don't be unkind, I thought you writer knew about compassion I
love Flannel on a man Manfred This will complement his tan Norma We'll
take two of these and four of those Manfred I'm still your greatest fan!
Very soon now we'll have stopped him looking like an also-ran Joe You're
going to make me sorry that I'm staying Norma Well, all right. I'll choose,
after all, I'm paying. Manfred Evening clothes? Norma I want to see your
most deluxe Joe Won't wear a tux Norma Of course not, dear, tuxedos are
for waiters. Manfred What we need are tails, a white tie and top hat Joe
I can't wear that Norma Joe, second-rate clothes are for second-raters
Joe Norma, please Norma Shut up, I'm rich Not some platinum blonde bitch
I own so many apartments I've forgotten which is which Joe I don't have
to go to premieres I'm never on display You seem to forget that I'm a writer
Who cares what you wear when you're a writer? Norma I care, Joe, and please
don't be so mean to me. Joe O.K. all right. Norma You can't come to my
New Year's Eve party In that filling- station shirt Joe I've been invited
somewhere else on New Year's Eve Norma Where? Joe Artie Green. He's an
old friend of mine. Norma I can't do without you, Joe, I need you I've
sent out every single invitation Joe All right, Norma, I give in Norma
Of course, you do And when they've dressed you You'll cause a sensation
Salesmen We equip the chosen few of movieland Manfred (The latest cut)
Salesmen We dress every movie star and crooner From their shiny toecaps
to their hatband Manfred (Conceal your gut) You won't regret selecting
the vicuna Salesmen If you need a hand to shake If there's a girl you want
to make If there's a soul you're out to capture Or a heart you want to
break If you want the world to love you Manfred You'll have to learn to
take Salesmen And gracefully accept the role you're playing Manfred You
will earn every cent the lady's paying Salesmen So why not have it all?
Manfred Now that didn't hurt, did it? Salesmen The lady's paying!

 Joe Max, you've pulled the stops out. It looks
like a gala night aboard S.S. Titanic. Will we play spot the actor? As
if we are visiting a gallery of waxworks? Max Would you rather I mix for
you a dry matini Or shall I open a champagne? Joe Max, don't be evasive,
who's she invited to the ball? Max Madame herself made every call Norma
Here. Happy New Year. Joe Norma, I can't take this. Norma Oh, shut up.
Open it. Read what it says. Joe "Mad about the boy" Norma Yes, and you
do loook absolutely divine. Joe Well, thank you. Norma I had these tiles
put in, you know, Because Rudy Valentino said to me, it takes tiles to
tango. Come on. Joe No, no, not on the same floor as Valrntino! Norma Oh
come on. come on. come on. Get up. Follow me. And one, two....and one,
two, one two together. And one.... Don't lean back like that. Joe Norma,
it's that thing. It tickles.

 Norma Bring out the old, bring in the new A
midnight wish to share with you Your lips are warm, my head is light, Were
we in love before tonight? I don't need a crowded ballroom, everything
I want is here If you're with me, next year will be the perfect year Joe
Before we play some dangerous game; Before we fan some harmless flame We
have to ask if this is wise And if the game is worth the prize With this
wine and with this music How can anything be clear? Let's wait and see,
it may just be the perfect year Norma It's New Year's Eve, and hope are
high Dance one year in, kiss one good-bye Another chance, another start
So many dreams to tease the heart. We don't need a crowded ballroom, Everything
we want is here And face to face, we will embrace, the perfect year We
don't need a crowded ballroom, everything we want is here And face to face,
we will embrace, the perfect year Joe So, what time are they supposed to
get here? Norma Who? Joe The other guests. Norma There are no other guests.
Just you and me. I'm in love with you, surely you know that. Joe Norma....
Norma We'll have a wonderful time next year. I'll have the pool filled
up for you. I'll open up my house in Malibu, And you can have the whole
ocean. I have enough money to buy us anything we want. Joe Cut out that
"us" business Norma What's the matter with you? Joe What right do you have
to take me for granted? Norma What right? Do you want me to tell you? Joe
Norma, what I'm trying to say is that I'm the wrong guy for you; You need
a big shot, someone with polo ponies, a Valentino... Norma What you're
trying to say is, you don't want me to love you. Say it! Say it! Joe Max.
Get me a taxi. I had to get out, I needed to be with people my own age,
To hear the sound of laughter and mix with hungry actors, Underemployed
composers, nicotine-poisoned writers, Real people, real problems, having
a really good time.

 Artie Hey, Gillis! We'd given you up. Let me
take your coat. Jesus, Joe, what's this made of? Mink? Who did you borrow
this from? Adolphe Menjou? Joe Close, but no cigar. Hey! It's quite a crowd.
Artie I invited all the kids doing walk-ons in "Samson and Delilah" Betty
Where have you been hiding? I called your apartment. I called your ex-agent.
I was about to call the Bureau of Missing Persons. Joe Well, they always
know where to find me. Richard A. Hey, Sammy! You gotta say your new year's
resolution out loud. Jean! Jean By this time next year, I'll have landed
a juicy part Steve Nineteen fifty will be my start Richard T. No more carrying
spears Mary I'll be discovered, my life won't ever be the same. Billy Wilder
will know my name And he will call me all the time Katherine 'Til he does,
can one of you guy lend her a dime? Alisa Just an apartment with no roaches
and no dry rot Anita Where the hot water comes out hot Both That's my Hollywood
dream Richard A. Your resolution Joanna Is to write something that get
shot With approximately the plot I first had in my head Myron But you'll
get rewritten even after you're dead. Richard A. Artie! Artie It's a year
to begin a new life Buy a place somewhere quiet, somewhere pretty. When
you have a young kid and a wife Then you need somewhere green far from
the city It's rambling old house with a big apple tree With a swing for
the kid and a hammock for me. Sammy Behold, my children, it is I, Cecil
B. De Mille, Meeting me must be quite a thrill, Adam But there's no need
to kneel Sammy I guarantee you every girl in my chorus line Is a genuine
Philistine Sandy They don't come off the shelf Sammy I flew everyone in
from Philistia myself Betty I have some good news, it's "Blind Windows"
Joe You don't let go Betty I gave Sheldrake an outline, Joe, and he swallowed
the bait. Joe Well, Hallelujah! Betty While you have been buying vicuna
coats, I have been making a lot of notes, Now there's work we should do...
Joe Betty, you're forgetting that I gave it to you You remind me of me
long ago Off the bus, full of ignorant ambition Thought I'd waltz into
some studio And achieve overight recognition, I've seen too many optimists
sinking like stones Felt them suck all the marrow clean out of my bones.
Betty I love "Blind Windows" but I can't write it on my own. Can't we speak
on the telephone? All my evening are free. Artie Hey, just a minute, I'm
the fellow who bought the ring Betty Artie, this is a business thing it's
important to me You'll be on location in Clinch, Tennessee. Please make
this your New Year's resolution for me. All By this time next year I will
get my foot in the door Next year I know I'm going to score an amazing
success Cut to the moment when they open the envelope Pass the statuette
to Bob Hope and it's my name you hear We'll be down on our knees outside
Grauman's chinese Palm prints there on the street immortality's neat! This
time next year, this time next year. We'll have nothing to fear contracts
all signed Three-pictures deal yellow brick road career Hope we're not
still saying these things this time next year. Joe You know, I think I
will be available in the New Year. In fact, I'm available right now. Betty
Joe, that's great! Joe Hey, Artie, where's your phone? Artie Under the
bar Joe Hey, Artie, You think you could put me up for a couple of weeks?
Artie It's just so happens we've got a vacancy on the couch Joe I'll take
it. Max Yes? Joe Max, it's Mr. Gillis, I want you to do me a favor Max
I'm sorry Mr. Gillis. I can't talk right now Joe Listen, I want you to
take my old suitcases... Max I'm sorry, I'm attending to Madame. Joe What
do you mean? Max Madame found a razor in your room. And she's cut her wrists.
All Three, two, one, Happy New Year! Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of
auld lang syne. For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne We'll take
a cup of kindness yet for the sake of auld lang syne

 Norma Go away. Joe What kind of silly thing was that to do? Norma I'll
do it again! I'll do it again! I'll do it again! Joe Attractive headline:
"Great star killed herself for an unknown writer." Norma Great star has
great pride You must have some girl; Why don't you go to her? Joe I never
meant to hurt you, Norma, You've been good to me, You're the only person
in this stinking town That's ever been good to me Norma Then why don't
you say thank you and go? Go, go. Go! Joe Happy New Year Norma Happy New
Year, darling.

 Joe Sure, I came out here to make my name Wanted
my pool, my dose of fame Wanted my parking space at Warners' But after
a year a one-room hell A murphy bed a rancid smell Wallpaper peeling at
the corners Sunset Boulevard, twisting Boulevard Secretive and rich, a
little scary Sunset Boulevard, tempting Boulevard Waiting there to swallow
the unwary Dreams are not enough to win a war Out here they're always keeping
score Beneath the tan, the battle rages Smile a rented smile, fill someone
glass Kiss someone's wife, kiss someone's ass We do whatever pays the wages
Sunset Boulevard, headline Boulevard Getting here is only the beginning
Sunset Boulevard, jackpot Boulevard Once you've won you have to go on winning
You think I've sold out? Dead right I've sold out. I just keep waiting
for the right offer Comfortable quarters, regular rations, 24-hour, five-star
room service. And if I'm honest I like the lady I can't help being touched
by her folly I'm treading water, taking the money Watching her sunset....well,
I'm a writer L.A.'s changed a lot over the years Since those brave gold
rush pioneers Came in their creaky covered wagons Far as they could go
end of the line Their dreams were yours, their dreams were mine But in
those dreams were hidden dragons Sunset Boulevard, frenzied Boulevard Swamped
with every kind of false emotion Sunset Boulevard, brutal Boulevard Just
like you, we'll wind up in the ocean She was sinking fast, I threw a rope
Now I have suits and she has hope It seemed an elegant solution One day
this must end, it isn't real Still, I'll enjoy a hearty meal Before tomorrow's
execution Sunset Boulevard, ruthless Boulevard Destination for the stony-hearted
Sunset Boulevard, lethal Boulevard Everyone's forgotten how they started
Here on Sunset Boulevard

 Norma There's been a call. What did I say? They want to see me right
away Joe, Paramount, they love our child, Mr. De Mille is going wild Joe
Well, that's wonderful, Norma Norma But it was some fool assistant, not
acceptable at all If he wants me, then Cecil B. himself must call Joe I
don't know if this is the time to stand on ceremony Norma I've been waiting
twenty years now What a few more days, my dear? It's happened ,Joe, I told
you so, the perfect year. Now, let's go upstairs Joe Shouldn't you at least
call back? Norma No; they can wait until I'm good and ready Joe (V.O.)
It took her three days and she was ready She checked with her astrologer,
who sacrifice a chicken She dressed up like a Pharoh, slapped on a pound
of make-up And set forth in her chariot, poor Norma, so happy, Re-entering
her kingdom Max (V.O.) If you will pardon me, Madame, The shadow over the
left eye is not quite balanced. Norma (V.O.) Thank you, Max Guard Hey,
that's enough of that Max To see Mr. De Mille. Open the gate. Guard Mr.
De Mille is shooting. You need an appointment Max This is Norma Desmond.
No appointment is neccessary Guard Norma, who? Norma Jonesy? Jones Why,
if it isn't Miss Desmond. How have you been, Miss Desmond? Norma Fine,
Jonesy, Open the gate Jones You heard Miss Desmond. Guard They don't have
a pass. Jones Stage 18, Miss Desmond. Norma Thank you Jonesy. And teach
your friend some manners. Tell him without me there wouldn't be any Paramount
studio Jones Get me stage 18, I have a message for Mr. De Mille Heather
Mr. De Mille? De Mille What is it? Heather Norma Desmond is here to see
you, Mr. De Mille De Mille Norma Desmond? Heather She's here at the studio
De Mille It must be about that appalling script of hers. What shall I say?
Heather Maybe I could give her a brush De Mille Thirty million fans have
given her the brush. Isn't that enough? Give me a minute. Norma Won't you
come along, darling? Joe It's your script. It's your show. Good luck Norma
Thank you, darling Heather Miss Desmond De Mille Well, well, well, Norma
Hello, Mr. De Mille, the last time I saw you, We were some place terribly
gay. I was dancing on the table De Mille A lot of people were. Lindbergh
had just landed. Norma You read the script, of course, De Mille Well, yes....
Norma Now, I know how busy you are during shooting, But I really think
you could have picked up the phone yourself, Instead of leaving it to some
assistant. De Mille I don't know what you mean, Norma. Norma Yes, you do.
De Mille Come on in

 Voice Miss Desmond?
Hey, Miss Desmond! Up here, Miss Desmond; it's hog-eye! Norma Hog-eye!
Well, hello! Hog-eye Let's get a look at you Norma I don't know why I'm
frightened I know my way around here The cardboard trees, the painted sea,
the sound here Yes, a world to rediscover But I'm not in any hurry, and
I need a moment. The whispered conversations in overcrowded hallways The
atmosphere as thrilling here as always Feel, the early morning madness
Feel, the magic in the making Why, everything's as if we never said goodbye
I've spent so many morning just trying to resist you I'm trembling now
you can't know how I've missed you Miss the fairy tale adventures In the
ever-spinning playground we were young together I'm coming out of make-up
The lights already burning Not long until the camera will start turning
And the early morning madness And the magic in the making Yes, everything's
as if we never said goodbye I don't want to be alone that's all in the
past This world's waited long enough I've come home at last And this time
will be bigger and brighter than we knew it So watch me fly we all know
I can do it Could I stop my hands from shaking? Has there ever been a moment
with so much to live for? The whispered conversations in overcrowded hallways
So much to say not just today but always We'll have early morning madness
We'll have magic in the making Yes, everything's as if we never said goodbye
Yes, everything's as if we never said goodbye We taught the world new ways
to dream

 Betty Well,
hello, Mr. Gillis, where have you been keeping yourself? Joe Someone's
been doing it for me Betty And meanwhile "Blind Windows" is stuck on the
shelf. You said we'd work together Joe New Year's crisis, what can I say?
Betty Always full of excuses Joe Promise I will call you later today Betty
You said that last time Joe Look Betty, I won't let you down Betty I guess
I'll just have to trust you Sheldrake You're Miss Desmond's German Shepherd?
I'm the one who's been calling. The name is Sheldrake. A couple of weeks
ago, I was looking out of my office window, I saw you drive onto the lot,
and I said, that's exactly the car I've been lookingfor, great for my new
Crosby picture. So, I made a few inquiries, I've just been calling you
for two weeks. Doesn't she ever pick up the phone? You know, outside a
museum, You don't see that kind of quality anymore. We're willing to pay,
At least a hundred dollars a week.... Max It's outrageous, you insult her,
How can you be so cruel? I forbid you to approach her Sheldrake You're
insane Max Go away, go away! Norma Did you see how they all came crowding
around? They still love me and soon we'll be breaking new ground Brave
pioneers. De Mille Those were the days Norma Just like before De Mille
We had such fun Norma We gave the world new ways to dream Both We always
found new ways to dream De Mille Let's have a good long talk one day Norma
The old team will be back in business De Mille Sorry, my next shot's ready
Max Mr. Gillis.... Joe What's the matter, Max? Max I just found out the
reason for those phone calls from Paramount. It's not Madame they want.
It's her car. Joe Oh my God Norma Now, you remember, don't you? I don't
work before 10 Or after 4.30 in the afternoon De Mille It isn't entirely
my decision, Norma. New York must be consulted Norma That's fine. Ask any
exhibitor in the country. I'm not forgotten. De Mille Of course you're
not Goodbye, young fellow. We'll see what we can do. Norma I'm not worried.
It's so wonderful to be back. Betty Was that really Norma Desmond? De Mille
It was Heather She must be a million years old De Mille I hate to think
where that puts me. I could be her father. Heather Oh , I'm sorry, Mr.
De Mille De Mille If you could have seen her at seventeen When all of her
dreams were new Beautiful and strong, before it all went wrong She's never
known the meaning of surrender. Never known the meaning of surrender.

 Joe How about they don't know each other He
works the night shift and she takes classes all day? Here's the thing,
they oth share the same room, Sleep in the same bed, it work out cheaper
that way. Betty I've feeling you're just kidding But to me it sounds believable
Makes a better opening than that car chase scene; Girl meets boy, borrowing
her toothbrush Or oversleeping or at her sewing-machine Joe You know, it's
not bad, there are some real possibilities Betty Who's Norma? Joe Who's
who? Betty Sorry, I don't usually read private cigarette cases. Joe Norma's
a friend of mine; middle-aged lady, Very foolish, very generous Betty I'll
say; this is solid gold "Mad about the boy" Joe So how's Artie? Betty Stuck
in Tennessee. It rains all the time, they're weeks behind. No one know
when they'll be back Joe Good Betty What's good about it? I'm missing him
something fierce. Joe No, I mean this idea we had. It's really pretty good
Back to work Betty What if he's a teacher? Joe Where does that get us?
Don't see what good it would do Betty No, it's great, if they do the same
job Joe So much in common, they fall in love, wouldn't you? Betty Yes,
but if he's just a teacher, We lose those scenes in the factory Joe Not
if he's a champion for the working man, Girl likes boy, she respect his
talent Betty Working with someone can turn you into a fan Joe This is fun,
writing with a partner Betty Yes, and it could be... Joe A helluva movie
Betty Can we really do this? Both I know that we can!

Astrologer I don't think you should shoot before July 15th. Right now is
a perilous time for Pisces If you wait 'till Venus is in Capricorn You'll
avoid a catalogue of crises Masseur 1 I need three more weeks to get these
thighs in shape No more carbohydrates, don't be naughty Masseur 2 We'll
soon have you skipping like an ingenue You won't look a day over forty
Beautician 1 We have dry heat, we have steam Beautician 2 We have moisturizing
cream Beautician 3 We have mud-packs. we have blood sacks. Beautician 2
It's a rigorous regime All Not a wrinkle when you twinkle Or a wobble when
you walk Beautician 3 Of course, there bound to be a little suffering All
Eternal youth is worth a little suffering Analyst Listen to your superego
not your id Age is just another damn neurosis I'll have you regressing
back to infancy And back into the womb under hypnosis Doctor I inject the
tissue of the fatal lamb The formula's the one Somerset Maugham owns Just
a modest course of thirty-seven shots And you will be a heaving mass of
hormones All No more crow's feet, no more flab No more love handles to
grab You'll be so thin they'll all think you are Walking sideways like
a crab Nothing sagging, nothing bagging Nothing dragging on the floor Of
course, there bound to be a little suffering Eternal youth is worth a little
suffering Of course, there bound to be a little suffering Eternal youth
is worth a little suffering Of course, there bound to be a little suffering.....

 Norma Is this what you're looking for, by any
chance? Joe Why, yes. Norma Whose phone number is this? I've been worried
about the line of my throat. I think this woman has done wonders with it.
Joe Good Norma And I have lost half a pound since Tuesday Joe Very good
Norma Now it's after nine, I'd better get to bed Joe You had Norma Are
you coming up? Joe I think I'll read a while longer Norma You went out
last night, didn't you, Joe? Joe I went for a walk Norma You took the car
Joe I drove to the beach Norma Who's Betty Schaeffer? Joe Surely, you don't
want me to feel as if I'm a prisoner in this house? Norma You don't understand
Joe, I'm under a terrible strain. It's been so hard I even got myself a
revolver. The only thing that stopped me from killing myself Was the thought
of all those people Waiting to see me back on the screen. How could I disappoint
them? All I ask is a little patience, a little understanding. Joe Norma,
there's nothing to worry about, I haven't done anything Norma Of course
you haven't, Good night, my darling Joe I should have stayed there, poor
Norma, So desperate to be ready for what would never happen But Betty would
be waiting, We had a script to finish one unexpected love scene Two people,
both risking a kind of happy ending.

 Betty T-H-E-E-N-D-!
I can't believe it, I've finished my first script! Joe Oh, stop it, you're
making me feel old. Betty It's exciting, though, isn't it? Joe How own
are you, anyway? Betty Twenty-two Joe Smart girl Betty Shouldn't we open
some champagne? Joe Well, the best I can offer is a stroll To the water
cooler at the end of the lot Betty Sounds good to me, I love the back lot
here. It's all cardboard, all hollow, all phony, all done with mirrors.
I think I love it more than any street in the world. I spent my childhood
here. Joe What were you, a child actress? Betty But my family always expected
me to become a great star. I had ten years of dramatic lessons, diction,
dancing, Everything you can think of; And then the studio made a test.
Joe This is the saddest story I ever heard Betty Not at all. Come on, I
was born two blocks from here. My father was head electrician at the studio
until he died. My mother still work in wardrobe. Joe Second generation,
uh? Betty Third. Grandma did stunt work for Pearl White Joe I guess it's
exciting, at that, finishing a script. Betty What? Joe Are you all right?
Betty Sure Joe Something's the matter, isn't it?

 Betty I had a telegram from
Artie Joe Is something wrong? Betty He wnats me to come out to Tennessee.
He says it would only cost two dollars to get married in Clinch. Joe Well,
what's stopping you, now that we've finished the script... Hey. why are
you crying? You're getting married, isn't that what you wanted? Betty Not
any more Joe Don't you love Artie? Betty Of course I do. I'm just not in
love with him any more, that's all. Joe Why not? What happened? Betty You
did. When I was a kid I played on this street, I always loved illusion,
I thought make-believe was truer than life, But now it's all confusion
Please, can you tell me what's happening? I just don't know any more. If
this real, how should I feel? What should I look for? Joe If you were smart,
you would keep on walking Out of my life as fast as you can I'm not the
one you should pin your hope on You're falling for the wrong kind of man
This is crazy, you know you should call it a day. Sound advice, great advice,
let's throw it away. I can't control all the things I'm feeling I haven't
got a prayer if I'm a fool, Well, I'm too much in love to care I knew where
I was, I'd given up hope, Made friend with disillusion No one in my life,
but I look at you, And now it's all confusion Betty Please, can you tell
me what's happening? I just don't know any more. If this real, how should
I feel? What should I look for? I thought I had everything I needed My
life was set, my dreams were in place My heart could see way into the future
All of that goes when I see your face I should hate you, there I was, the
world in my hand Can one kiss kiss away everything I planned? I can't control
all the things I'm feeling I'm floating in mid-air I know it's wrong, but
I'm too much in love to care Both I thought I had everything I needed My
life was set, my dreams were in place My heart could see way into the future
All of that goes when I see your face This is crazy, you know we should
call it a day. Joe Sound advice, Betty Great advice, Both Let's throw it
away. I can't control all the things I'm feeling We're floating in mid-air
If we are fools, well, we're too much in love to care If we are fools,
well, we're too much in love to care! Joe What's the matter there, Max,?
You waiting to wash the car? Max Please be careful when you cross the patio.
Madame may be watching Joe Suppose I tiptoe up to the back stairs And get
undressd in the dark, will that do it? Max It's just that I am greatly
worried about Madame Joe Well, we're not helping any, feeding her lies,
more lies. What happens when she find out They're not going to make her
picture? Max She never will. That is my job. I made her a star and I will
never let her be destroyed. Joe You made her a star? Max I directed all
her early pictures. In those days there were three young directors- Who
showed promises; D.W.Griffith, Cecil B. De Mille and- Joe Max Von Mayerling
Max That's right

 Max When we met she was
a child, barely sixteen Awkward and yet she had an air I'd never seen I
knew I'd found my perfect face Deep in her eyes, new ways to dream And
we inspired new ways to dream Talkies came, I stayed with her. Look up
this life, threw away fame. Please understand, she was my wife. We had
achieved far more than most We gave the world new ways to dream Everyone
needs new ways to dream Joe Are you saying you were married to her? Max
I was the first husband So I play this game, keeper of the fame Sharing
with her one last dream Didn't you think I knew, It never could come true?
She'll be the very last one to surrender I will not allow her to surrender.

 Norma Hello, is this Gladstone 9281? Miss Schaeffer?
...Hello, Miss Schaeffer, you must forgive me for calling so late, But
I really feel it's my duty. It's about Mr. Gillis... You do know a Mr.
Gillis? Well, exactly how much do you know about him? Do you know where
he lives? Do you know what he lives on? I want to spare you a lot of sadness.
I don't know what he's told you But I can guarantee you he doesn't live
with mother Or what you'd call a roommate, He's just a...I can't say it.
Poor Betty, you ask him, I'd love to hear his answer....Joe Joe That's
right, Betty, why don't you ask me? Norma Don't Joe ...Or better yet, come
over and see for yourself. Yes, right now. The address is ten thousand
eighty-six, Sunset Boulevard Norma Don't hate me, Joe, I did it because
I need you. Look at me. Look at my hands. Look at my face. Look under my
eyes. How can I go back to work if I'm wasting away? No! Don't stand there
hating me, Joe, Shout at me, strike me, but say you don't hate me...Joe,

 Joe Come on in Betty What's going on, Joe? Why
am I so scared? What was that woman saying? She sounds so weird, I don't
understand... Please, can you tell me what's happening? You said you loved
me tonight Shall I just go? Say something, Joe. Joe Have some pink champagne
and caviar, When you go visit with a star the hospitality is stellar Betty
So this is where you're living? Joe Yes, It's quite a place, Sleeps seventeen,
Eight sunken tubs A movie screen, A bowling alley in the cellar. Betty
I didn't come to see the house, Joe. Joe Sunset Boulevard, Cruise the Boulevard,
Win yourself a Hollywood palazzo Sunset Boulevard, mythic Boulevard Valentino
danced on that terrazzo Betty Who's it belong to? Joe Just look around
you Betty That's Norma Desmond Joe Right on the money that's Norma Desmond
That's Norma Desmond That's Norma Desmond That's Norma Desmond.... Betty
Why did she call me? Joe Give you three guesses, It's the oldest story
in the book Come see the taker being took The world is full of Joes and
Normas Older woman, very well-to-do Meet younger man, the standard cue
For two mechanical performers Betty Just pack your things and let's go
Joe You mean all my things? Have you gone mad? Leave all these things I've
never had? Leave this luxuarious existence? You want me to face that one-room
hell That murphy bed, that rancid smell Go back to living on subsistence?
It's no time to begin a new life Now I've finally made a perfect landing
I'm afraid there's no room for a wife Not unless she's uniquely understanding
You should go back to Artie and marry the fool And you'll always be welcome
to swim in my pool Betty I can't look at you any more, Joe. Norma Thank
you, thank you, Joe, Thank you....thank you What are you doing, Joe? You're
not leaving me? Joe Yes, I am, Norma Norma You can't! Max! Joe It's been
a bundle of laughs And thanks for the use of the trinkets A little ritzy
for the copy desk back in Dayton And there's something you ought to know.
I want to do you this favor, They'll never shoot that hopeless script of
yours, They only wanted your car. Norma That's a lie! They still want me!
What about all my fan-mails? Joe It's Max who writes you letters Your audience
has vanished They left when you weren't looking Nothing's wrong with being
fifty Unless you're acting twenty Norma I am the greatest star of them
all Joe Goodbye, Norma Norma No one ever leaves a star. Reporter And as
dawn breaks over the murder house, Norma Desmond, famed star of yesteryear,
Is in a state of completely mental shock Norma This was dawn, I don't know
why I'm frightened Silent music starts to play Happy New Year, darling
If you're with me, next year will be...next year will be.. They bring in
his head on a silver tray She kisses his mouth...she kisses his mouth...
Mad about the boy! They'll say Norma's back at last! Max Madame, the cameras
have arrived Norma Max, where am I? Max This is the staircase of the palace
And they're waiting for your dance Norma Of course, now I remember; I was
so frightened I might fall... Max You're the greatest star of all! Light!
Camera! Action! Norma When he scorn me I knew he'd have to die Let me kiss
his severed head Compromise or death, he fought to his last breath He never
had it in him to surrender Just like me, he never could surrender I can't
go on with the scene; I'm too happy. May I say a few words, Mr. De Mille?
I can't tell you how wonderful it is To be back in the studio making the
picture. I promise you I'll never desert you again. This is my life. It's
always will be. There's nothing else. Just us and the cameras And all you
wonderful people out there in the dark. And now, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready
for my close-up This time I'm staying, I'm staying for good I'll be back
where I was born to be With one look, I'll be me.

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