Maksim Eugenievich Moshkow

(Date of birth: 13.X.1966)

Phone: (095)274-6329
Fax: 274-6108, 719-7681
ICQ: 96361784
4083me857-3709(4),616/873mx6 8157le????????(?),612/225ln7 8384la????????(6),616/933ar4 8384pa????????(?),905/686au3 11935224 7716up219-9671(3),

Database Informix and Unix system administrator.

Research Inst. of System Studies of RAS
109280, Moscow, Tufeleva roshcha, 12

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Here is my UNIX collection:
Bestix V.3.1, ISC V.3.2, SCO XENIX, SCO, SCO ODT 2.0, SunOS 4.1.1,3, Solaris 2.2,3,4,5 AIX 3.4a.0(CETIA), AIX 4.1, 386bsd, Linux 0.99.14-2.4.18, FreeBSD 1.1.5,2.0,4.5,4.8, BSD/OS 2.0, Unixware 1.0,1,2.0, SVR3.2/88, SVR4.0/88, OSF/1, r3000 Lynxos TC/IX, HP-UX/9,10.20,11.0,11.11,11.23 Tru64 4.0
(to be continued)

Here is my collection of programming languages:
Perl, Bourne Shell, awk, SQL, Informix-4GL, C, HTML, Lisp, Fortran-IV, Fortran-77, Basic, Pascal, Assembler PDP-11, Assembler IBM/360, Algol-60, APL, PL/I
Experience at unix networking: 
Experience in unix programming/using:  
MSDOS/Windowze network  packages: 
1999-2004Web-developing and web-server administrating:
2004.V-... ""
2004.II-... ""
2003.XII-... ""
2003.IX-2003.XI " "
2003.VII-2003.XI ""
2002.XII-... ""
2002.VII-... ""
2002.III-... " "
2002.II-2002.X " "
2002.I-2002.X " "
2001.XII-... .Ru
2001.XI-2002.X " "
2001.XI-2002.X " "
2001.XI-... "VIP-"
2000.VI-... " "
2001.IV-XI Itogi.Lenta.Ru
2001.IV-2001.V. Today.Lenta.Ru
2000.IV-... ""
1999.XI-2000.XI AllNews.Ru
1999.IX-... Lenta.Ru
1999.X-2000.X. Vesti.Ru
1999.I-1999.VIII. Gazeta.Ru
1994.XI-... Lib.Ru

99-... Inst. of Contr. St., HP TeachCenter
CGI-programming, web-server administration, technical support
Unix, LAN(TCP/IP), Firewalls, Mail administrating, Web master
Training courses for HP-9000 unix-administrators: Unix, Informix, HP/UX-10,11, OpenMail, OmniStorage, HP MC/SG, Practical Unix security, Linux, HP PerfView

96-98 Inst. of Contr. St., HP TeachCenter, IPS RAS
Unix, LAN(TCP/IP), Mail administrating, Web master, developing WWW CGI gateways to Informix DBMS,
NIS-EMIR activity, Zetralblat-RAS-VINITI activity,
Traning courses for HP-9000 unix system administrators and Informix 4GL developers

95 Inst. of Contr. St., IPS RAS, RFFMS, OSI
Phone-voice and network-voice mail system development.
Traning courses for unix system administrators. Instructor.
Network adminitstrator

93-94 Inst. of Contr. St., Inform. Publishing Sector RAS
Database development and DB-administration (Informix), DB technical support. Network administration and system integration. Building of heterogeneous LAN. Administrating of the Directory of Russian Mathematicians.

93 Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Database development and DB-administration (Informix)

91-... Institute of Control Studies RAS
Unix system administration, DBMS Informix development and technical support, teaching, developers training.

89-90 Moscow State University,
postgraduated on Theory functions and functional analysis.

83-89 Moscow State University, Mech.-Math. Faculty.

80-83 Moscow school No 57

International passport: Issued on 4.XII.93
Married Since X.2004
Daughter (2.970,49cm) Since 25.XII.1998 12:45
Son (4.000,54cm) Since 29.VII.2001 7:10
Daughter (3.650,53cm) Since 28.X.2004 9:30
Languages: English - yes, in progress
Travelling: Berlin (XII.1995)

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